Commitment Spotlight: 2022 Dawson Curtin

Alex Armand
Louisiana Scouting Director

Every prospect has a different timeline in recruiting.  There are some who commit during their freshman year of high school or even before they hit high school and there are others who are "late bloomers" or who maybe just didn't get seen due to an unforeseen circumstance, such as the COVD-19 pandemic.  2022 Dawson Curtin exploded onto the scene this fall after having an impressive showing at our Louisiana All-State Games in November.  Catching the eye of PBR National Crosschecker, Shooter Hunt, Curtin dominated hitters during the game portion of the event with a clean and deliberate delivery; pounding the zone with a 85-87 mph FB.  The SL and CH looked to be developing pitches at the time, but we have seen Curtin really improve both of those pitches at our Louisiana Preseason ID and our North Louisiana Preseason ID, both held in January.  The Live Oak Southpaw's story is a great one and should be a good reminder to all prospects out there...Everyone has a different timeline in recruiting.  Keep your head down, put one foot in front of the other each day, and it will all work out in the end.  Here is Dawson Curtin's journey that led him to commit to the University of Louisiana.


-Congratulations on committing to the University of Louisiana.  We know that you had several college offers coming into this spring.  What made you decide to commit to UL?


God, family, friends, but most importantly, my dad.  I wanted to become a Cajun because of the atmosphere and the coaches and it's a school that my dad told me, before he passed away, that he could see me fitting in and playing at.  I put in the work everyday from that point on and visualized myself doing this and it happened for me.  


-We all have a huge support system to help us achieve our goals.  Who would you personally like to thank?


God, my family, my friends, and my community!


-What can we expect this from what looks to be a loaded Live Oak team?


You can expect a ring!