MA Preseason Underclass Central: Class of 2016 Complete Evaluations

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Preseason Underclass Central Showcase

We would like to thank all who participated in PBR Massachusetts' Underclass Central Showcase. This was a great opportunity for 2016, '17, '18, and '19 prospects to be put on college radars. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories. 

In the coming weeks, we will be adding and updating profiles for each of the players in attendance, including complete analysis and video.

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For now, please take a look at the statistical results from the event by clicking here.

Preseason Underclass Central: Class of 2016 Evaluations

TOP Pitcher:
Brian Eddy, LHP, Worcester Academy, 2016
Josh DelSignore,C/1B, St Peter Marian, 2016

Brian Doherty, INF, Billerica Memorial 2016
Scouting Report: Solid player across the board for me. Ran a 6.91 but has shown me better in the past.  Swing is short and compact, would like to see him stay inside the ball a bit more and use the whole field. Glove was sturdier this time and he shows an accurate and solid arm. Second base or possibly the outfield is where he will end up. What level he plays at is up to him, if he shows he can handle good pitching he could develop into a guy.

Brian Eddy, LHP, Worcester Academy, 2016
Scouting Report: Left-handed arm with ultra fast twitch actions. Still a work in progress on the command side of things but lookout if he puts it together. Fastball has action and life to it in the mid 80s now but his frame leads you to believe that will bounce. Slider touched 78 and it was small and sharp. The breaking ball is a 12/6 spinner in the low 70s and he has serious shelving to it. His changeup is in play but still needs work on backing in down in velocity. High level arm that should be getting on ton of play from colleges.

Christopher Grome, LHP, Framingham 2016
Scouting Report: Good looking kid with a short ¾ arm swing. Delivery is solid and he stays with his arm nicely. Fastball sits in the mid 70s and he has deception to the arm. Changeup was his best pitch and it came out of his hand the same and sat at 62. The breaking ball was soft at 60 as he wraps his wrist on the backside. A jump into the lower 80s with his fastball and he could develop into a nice pitcher as he is left-handed and athletic.

Colin Nye, RHP/OF, St.John’s Prep, 2016
Scouting Report: Two-way potential and a very good athlete. On the bump, a long and lanky ¾ arm action helps him pitch with action and life to his 80 mph fastball. The breaking ball was sweeping and got to 70, which could develop into an out pitch at the next level. The changeup showed promise and action at 73 and could be a good pitch as well. I can see this guy being mid 80s with good secondary stuff for sure. Positionally, he ran a 7.03 and showed clean and loose actions in the outfield. The arm strength is good at 83 and his frame allows him to fill out a bit more. The bat was a bit long and flat through the zone out of an even base set up. I like him a bit more on the mound as I feel his potential is great there even though he is a good athlete.

Devon DiMascio, RHP, Xaverian Brothers, 2016
Scouting Report: Talented right-handed pitcher with a slightly higher than ¾ arm slot. Fastball was in the low 80s with some downward angle to it. The breaking ball showed extremely well and had serious depth to it. Changeup is in play as he uses a mid 70s split as his minus pitch. This guy continues to improve so look for another bounce in stuff this coming spring. Repeats an easy delivery and shows good athleticism. 

Jack Marsjanik, OF/INF, Rivers School, 2016
Scouting Report: Showed us a good approach at the plate with a minimal load of the hands, solid bottom half with limited movement. The path is flat and the centering of the ball is good. Ran a 7.5 60-yard dash with a nice clean effort. Threw 73 from the outfield with a solid approach and carry on all his throws. At 5-foot-11, 160-pounds look for him to gain some strength this season and be able to handle the bat with some authority. Had a tee exit velocity of 80 at the event.

Jake Coro, SS, Johnston (RI), 2016
Scouting Report: Left-handed hitting shortstop from Rhode Island had a steady and impressive workout for me. Could run a tick better than 7.8, and I think he will. The defense is good, glove is soft and confident, throwing arm is clean and short, threw 74 with an easy effort. Slot is good for the pivot and his footwork is done correctly. At the plate, he wraps the bat a bit and the swing get a tick long. The hands are loose and free, certainly room to improve the plane of the bat. Tee exit velocity of 81. With running improvements this guy is a prospect.

Jasen Voghel, C/1B, Rivers School, 2016
Scouting Report: Thick and durable right-handed hitting catcher. Shows a good path at the plate and a solid base for his foundation. Receives well and is steady back there. Throwing needs to improve a bit and the transfer could clean up. Working on his transfer and footwork back there will help him tremendously cause he can catch. Would like to see the bat in a game because that is probably his strong suit, 81 mph tee exit velocity.

Josh DelSignore,C/1B, St Peter Marian, 2016
Scouting Report: This is the second event Josh came to and he showed much better at this one. Ran a 7.6 and did it with improving form and effort. Threw 82 in the infield and showed a solid glove at first. Had a pop time of 1.89 with room to still clean up his feet and transfer as a catcher. Certainly has the tools to catch, as receiving has improved as well. The swing is strong and flat with pull side power to it. Tee exit velocity of 91 as his bottom half is simple with a pick up and put down front foot approach. Very good athlete for me.

