Prep Baseball Report

Louisiana Top Prospect Games: Quick Hits (2026 & 2027 Class)

Alex Armand
Louisiana Scouting Director

Lafayette, LA - The 2024 Louisiana Top Prospect Games were held on June 11, 2024, at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.  Over 100 of the state's best and brightest prospects were in attendance and went through a pro-style workout that included running a laser-timed 60 yard dash using Swift Performance, batting practice using Trackman, defensive evalutaions, and more.  Pitchers finished off the event by throwing live to hitters, and they were able to receive their numbers and metrics off of Trackman, such as pitch velocity, spin rate, horizontal & vertical movement and much more.

We continue our post-event coverage with a look at some of the prospects in the 2026 and 2027 class that caught our eye.  Please continue to check back over the coming days, as we'll release additional post-event coverage of the 2024 Louisiana Top Prospect Games. 

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2026 & 2027 ARMS

+ 2026 RHP Javonte Gray (Hahnville HS)

After seeing Gray in a quick relief appearance this spring, we knew we had to see more, which led to his invite to last Tuesday's Top Prospect Games.  Working exclusively out of the stretch, the Hahnville product used a compact and clean arm stroke before releasing the ball from a 3/4 slot.  He did a good job of locating his 84-86 mph FB to the glove-side with an average spin rate of 2334 RPM's.  His 74-75 mph SL was sharp with late break and spin rates up to 2516 RPM's.  At 6'4" 190 lbs. with long-limbs, Gray has a ton of projection and is a pretty sure-fire bet to throw a lot harder, which makes him a priority guy to see for college recruiters, especially with August 1st looming near.  

+ 2026 LHP Lucas Lawrence (Catholic BR HS)

Lawrence has been to the Future Games the last three years in a row, twice as a Jr. Future Gamer and last year as an underclass Future Gamer, so we've been able to track his progression closely over the last 3 years.  Our last look at the uncommitted southpaw was back in April, where he sat 82-84 mph with his FB, but we could tell that another jump was coming, it was just a matter of when.  Well, at last Tueseday's Top Prospect Games, he finally made that next jump.  After throw his first three heaters at 84 mph, Lawrence turned things up a notch, and sat 86-88 mph with his FB and induced in-zone swings & misses on the pitch.  He was also able to land a "-7" shaped 70-72 mph CB for strikes and a 74-75 mph CH with late-fade, which only helped his FB to play up.  The Catholic BR product is another guy with a ton of projection with a 6'5" 180 lbs. frame, so there's likely another jump or two in his future.

+ 2026 RHP Brody Mayeux (University Lab HS)

The uncommitted sophomore was the starting pitcher for the Cubs in the Select D-III State Title game, which is one of the reasons why we were excited to see him last Tuesday.  Mayeux uses a controlled delivery, bringing his glove up over his head and back down, before sinking into his back hip to move the down slope, and he uses a long and loose arm swing to release the ball from a 3/4 slot.  His 83-85 mph FB flashed some arm-side run at times and his 77-78 mph CH played well off of it.  Mayeux's 5'11" 155 lbs. frame is still developing and there's a ton of room to continue to add strength, and as he gets stronger, he'll likely see his velocity and "stuff" tick up as well.  

+ 2026 LHP Caden Amie (Pope John Paul II HS)

Amie has been one of the most consistent and reliable arms in the state's 2026 class, over the last two years, and he turned in another quality outing last Tuesday.  He had true command of all three of his offerings from his first pitch through his last pitch.  His 80-82 mph FB isn't overpowering, but it definitely plays up when paired with his 71-74 mph CH with late fade, and he also used a bigger 65-67 mph CB as a "get-me-over" pitch.

+ 2027 LHP/OF Jake Wooten (Parkview Baptist HS)

The Eagles seem to be having a nice run of arms coming through the program with Wooten being one of those guys.  The former Jr. Future Gamer showed last Tuesday that he's made a nice jump over the last 8-12 months.  A smooth and easy mnover down the mound, the Parkview Baptist product releases the ball from a lower release height.  His 81-84 mph FB had some life through the zone and he also flashed a 63-65 mph CB that had good shape with an average spin rate of 2344 RPM's.  Wooten's 70-71 mph CH, however, was the pitch that really caught our eye with -17.6" of horizontal movement.  


+ 2026 MIF Andrew Sharp (Captain Shreve HS)

Shooter Hunt, our VP of Scouting, gave us a call to let us know to keep an eye on Sharp, who caught his eye at our National Program Invitational Tournament, and we can definitely see why after last Tuesday.  The Captain Shreve product is a switch-hitter with a simple swing and flat path from both sides.  During Tuesday's gameplay, he took some really good at-bats that included a line drive single from the left side.  Sharp posted a 7.15 laser-timed 60, but he plays much faster in game, especailly on the basepaths, as he ended up swiping a couple of bags last Tuesday.  He also showed well defensively with solid actions and a strong and accurate arm across the diamond.  There's also projection left with Sharp, as he'll easily be able to add on more physicality to his 6'1" 170 lbs. frame.

