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Preseason All-State : Underclass Quick Hits - 2025 Prospect Notes

Cooper Trinkle
PBR Indiana

Our Preseason All-State: Underclass edition featured over 200 of the state’s top 2025 - 2027 prospects. There was no shortage of talent at this event, to say the least, with thirteen arms touching 90 mph or better and fourteen division one recruits in attendance. Today, I am highlighting 38 different 2025 grads that caught my eye for various reasons - some players that are already committed, and plenty of uncommitted talent for college coaches to keep their eyes on. Be on the lookout for quick notes on 2026 and 2027 prospects to come later in the week.

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Mason Barth, SS/RHP, Andrean HS, Notre Dame

Barth was my favorite hitter at the event with one of the top exit velocities (97 mph) and the best average exit velocity of any round of the day (92.6 mph). The raw strength within the swing is special and it allows Barth to simplify his movements in the box to create consistent timing. The 5-foot-9, 200 pounder is built like a fullback but moves around the infield with quickness and fluidity - showing some of the best footwork of any infielder at the event. Barth possesses advanced arm strength (90 mph INF) and even hopped on the mound to showcase a fastball that was up to 91.3 mph. 

Trevor Corbett, INF, Noblesville HS, Uncommitted

Corbett flat out rakes and exudes confidence when he steps in the box. The definition of hitterish - Corbett maintains rhythm throughout the loading process and the barrel accelerates through contact. The 6-foot, 175 pounder easily produced a max exit velocity of 94.1 mph, showing improving power and the extension in the swing allows him to elevate to the pull-side. Corbett showed an improving run tool (7.11 60) to go along with plenty of arm strength (91 mph INF) that should allow him to plug into multiple positions on the diamond. 

Landen Fry, 3B/2B, Fort Wayne Snider HS, Indiana University

Fry has added noticeable strength to his frame, now standing at 6-foot-1 and 180 pounds. The right-handed hitter showed a short, upward swing plane while creating bat speed in a short window. The Indiana recruit uses the whole field and showed improving power with a max exit velocity of 92.3 mph. 



Joe Washburn, SS, South Bend St. Joseph HS, Uncommitted

I really like the actions from the 5-foot-8, 160 pounder. A left-handed hitting middle infielder, Washburn possesses a short, simple swing with tons of quickness in the hands that produces consistent hard contact through the middle of the diamond. A 6.87 runner, Washburn shows solid actions in the INF, nothing flashy, but makes the routine play look routine. He also showed improved arm strength at the Preseason All-State (86 mph INF). 


Huston Dunn, INF, Fishers HS, Uncommitted

A 6-foot-1, 190 pound left-handed hitting infielder with improving strength. Dunn showed a short, repeatable swing from the left-handed side of the batter’s box with improving strength in the barrel (93.6 EV). A quality defender, Dunn shows fundamental actions with the ability to quick release and has the versatility to play all around the infield. 



Colin McNeer, 3B, Brownsburg HS, Uncommitted

A stocky, 5-foot-11, 185 pounder. McNeer is a really solid player with hitterish traits in the right-handed batter’s box. The Brownsburg product is a strong rotator that turns a tight, efficient barrel with tons of strength (97.8 EV). A 7.23 runner - McNeer also showed improved arm strength (89 INF) at the Preseason All-State. 



AJ Nunley, MIF, Guerin Catholic HS, Uncommitted

An undersized gamer - Nunley’s game isn’t best reflected in a showcase setting, however he showed tons of feel for the middle of the infield with an impressive defensive workout. The Guerin Catholic product bounced around the infield with energy and quick feet, showcasing soft hands and twitch. Offensively, Nunley has a short, quick swing with barrel control and a line-drive approach. 



Drew McTagertt, C/UTL, Lafayette Harrison HS, Uncommitted

I love the way McTagertt moves in the box - a loose, well-sequenced swing that gets to extension with feel for the barrel. An athletic, 6-foot-1, 180 pounder showed impressive arm strength from the crouch (80 mph) with an event-best pop time of 1.91. The best tool is the bat, but the defensive versatility for (C/3B/OF) McTagertt fits the mold of a utility type player at the next level that hits his way into the lineup. 


Brayden Stevenson, C/UTL/RHP, Pendleton Heights HS, Ball State University

A Ball State recruit with impressive arm talent - Stevenson is one of the top defensive catchers in Indiana’s 2025 class with an 81 mph arm from the crouch, pop time of 1.94, and quality receiving skills. Along with that, Stevenson showed intriguing upside on the mound, running his fastball up to 86 mph with loose, whippy arm action. 



