Preseason ID Leaderboard: Max Fastball Velo

Alex Armand
Louisiana Scouting Director

Over the course of January, the PBR LA scouting staff traveled around the state hosting our Preseason IDs. We started in Mandeville, then to Lake Charles, and ended in Alexandria. With the Winter calendar concluded, we will begin releasing leaderboards from across all events. Today, we look at Max Fastball Velo.



Rank Name State School Class Pos Max FB
1 Seth Benoit LA Jennings 2022 RHP 86 mph
^ Bryce Leonard LA Ascension Catholic 2023 3B 86 mph
^ Evan Folse LA Fontainebleau 2023 RHP 86 mph
^ Kylin Broussard LA Grand Lake 2022 RHP 86 mph
2 Marshall Louque LA Lutcher 2025 SS 84 mph
^ Shelton Harville Jr. LA Captain Shreve 2025 RHP 84 mph
3 Carter Guillory LA Catholic 2025 SS 83 mph
^ Brooks Leonard LA Ascension Catholic 2023 SS 83 mph
4 James Reina LA St. Louis Catholic 2023 SS 82 mph
5 Evan Wright LA Fontainebleau 2024 C 81 mph
^ Taylor Cotaya LA Live Oak 2025 OF 81 mph
6 Ian Edwards LA Covington 2024 RHP 80 mph
^ Drake Parker LA Riverfield Academy 2025 RHP 80 mph
^ Jace Duhon LA South Beauregard 2024 RHP 80 mph
^ Thomas Allen LA Benton 2025 RHP 80 mph


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