Justen Voghel, RHP/OF, Rivers School, 2016
Scouting Report: Threw 84 from the outfield and showed and accurate and strong approach to the ball. Will have to improve his foot speed to play out there. Bat has thunder and whip to it, like his swing and set up. 87 tee exit velocity and plus hand speed. On the mound, he was an easy and simple delivery out of a ¾ slot. Ball jumps out of his hand, and his fastball sits in the low 80s right now. The spin is short slurve, 69 mph, with tilt and depth to it, could be an out pitch. The changeup is a plus pitch as well at 75. I like this guy on the mound and I like his bat, be interesting to see where he ends up.

Matt Hubauer, 3B/C, Swampscott, 2016
Scouting Report: Showed good bat speed out of a low hand set up with an even bottom half base. Tee exit velocity of 84. Ran a 7.58 and worked out at third base. Showed decent hands and a 71 mph arm. The defense can improve with prep steps and ground ball reps. The bat will improve with strength and maturation as he has the hand speed to hit.

Nick Raposo, C/3B, Johnston (RI) 2016
Scouting Report: Showed very well at the event for me, as he does many thing well. Ran a 7.55 with an athletic gait. Defensively, he worked out behind the dish and showed a 71 mph arm and a 2.09 pop time. The glove was soft and he has a chance to improve his pop time with footwork and transfer technique. The bat was very good for me, it was simple, flat and to the ball. The tee exit velocity was 81 but the setup and path are very good.

Nick Demauro, RHP/SS, Doherty Memorial, 2016
Scouting Report: On the mound, Nick showed a high-¾ arm slot with a fastball touching 76. There is some effort in the delivery but he repeats it. The breaking ball was 62 and the spin was correct and showed nice shape. The 68 mph changeup showed the right fade and rotation to it. As a positional player, he ran a 7.72 and showed a 71 mph arm across the diamond. The glove played average and the slot was shorter in the infield than it was on the mound. The swing showed some life to it, 77 mph tee exit velocity. The set-up is even and the base was solid. The bat needs some strength to it.

Pat Fitzgerald, OF/SS, Auburn, 2016
Scouting Report: Left-handed hitting athlete is the first thing that jumps to mind for this 5-foot-11, 160-pound player. Ran a 7.29, threw 76 from the outfield and threw 73 from the infield. Throws had carry from the outfield and the approach was good. The glove can play in the infield and the throwing was accurate and clean. The swing has some effort to it because he has a great deal going on with bottom half. Hands are loose though and the swing could certainly be a good one. 81 mph tee exit velocity, and more to come as the frame can fill out. Definite follow as this Fitzgerald is intriguing to me.

Patrick King, 2B/3B, Southwick Tolland, 2016
Scouting Report: A physical right-handed hitter who worked out at second base. Ran a 7.68 and showed a nice glove at second with a 69 mph arm. The top half is physical and thick as you can see that in his swing as he has pull power and short arms. He steps a bit towards third when he hits and looses bat on the outer half pitch. Tee exit velocity of 78 and will continue to work as he grinded out swings at the event. 

Ross Grasso, C, Algonquin Regional, 2016
Scouting Report: Had a legit workout for us, both swinging the bat and throwing the ball. He had a pop time of 2.03, stayed back and worked through the ball. Throws were strong and accurate at 74. Receiving was fine and he needs to continue to work on handling high level pitches if he wants to progress back there. Not much of a runner but probably won't matter if his catching and bat continue to improve. Tee exit velocity of 89 with a bit of a long swing. The front foot needs to get down in time but the hand speed is very good. Very good showing.

Simon Gonzalez, RHP/1B, Bishop Fenwick, 2016
Scouting Report: Worked out on the mound and at first base. Showed good range and arm strength at first, 78 mph. Glove was solid and he handled the bag fine. Ran a 7.7 and showed a flat path at the plate with good hand speed. Tee exit velocity of 80 out of a wide base set-up. The addition of physical strength could help as he is 6-foot-3, 190-pounds. The mound, I believe, is his strong suit. Threw from a loose and long ¾ arm path. The fastball had run to it and touched 80. The breaking ball was very good at 72 and already an out pitch for me. He could be a good college prospect just based off of that pitch. The changeup spin isn't quite there yet but he has time to improve the touch and feel pitch. This guy is worth seeing pitch in the spring, as not many hitters handle spin, and he possesses that pitch.

Stephan MacMeans, INF, King Phillip Regional, 2016
Scouting Report: Once again, another PBR second timer who showed a great deal of improvement from event one to event two. Ran a 7.1 with an easy gait and limited effort. The swing really improved for me as he's stronger, the plane of the bat is flatter and his bottom half and head are under control. Tee exit velocity of 80. The biggest thing is he is now in position to hit and handle all types of pitches with that set-up. Probably a second baseman or possibly outfielder in the future, glove is solid and arm is average at 71.  He can make all the throws and handle the pivot at second.

William Helenius, C/OF, Advanced Science and Math Academy, 2016
Scouting Report: Worked out behind the dish at our event. Pop time of 2.34 with a high slot and high exchange of the ball. Threw 67 mph from back there, which should improve as he goes. Receiving needs to soften up and can with reps. Ran a 8.09. Swung the bat with some effort and authority out of a high elbow stance. Tee exit velocity of 76.

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