Great Lakes ProCase: Pitchers

Kevin Christman
Indiana Scout

On Monday, February 15th PBR Indiana hosted the inaugural Great Lakes ProCase at Pro X in Westfield, IN. Below we take a look at the pitchers in attendance.

Click Here for the day's statistical results. 

Nate Dohm, RHP, Zionsville HS (IN)
Ball State recruit. Large framed athlete with powerful legs and thighs and strength through his hips to his shoulders, to his forearms. Some rigidness to his delivery from a high ¾ arm slot. His strength allows him to finish through this. Loses his posture in his delivery slightly with an arch and head tilt. Once he corrects this it will allow a consistent chance to throw harder. He has explosive arm strength and velocity. See another jump in his velocity in near future. Dohm shows he can throw a CB and SL mix with a good late fading change up. If he continues to master his command he can stay as a starter. His full potential is that he can develop into a power throwing closer with solid command. Upside is good with powerful results. Aggressive approach full throttle competitive athlete. FB 93-95. CB 74-78. CH 80-82. SL 77-79.


Blake Lemmon, RHP, Chesterton HS (IN)
Cincinnati recruit. Slender, quick twitch, defined physical looking athlete. Has two arm slots. Over-the-top and high ¾. Both display fluidity and range of motion to his shoulder. Has deep to the well backside with a strong sit on back leg delivery. Starts from the far right side of rubber. Has good extension out front and follow through. Will spin off glove side slightly. Has strength and athletic ability to his body to allow his arm to pull the load. When his timing is correct, his power comes out. Lemmon has ability to use a 3-pitch mix consistently with command and feel for pitches. FB 90-92. CB 78-80. CH 82-85.


Brady Linkel, RHP, South Ripley HS (IN)
Ohio recruit. Strong durable body with tall features through his shoulders and strong hips. Athletic look. Has high hand pump and high leg kick in start to his ¾ arm slot. Separates ball from glove in a high position to his transfer to pitch. Drops and sits on back leg, explodes to extension and stays strong in delivery. Small hook arm action is used to create a balance and tempo for his delivery. Linkel has feel for 4 pitch mix, and appears to have chance to start with a durable look to his strength. FB 89-91. CB 72-76. SL 77-79.  CH 77-80.


Sam Mettert, RHP, Franklin Central HS (IN)
Wabash Valley recruit. Tall, proportioned athletic frame, long levered with flexibility. Has a loose leg kick and a high ¾ slot. Smooth throughout with an effortless look to his delivery. Has a short step abbreviation to his delivery with solid extension out front on release. Shows a long backside on arm action that allows his FB to run on the glove side. Slows his arm speed down slightly on off speed pitches in which he will improve this in future as he gains more confidence to throw with a purpose. Mettert has a solid three pitch mix with command. Strike thrower and repeats his delivery. Showed confidence to pitch. Chance to be a starter. FB 84-86. CB 67-70. CH 73-75.


Cory Ronan, LHP, Routt Catholic HS (IL)
Hawaii recruit. Tall, lean, high waisted athletic body frame. Room to fill out and gain better strength in lower half. Free and easy, fluid body movements. Release is from a ¾-arm slot. Starts from the far right side of the rubber. Has a crossfire landing with a closed off front foot. Shows above average arm speed, with small spin off landing. FB has small tail in zone. Loose spinning CB comes out of casted arm slot at times, this can tighten up and be more productive when Ronan is more consistent with his line and direction to the plate. FB 83-85. CB 67-68. CH 74-75.


Calvin Shepherd, RHP, Lawrence North HS (IN)
Illinois recruit. Tall, athletic frame with wide shoulders, has full proportioned strength throughout his entire body. A wide separated stance to start his delivery. Uses abbreviated pump with a ¾ arm slot. His FB has some life and pitches with accuracy. Firm sound range of motion to his shoulder. Has good feel for a CB and CH; pitches with confidence. Pound the strike zone mentality with aggressive controlled effort. Once Shepherd learns a more consistent tempo and controlled heart beat to his delivery he should have even better off-speed pitches to go along with an above average FB. Chance to be a starter. FB 91-93. CB 71-73. CH 85-87. SL 72-74


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