Hoosier Holiday Showcase: Corner IF Analysis

By Phil Wade & Blake Hibler

PBR Indiana

On Sunday, December 15th, PBR Indiana hosted the Inaugural Hoosier Holiday Showcase at Trinity Ballpark's Indoor Facility in Noblesville, Indiana.  The event consisted of 46 players from across the state, and one player from Illinois.  A total of 19 corner infielders participated in the event.  Below we analyze each corner infielder:

Top 10

1. Cody Burton, 3B, Columbus North HS: 6-foot, 210 pound sophomore showcased plus actions defensively.  Hands are soft and moves well laterally.  Ability to throw from multiple angles.  Offensively, starts open with a long stride.  Minimal load back with a big weight transfer going forward.  Lower half works with good balance.  Swing path is short and gets to extension producing gap-to-gap power with occasional HR power.  Exit velo was 88 mph.  High follow in the 2015 class. 

2.  Josh Hart, 3B, Center Grove HS, 2015: 6-foot-1, 195 pound junior possesses a strong build.  Across the diamond was 79 mph from a long arm action.  Feet are quick with above average hands.  Ran a 6.94 60.  At the plate starts wide and uses a toe slide for timing.  Gets good use of lower half.  Swing plane is level and constantly barrels up the baseball.  Hands are quick, posting an exit velo of 87 mph.  Good follow in the 2015 class.  

3. Riley Stesiak, 3B, St. Joseph HS, 2016: 5-foot-10, 166 pound sophomore displayed solid actions defensively.  Feet move well with quick, soft hands.  Possesses a quick, clean exchange with some arm strength (77 mph).  Plays through the ball well.  Offensively starts in an athletic setup with a high back elbow.  Short stride with quick hands.  At times will lock himself up with the front side as he steps closed.  Line drive type hitter with some projectable pop.  Posted an exit velo of 82 mph.  Good follow in the 2016 class. 

4. James Spera, 3B, Norwell HS, 2015: 5-foot-11, 190 pound junior was 74 mph across the diamond.  Possesses an athletic frame with strong lower half and wide shoulders.  Fields it clean with above average hands.  Release is slow.  Showcased some range at the event.  Offensively  hits from the left side of the plate.  Starts open from a wide base.  Smooth load back with quick hands.  No stride.  Showcased present power and gets to extension.  Lower half can be stiff at times.  Posted an exit velo of 90 mph.  Produces in game.  Good follow in the 2015 class, currently ranked No. 88.

5. Josh Fewell, 3B, Maconaquah HS, 2015: 6-foot-2, 210 pound junior was 75 mph across the infield.  Possesses a strong build with wide shoulders and strong legs.  Throws from a long arm action and high ¾ slot.  Glove is above average and showcased the ability to move well.  Offensively, hits from the left side in a crouch position and starts open.  Starts with a high back elbow and uses a short stride.  Hands are quick with a level swing plane.  Front leg can get stiff at times, and needs to improve use of lower half.  Possess some projectable power, consistently barrels up the baseball.  Finishes one handed.  Ran a 7.32 60.  

6. Ostin Clark, 3B, Delphi HS, 2015: 6-foot-2, 190 pound sophomore possesses a strong build.  Across the diamond was 72 mph from a low ¾ slot.  Fields it clean with a clean exchange.  Clark’s best tool is at the plate.  Starts out wide and open.  Stride is short and possesses quick hands.  Posted an exit velo of 92 mph.  Displayed present power.  At times will pull off the ball and has some stiffness in the lower half.  Have seen him produce in game multiple times.  High follow right handed hitter in the 2015 class.  

7. Adam Neal, 3B, Cathedral HS, 2016: 6-foot-175 pound junior continues to showcase well at each event he attends.  Possesses a strong, accurate arm across the infield at 79 mph.  Footwork continues to improve, allowing him more range.  Offensively starts slightly open with a small leg kick.  Loads hands back, and at times bars the front arm.  Hands are quick and finishes two handed from an uphill swing plane.   Exit velo is 81 mph.  Projects to be a next level hitter.   

8. Robbie Strader, 3B, Roncalli HS, 2016: 6-foot, 165 pound sophomore possesses good athleticism and projectability.  Was 71 mph across the diamond with some carry.  Hands are soft and showcased a quick, clean exchange.  Fields it a little deep at times.  Footwork is above average.  Offensively uses a toe tap.  Loads back with quick hands.  Opens hips allowing him to pull the ball.  Consistently makes hard contact with pull side power.  Good follow in the 2016 class.  Ran a 7.30 60.  

9. Nicholas Handlon, 3B, Avon HS, 2015: 6-foot, 185 pound junior showcased good arm strength across the diamond at 80 mph.  Fields it clean with solid defensive actions.  Offensively starts wide and gets even wider when he strides.   Overall simple approach to the baseball.  Drops barrel and makes hard contact.  Some stiffness with his lower half.  Hands work.  Posted an exit velo of 80 mph.  