+ 2026 MIF Ja'Derryian Washington (Barbe HS)

6'2" 165 lbs. long, lean, and athletic frame with a ton of room to continue to add strength.  The slick-fielding infielder bursted onto the scene this past spring for the Bucs, after earning a position as an everday starter.  Washington is as smooth as they come on the infield with soft hands, a clean glove-to-hand transfer, and a quick release with an accurate arm across the diamond.  There's some moving parts with his swing and set-up, as he starts in a taller stance with some hand movement, but he seems to do a decent job of finding the barrel, as he collected an opposite field single and another hard barrel during last Tuesday's gameplay.  The big carrying tool for Washington is his defense and with his 6.89 laser-timed 60 on Tuesday, he projects to have enough speed to stick at shortstop at the next level.

+ 2027 OF/1B Kaleb Guarisco (Hahnville HS)

5'11" 185 lbs. frame with a physical lower-half; Guarisco earned 1st Team All-District honors this past spring for the Tigers and it's easy to see why he did after last Tuesday.  The left-handed hitter starts in an athletic set-up and uses a simple load and stride, before using a strong lower-half to deliver a heavy barrel to contact.  He gets behind the ball early and stays through the plane of each pitch for a long time.  Guarisco was on the barrel with seemingly every swing last Tuesday and showed off some exciting future power potential with a max exit velocity of 95.2 mph.  His BP round was one of our favorites on the day and he looks like a safe bet to really hit at a high level, which is why he'll be a priority guy to continue to follow in the state's 2027 class.

+ 2026 OF Nate Alario (John Curtis Christian HS)

We really like some of the swing adjustments that Alario showcased at ast Tuesday's Top Prospect Games.  The John Curtis Christian product is now working from an upright and balanced stance before using quick hands to deliver a direct & flat path to contact with level extension, which allowed him to spray line drives from gap to gap.  Keeping the ball hard on a line or hard on the ground is important for Alario, as it allows him to use his speed (6.83 laser-timed 60) and instincts on the basepaths to create havoc, which is where his offensive value lies.  Alario can also track down balls well and flashed plus arm strength from the outfield up to 92 mph.  

2026 & 2027 TWO-WAYS

+ 2027 OF/RHP Koa Romero (Hahnville HS)

5'10" 200 lbs. barrel-chested frame with a physical lower-half.  Romero had a big freshman year for the Tigers and showed well at last week's Top Prospect Games.  Offensively, he starts in an upright and balanced stance with his hands held at shoulder height, and uses an aggressive, compact, and tight turn, while working slightly uphill through extension.  Romero drove several balls, showing present pull-side strength that resulted in a 96.5 mph max exit velocity.  On the mound, he uses a short & quick arm action to release the ball from a 3/4 slot.  His FB got up to 89 mph and he also showed feel for a sharp-biting 75-78 mph SL with spin rates near 2500 RPM's.

+ 2027 C/RHP Cooper Austin (Central BR HS)

Earning playing time at a Class 5A school isn't easy, especially at the catching position, but that's exactly what Austin did this past spring for the Wildcats, and was to see why he did after last Tuesday.  Austin is a solid receiver and blocker with clean exchanges and a strong arm.  He got up to 79 mph from the crouch with pop times of 1.97-2.06 on the bag.  The Central BR product has also gained obvious strength, since our last look, and that was evident during his BP round, as the ball was coming off of his bat a lot harder, especially to the pull-side gap.  On the mound, he pounded the zone with a 81-84 mph FB and also showed good feel for a 69-70 mph SL with spin rates up to 2465 RPM's.  

+ 2026 RHP/INF Cole Guidroz (Central BR HS)

Athletic 5'11' 175 lbs. frame with some room to add strength.  Guidroz is another two-way guy that should be followed in the state's 2026 class moving forward.  The Central BR product is a steady defender who can play all three infield spots with a flat and level swing path from the right side.  He also showed some upside on the mound with a 86-89 mph FB that he did a good job of locating to the glove-side, as well as elevating at the right times.  Guidroz also flashed feel for a developing 73-74 mph SL and a late-fading 76-79 mph CH.

+ 2027 INF/RHP Peyton Starr (West Monroe HS)

Starr was one of the Rebels key playoff performers this past spring, as he was a big part of the team's run to the Non-Select D-I State Title.  He's not the biggest guy on the field at 5'8" 160 lbs, but he plays much bigger and is like a stick of dynamite.  The West Monroe product coils into his back hip at the plate, before delivering a direct path to contact and level extension that resulted in a 93.3 mph max exit velocity.  He also showed big arm strength from the mound, as he ran his FB up to 89 mph with elite spin rates up to 2561 RPM's.  Starr will have to learn how to control the baseball better on the mound, as do most young arms, but there's no denying the present arm talent.  

+ 2026 C/RHP Ty Lamartina (Acadiana HS)

6'0" 185 lbs. athletic frame with a strong lower-half.  The Acadiana product caught our eye at our Lake Charles Summer ID, which earned him an invite to last week's Top Prospect Games.  During gameplay, he received and blocked the ball well and showed athletic footwork and a quick transfer on throwdowns to the 2nd base bag.  His outing on the mound was also impressive, as he collected two strikeouts in his inning of work.  Lamartina worked quick and attacked hitters with a 85-87 mph FB and also flashed a 76-79 mph sharp SL with really good spin rates up to 2640 RPM's.