Bradley Farris, C/INF, Morgan Township HS, Uncommitted

An interesting 2025 prospect - Farris showcased catch and throw prowess with an event-best 81 mph arm from the crouch and a quick release. He also showcased above average actions in the infield. The Morgan Township product has a quick, rotational type swing with a max exit velocity of 92.1 mph. 



Owen Balint, C, South Bend St. Joseph HS, Uncommitted

Stocky, 5-foot-9, 165 pound catcher that had a really solid batting practice round at the Preseason All-State. Balint has a ton of feel for the barrel with a tight, compact swing that produces ball flight through the middle of the diamond. Balint is solid behind the dish with developing catch and throw abilities (76 mph C | 2.00 Pop). 



Bo Cooper, C, Cathedral HS, Uncommitted

Strength in the 6-foot, 195 pound frame - Cooper has quality actions behind the dish with soft hands and quick movements laterally when blocking. The Cathedral product has an extremely quick transfer behind the dish and shows catch and throw prowess (77 C Velo | 1.93 Pop). Offensively, Cooper has a short, tight swing that produces consistent line-drive contact towards the middle of the field. 



Brandon Logan, OF, Fort Wayne Snider HS, Vanderbilt University

The top ranked player in Indiana’s 2025 class, Logan showed off his next-level athleticism by posting advanced athletic metrics (6.65 60 | 35.9” Vertical). Offensively, Logan turns the barrel high with a loose front elbow allowing for a short, level path. The 6-foot, 180lb Vanderbilt recruit fits the mold of a top-of-the-order type bat with his best tool being his ability to ballhawk in centerfield.


Cal Gates, OF, Bedford North Lawrence HS, Indiana University

Gates has added noticeable strength to his 5-foot-11, 170 pound frame over this offseason. The Indiana recruit took some of my favorite swings of this event - setting up in an athletic stance, coiling the hips with a knee-to-knee leg kick, and keeping his hands back to create stretch at heel strike. A 6.95 runner, Gates’ added strength allowed him to improve upon his arm strength (90 mph) and exit velocity (94.1 mph). 


Drew Graft, OF, Norwell HS, Uncommitted

I really like the efficiency in Graft’s swing. The 5-foot-10, 165 pounder has his hands preset with a simple move to the baseball while creating separation in a tight window to create consistent line-drive contact. 6.74 runner.




Drew Kosteba, OF, Lake Central HS, Uncommitted

Kosteba took one of the loudest rounds of the day, posting an event-best max exit velocity of 98.6 mph. The strong, 6-foot-1, 195 pounder uses a strong & efficient lower-half to create advanced bat speed (80.5 mph per Blast) that allow him to leverage the ball in the air to the pull-side gap. Kosteba fits the mold of a potential power-hitting corner outfielder with arm strength (91 mph OF) at the next level. 


MJ Gaines, OF, Park Tudor HS, Uncommitted

Gaines is a ‘25 left-handed hitter that is just scratching the surface of his potential. The lanky & athletic, 5-foot-11, 170 pounder has an easy stroke from the left-handed batter’s box with quick hands and a barrel that stays on plane for a long time. A 7.15 runner that produced an 86 mph arm from the OF - Gaines’ measurables will continue to improve as he continues to add strength. 


Zander Carnahan, OF/RHP, Cathedral HS, Uncommitted

Carnahan had a big day showing improvements in his game throughout multiple areas of the event. Tons of strength in the 6-foot, 180 pounder - Carnahan took a solid round of batting practice with plenty of strength in his barrel, posting a max exit velocity of 97.7 mph. Zander’s best tool at this point is his arm, showing one of the best outfield arms of the event at 92 mph. The Cathedral product also showed an improving run tool, posting a 6.99 60 time. 


Travis Combs, OF, Floyd Central HS, Uncommitted

Left-handed hitting outfield with tons of twitch - Combs is a 6.86 runner with a loose and live arm from the outfield, producing a top velocity of 90 mph. The 6-foot, 160 pounder has quick hands with an upward swing plane that works best when he stays to the middle of the diamond. 



Phillip Fry Jr., OF, Brownsburg HS, Uncommitted

An outstanding athlete that produced multiple sub - 6.5 60’s at the Preseason All-State, with his best time coming in at 6.43. The physical, 6-foot, 192 pounder can flat out fly - but also showed some improvement at the plate with a short, tight swing and a max exit velocity of 96.2 mph. 