10. Riley Welch, 1B, Hanover Central HS, 2015: 6-foot-3, 185 pound sophomore possesses an athletic, projectable frame.  Across the infield is 75 mph.  Moves well around the bag with a solid glove.  Runs a 7.11 60.  Offensively  starts tall and slightly open.  Good balance throughout his swing.  Showcased above average bat speed consistently producing line drives.  Swing plane is level. 

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Nick Bantz, 1B, Delta HS, 2016: 6-foot-2, 170 pound sophomore was 65 mph across the infield.  Moves well around the bag.  Fields the ball deep.  Tall, lanky frame.  At the plate uses a short, simple approach with a minimal load.  Average use of lower half with good balance throughout.  Bat drags through the zone.  Exit velo was 71 mph. From the OF was 66 mph from the OF and ran a 7.97 60.  Defensive actions are currently raw.

Luke Elliot, 3B, Eastbrook HS, 2016: 5-foot-10, 180 pound sophomore was 74 mph across the diamond.  Throws from an over the top slot.  Tendency to field flat footed.  Glove is average.  Offensively is a switch hitter.  From the right side hits from a tall, narrow setup and uses a leg kick with above average bat speed (84 mph exit velo).  Projectable power from the right side.  On the left side is more raw mechanically. More of a pull side hitter.   Lowe half needs refined on both sides of the plate.

Cole Frybort, 3B, North White HS, 2015: 5-foot-8, 205 pound junior was 66 mph across the infield.  Lacks premium foot speed.  Fields it clean with a quick release.  Throws from a ¾ arm slot.  Feet are heavy.  At the plate hits from a slight crouch, with closed setup.  Uses a long uphill swing plane to generate lift.  Exit velo was 79 mph. 

Logan Green, 3B, Huntington North HS, 2016: 5-foot-5, 175 pound sophomore was 69 mph across the infield.  Throws from a high ¾ slot and short arm action.  Above average glove with clean exchange.  Feet suggest he’ll stay at a corner position, but lacks premium arm strength.   Offensively, starts open with high elbows.  Swing is short and compact, finishing two-handed.  Good balance throughout the swing.  Produces gap-to-gap power.

Jourdan Hill, 1B, Wapahani HS, 2016: 5-foot-10, 195 pound sophomore was 71 across the infield.  Fields the ball deep with average hands.  Offensively hits from a balanced setup.  Drops hands during his load producing an uphill swing plane.  Uses a small toe tap for timing.  Average hand speed.  Consistently produced line drives with some use of the lower half.  Exit velo was 79 mph. 

Preston Husband, 3B, Huntington North HS, 2016: 5-foot-8, 170 pound sophomore was 66 mph across the diamond.  Lacks premium arm strength.  Throws from a short arm action and slow release.  Footwork is average.  Hands are average.  Offensively starts open with a high back elbow.  Swing plane is flat through the zone.  Lower half needs refined.  Recorded a 70 mph exit velo.  

Chandler Jacks, 1B, Jay County HS, 2016: 6-foot-2, 173 pound sophomore possesses a projectable frame.  Across the diamond was 71 mph.  Fields the ball to the side of his body at 1B.  Runs an 8.00 60.  Offensively uses a toe tap and loads back.  Keeps hands close to body.  Average hand speed.  Posted an exit velo of 80 mph.  

Jack Phillips, 1B/3B, Cathedral HS, 2017: 6-foot-4, 160 pound freshman is tall and lanky with long limbs.  Across the infield was 69 mph.  Arm action is long with average defensive actions.  Lacks premium foot speed.  Showcased to be more of a 1B in the field.   Offensively starts wide with a short stride.  Bat drags through the zone.  Currently raw at the plate.  Projects more on the mound because of his size.  Exit velo was 69 mph.  

Storm Rollins, 3B, Yorktown HS, 2016: 5-foot-11, 195 pound sophomore was 69 mph across the infield.  Showcased a quick, clean exchange.  Fields it deep at times.  Hands are average.  Lacks premium foot speed and arm strength.   Offensively starts balanced with a high back elbow.  Uses a small toe tap for timing.  Gets to extension with a level swing plane.  Needs to work on getting hips all the way through.  Hands work and produced an exit velo of 86 mph.  Overall good balance throughout his swing.  

Blake Walker, 1B/3B, Cathedral HS, 2016: 6-foot-4, 195 pound sophomore was 73 mph across the infield.  Possesses a tall, lanky frame.  At 1B showcased quick feet and average glove.  At 3B displayed the ability to throw from multiple arm angles, but lacks premium foot speed and arm strength.  Overall defensive actions are average, projects more as a 1B.  At the plate starts tall and slightly open.  Load is smooth with a short path to the baseball.  Swing plane is level and displayed good balance throughout his swing.  Posted an exit velo of 88 mph.  Runs a 7.44 60.  

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