Preseason All-State (2022): Committed Arms

Kevin Christman
Indiana Scout

We continue to highlight last weekend's Preseason All-State (2022) Invite-Only showcase by looking at the committed pitchers in attendance. 

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Aydan Decker-Petty, New Castle, 2022, IN

Position: RHP

Indiana commit. Tall lean, long levered athlete with a high waist. Has a frame that can carry more growth and strength in near future. Starts from the far-left side of the rubber with a ¾-arm slot release. Starts ball in glove from a high over the head hand pump with a slight pause in his leg kick that creates his internal timing to get to front side on delivering the ball to the plate. Small hand with ball tap in glove is also present. Decker-Petty has a small over rotated landing foot that will improve his line to plate as he becomes more physically mature. Good range of motion to shoulder, allows for fluidity to his SL and CH arsenal. Slider is a down action shape pitch with depth, while his Changeup has late fade in zone. As he matures and becomes stronger, will be more consistent with his command and control of his pitches. Chance to be a starter at next level with a quality arm with intriguing projection.

Body: 6-foot-5, 180-pound
FB: T92. 91-92 mph. (Max spin 2154;  Avg 2041)
CB: 77-79 mph
CH: 81-83 mph
SL: 81-83 mph

Andrew Dutkanych IV, Brebeuf, 2022, IN

Position: RHP

Vanderbilt commit. Has a strong athletic durable body. Shows some rigidness to his strength, although he is compact and sturdy. Has mature body actions, with a bulldog demeanor. He is all business type who pitches with a ‘put the hitter away’ mentality. Starts his delivery from the far-left side of the rubber with a ¾, short quick compact arm slot that creates very good arm speed. Has good range of motion to his shoulder that is firm. When he can repeat his delivery, the results are consistently with an above average, mid to high 90’s FB. This full throttle and aggressive style approach produces a strong finish and some life in the strike zone. The FB can get on hitters’ hands quickly, while he uses all four corners of the strike zone. He keeps his line well with a short landing strike. Has a hard slider with late tilt and sharp down action shape. Compliments all his pitches with a late fade Change up to complete his mix. Dutkanych will dominate with quality pitches, which can compete at high level now. Once he harnesses his command, he will elevate his chance to minimize his pitch counts. Strong chance to be a starter at the next level.

Body: 6-foot-3, 200-pound
FB: T96. 95-96 mph. (Max spin 2461;  Avg 2339)
CH: 81-84 mph
SL: 85-86 mph

Brady Ginaven, Munster, 2022, IN

Position: RHP

Indiana State commit. Tall, large athletic body that is strong and proportioned throughout his sturdy frame. Looks matured. Starts his delivery from far-left side of rubber, has a H ¾-arm slot. Shows good extension out of front that he gets to with ease. Shows good balance and his direction is online repeatedly. Overall, his delivery is smooth and calm with firm actions. Arm has good range of motion that produces consistent control and command of three usable pitches. FB has some life and run with a CB that has consistent spin in the strike zone. Straight changeup give some late fade down in zone consistently.

Body: 6-foot-5, 215-pound
FB: T90. 88-90 mph. (Max spin 2145;  Avg 2080)
CB: 71-73 mph
CH: 77-79 mph

Dylan Haslett, Cathedral, 2022, IN

Position: RHP

Oakland commit. Tall, large frame with long legs to a high waist. Strong through his shoulders. Starts from the far-left side of rubber. Has a H ¾-arm slot. Shows a quick tempo arm action, which connects to an inline delivery to the plate. Starts quiet and ramps up to hyperactive finish, this is positive approach; this style displays his aggressive approach and demeanor. Repeats this style consistently and this allows him to have command and control. Separates the ball from the glove at chest level which follows with a short quick stab to backside. Quick tempo and rhythm to his outing. Haslett displayed a good shaped CB from a high angle release point; this pitch had consistent spin and accuracy. Changeup showed some run and fade down in zone late. Good pitch command competitor.

Body: 6-foot-2, 170-pound
FB: T87. 85-86 mph. (Max spin 2359;  Avg 2257)
CB: 68-70 mph
CH: 74-78 mph.