Two - Way Prospects

Xavier Carrera, SS/RHP, Boone Grove HS, Uncommitted

One of the biggest revelations of the event, Carrera showed a loud & well-rounded toolset at the Preseason All-State, proving to be one of the top uncommitted prospects in Indiana’s 2025 class. A 6.90 runner - Carrera posted one of the top exit velocities of the event (98.4 mph) due to a well-sequenced swing with long levers that create easy pop. The 6-foot-2, 185 pounder then showed off athletic actions at shortstop with an electric arm across the diamond at 92 mph. The Boone Grove product hopped on the mound and continued to show off the electricity in his right-arm with a fastball up to 90 mph and a developing breaking ball in the mid-70s. 

Will Jaisle, RHP/OF, Batesville HS, Uncommitted

A 6-foot-1, 200 pounder that is beginning to look very physical - Jaisle showcased tons of strength in his right-arm throughout the day. Jaisle can flat out spin the baseball, showing advanced spin metrics on a powerful, 87-89 mph fastball (2600+ RPMs), and two distinct breaking balls (SL - 75-76 - 2900+ RPM) & (CB - 73-74 - 2700+). The Batesville product also  posted the best outfield velocity of the event (95 mph). 


Luke Riha, 3B/RHP, Homestead HS, Uncommitted

A physical specimen standing at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds. I really liked Riha’s presence in the box - starting in a wide, grounded stance, coiling into the back hip throughout a simple load, and delivering a heavy barrel with an upward swing plane. Riha produced one of the better exit velocities of the event at 96.5 mph and moves well for his size, posting a 7.02 60 time. On the mound, Riha was inconsistent with his command, but showed off arm strength by sitting 87-89 T 89.9 mph with his fastball. The Homestead product showed some feel for a 75-76 mph slider (2600+ RPMs) and a splitter at 77-78 mph. 

Mike Wright, RHP/OF, Seymour HS, Uncommitted

Wright is an outstanding athlete standing at 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds and turning in a 6.78 60 time at the Preseason All-State. On the mound, Wright filled the zone with 85-87 mph fastballs that showed quality run to the arm side of the plate. He showed plenty of feel for his 75-77 mph changeup, however I would like to see development from his 73-77 mph slider. 



Dawson French, RHP/SS, Penn HS, Uncommitted

I like the upside that French possesses on the mound - a 6-foot-3, 175 pounder with athleticism that can command a three-pitch mix. The Penn HS product has a quick right-arm that produces a fastball that sits 84-87 mph with some run to the arm side of the plate. His curveball shows good depth at 70-72 mph but was a bit inconsistent in this look. A 7.07 runner, I also like the way French moved around the infield, showcasing soft hands. 



Blane Metz, RHP, Floyd Central HS, Indiana University

Metz made a major splash this weekend with one of the most impressive bullpens of the entire weekend. The 6-foot-3, 200 pounder looks the part of a frontline starter at the next level with electric arm action that produced a fastball sitting 91-93 mph. Metz tossed two potential-plus off-speed offerings in a sharp, 77-81 mph slider and a 79-83 mph changeup with tilt. The Indiana recruit is polished with a ton of feel for the zone and will be a fun follow over the next three years. 

Parker Rhodes, RHP, Greenfield Central HS, Uncommitted

One of my favorite uncommitted arms in Indiana’s 2025 class - the 6-foot-1, 170 pounder produces easy whip with unique fastball properties, spinning his 89-90 mph fastball at 2600+ RPMs from a 4’8” release height. The quick-armed righty spun a quality slider at 77-78 mph and a bigger, 74-75 mph curveball. Rhodes is a very good athlete with twitch in the long-limbed frame - expect the velocity to continue to tick upwards. 


Matthew Fisher, RHP, Evansville Memorial HS, Indiana University

Fisher’s bullpen was fun to watch because of how easy he made it look. The 6-foot-3, 185 pound righty looks like a potential starter at the next level with an effortless delivery, quality command, clean arm action, and impressive shape to his slider and changeup. Fisher sat 86-88 T 88.5 on the fastball while delivering one of the better slider’s on the day, a 75-79 mph sweeper-type that spun between 2400 - 2500 RPMs. The changeup showed late fade at 79-81 mph. Fisher committed to Indiana shortly after the Preseason All-State. 

