Inside the Recruitment - 2015 1B/RHP Ben Wanger (Belmont Hill HS) Discusses Commitment to Yale


PBR: How is the fall going and what are you working towards?

Wanger: I keep myself focused by setting goals. Academically, I'm taking a course load focused in areas that have always interested me, particularly in math and science. Those are areas that I expect to follow in college. Athletically, I'm focused on continuing to improve my strength and quickness with the goal of helping the Belmont Hill baseball program win a 4th consecutive ISL championship this Spring.

PBR: Now that the recruiting process is complete, why did you choose Yale?

Wanger: I chose Yale because Yale is an exceptional college with opportunities for me to learn and grow. In regards to baseball, the Yale program and coaching staff are exactly what I was looking for to become a better player in all aspects of the game.

PBR: What are your goals as your senior season approaches?

Wanger: I plan to continue to develop as a 2-way player. I plan on playing with Northeast Baseball.

PBR: Who has influenced your life the most so far?

Wanger: The people who have influenced me the most in my life are my parents. They have always supported me in pursuing all of my interests. For example they supported my decision to spend the fall of my junior year at a semester program in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. My dad taught me how to play the game and I've enjoyed every minute of sharing this journey with him.

PBR:  Attending Yale, what are your expectations as you go through the college process?

Wanger: I hope my experience at Yale will open the door to many new opportunities and allow me to do something that I love.

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