Max McEwen, Jeffersonville, 2022, IN

Position: RHP

Indiana State commit. Large frame, strong physical athlete with strength through his legs and hips. Very sturdy look. Has ¾-arm slot that starts from the middle of the rubber. Shows a solid loose firm shoulder range of motion. Gets good extension out in front of body on finish. Displays some length to his arm and delivery, as he is a large frame agile athlete. Key to his success is that he shows signs of gaining timing and rhythm to his arm as his lead leg strikes the landing. McEwen is a strong athlete which can project to continue on progress in all areas, as his projection helps his velocity and pitch command of all pitches. His CB has good spin and shape with consistent speed; while his straight change gives some run and finish in the zone. The effort is positive and gives a look of an innings eater with durability.

Body: 6-foot-2, 202-pound
FB: T90. 88-89 mph. (Max spin 2459;  Avg 2380)
CB: 69-75 mph
CH: 80-81 mph

Connor Misch, Lake Central, 2022, IN

Position: 1B/LHP

Xavier commit. Tall, large frame, high wasted LHP that shows good overall body strength. Starts his delivery from far-left side of rubber with a H ¾-arm slot release. Displayed a full front hand pump from the belt to the chest that generated solid energy in his delivery to the plate while maintaining inline structure. Small glove tap on exit of ball from glove is a natural movement for balance in his delivery. When finishing out in front, at times had a recoil to lower half after release of the baseball. This feature gets him to balance out on finish, square and max out his effort to pitch in a positive outcome. Slight pull of line glove side on CB but still maintains spin and shape. Misch pitches with a three-pitch mix that has a solid late fade, and sink classic changeup from an athletic LHP. Shows good strength, durability, and chance to be a starter in future.

Body: 6-foot-3, 190-pound
FB: T87. 85-87 mph. (Max spin 2111;  Avg 2010)
CB: 68-69 mph
CH: 76-79 mph

Brayden Risedorph, East Noble, 2022, IN

Position: RHP

Parkland commit. Tall, strong sturdy athletic frame with powerful lower half, thick calves and thighs, and wide shoulders. His delivery starts in the middle of the rubber with a H ¾ arm slot. Has good shoulder range of motion and a deliberate side step with a high leg kick. Gets to front side with ease. Will lay the ball back in his hand, and generate full extension out front. From the stretch, he moves to the far ride side of rubber makes the angle hard on right-handed hitters. FB is consistent and firm in command to zone. Slider has some depth and down action bite. Risedorph possesses a Split finger  with strong tumbling action in zone. He looks to be a durable innings eater with three usable pitches. His Splitter pitch for a high school pitcher is unique and intriguing.

Body: 6-foot-3, 235-pound
FB: T92. 89-91 mph. (Max spin 2302;  Avg 2198)
SL: 79-82 mph
SP: 77-79 mph

Gage Stanifer, Westfield, 2022, IN

Position: RHP

Cincinnati commit. Has a fast twitch athletic wiry frame body. Broad shoulders with high waist. Powerful upper torso. Durable hips and legs. Starts from the far-left side of the rubber. Has a short side step start that follows with a middle of belt separation. Short hand pump generates energy to his follow through. Displays a ¾-arm slot, high tuck leg kick, slight drop and drive to get to front side. Arm is quick. Front side opens up early and glove side tends to balance him out in his delivery. He clears his front side to allow his sweeping arm to release point. Has some hyperactive actions that he uses to his advantage in a positive way. Quick worker and full throttle approach. Arm strength is present and feel for a sharp CB with  bite that at times shows SL actions. Stanifer, as he matures could develop a true SL with a Changeup that has late fade. The athleticism is solid and his arm is pure. Solid projection to future is he will throw even harder.

Body: 6-foot-3, 184 pounds
FB: T92. 90-92 mph. (Max spin 2430;  Avg 2218)
CB: 82-83 mph
CH: 86-87 mph

Caden Tarango, Homestead, 2022, IN

Position: RHP

Dayton commit. Has an extra tall, long torso frame. Long levered with wide shoulders. Starts from the middle of rubber, with a short slide step start. H ¾ arm slot. Narrow based feet with small cross stride landing of a kick out front, lead leg to stride finish. His strength keeps him inline and energy going forward towards target. FB has some run and deep sink depth. Appears to show a spiked CB with consistent spin and rotation. Straight action changeup has small late fade and run. Small stand-up finish allows some sink to his changeup as well to his FB. He repeats well and is an athlete.

Body: 6-foot-5, 190-pound 
FB: T89. 87-89 mph. (Max spin 2316;  Avg 2243)
CB: 66-68 mph
CH: 73-77 mph