Alex Barr, LHP, Kankakee Valley HS, Indiana University

A sturdy, 6-foot, 185 pound southpaw that had a really solid showing at the Preseason All-State. Barr’s separator pitch is the breaking ball - a big, 1/7 shaped curveball at 67-68 mph that he could both land and bury. Barr spun one of the better breaking balls of the day, and that should allow his 88 mph fastball to play up in-game. Barr will be a nightmare matchup on left-handed hitters at the next level. 


Tristan Wilson, RHP, North Central HS, Uncommitted

Wilson has added strength over the offseason to a 6-foot-2, 205 pound frame. The North Central product has a fast, uninterrupted arm that works for a ¾ slot to allow major ASR on the fastball that sat 88-91 T 91.5 mph. His fastball pairs well with a short, tight 74-76 mph slider that has continued to improve over the past 8 months. His changeup at 78-79 mph is an above average pitch, but I’d like to see it continue to develop. 



Trent Kulig, RHP, Andrean HS, Uncommitted

Kulig is another young arm that has added strength over the offseason, turning himself into a physical, 6-foot-2, 200 pounder. The Andrean product has a powerful right-arm and his 88-90 mph fastball jumped out of the hand. I liked his ability to continuously land a sharp and slurvey, 74-77 mph breaking ball, a trait that should allow him to get ahead in counts often this spring. Kulig is one of the top available arms in Indiana's 2025 class.




Grant Mercer, RHP, Lake Central HS, Uncommitted

Long-limbed and uber-projectable at 6-foot-4 and 185 pounds. Mercer possesses a long, whippy arm that has a chance to be special when synced and has some deceptiveness to it. His fastball sat 88-90 mph and paired well with a sharper, 77-78 mph slider. There’s some upside to his 84-85 mph changeup but I would like to see more development with that pitch. Very high ceiling for the righty from Lake Central. 


Joshua Flores, RHP/SS, Lake Central HS, Uncommitted

One of the biggest surprises of the day for me was the 5-foot-10, 175 pound righty’s bullpen. Flores is a solid athlete and uses his athleticism to move down the slope with an interesting combination of intent and balance. The quick-armed righty sat 88-90 mph on his fastball with some ASR that played best to the arm side of the plate. Flores showed a quality changeup at 78-80 mph, but I would like to see development from his 76-78 mph slider - a pitch that was inconsistent in this look. 


Aidan Micinski, RHP, South Bend John Adams HS, Uncommitted

Micinski didn’t necessarily light up the radar gun compared to some other right-handers on this list, but I love the upside in the lanky, 6-foot-1, 150 pound frame. Micinski showed a low-effort, clean & easy arm that worked at 84-86 T 86.7 mph on his fastball. The South Bend product shows tons of feel for an 11/5, 69-71 mph breaking ball with depth - showing the ability to land & bury it. I think Micisnki has tons of room to continue to add strength and more velocity will come with added strength. 


Nolan Hataway, LHP, Avon HS, Uncommitted

The 6-foot-4, 190 pound southpaw has a massive ceiling and showed major velocity gains in his bullpen at the Preseason All-State. Hataway appears to have added some strength to the frame compared to a look in the fall. Hataway has a quick, compact arm that works well when synced, but tends to be inconsistent with command. He sat 81-84 T 84.7 mph on the fastball with a developing, 70-73 mph curveball. 


Davian Carrera, LHP/1B, Boone Grove HS, Uncommitted

Carrera’s bullpen was an intriguing look at a 2025 southpaw that is just scratching the surface of his potential. The 6-foot-2, 190 pounder has raw arm talent and quality hip-to-shoulder separation that produced a fastball that sat 83-86 mph with natural run to the arm side during his bullpen. Carrera tossed a sweeping, 75-77 mph slider that showed flashes of being a potential plus offering, but is still inconsistent at this point. 


Lucas Collins, LHP/OF, Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger HS, Uncommitted

An athletic, 6-foot, 180 pound southpaw. I liked what I saw from Collins’ bullpen - tons of athleticism and arm speed from the Bishop Dwenger product. Collins creates impressive hip-to-shoulder separation to sit 83-85 mph on a fastball with a bit of run to the arm side. I like the upside on his sweeping, 74-77 mph slider. 



Luke O’Keefe, RHP/3B, Lake Central HS, Uncommitted

A 6-foot, 180 pounder with some athleticism. O’Keefe showed a tick up in velocity this weekend, sitting 86-88 T 88.9 on his fastball. His arm speed is above-average and he has solid feel for a sweeping-type, 75-79 mph slider that is his best pitch. O’Keefe mixed in a changeup at 77-80 mph.