Inside the Recruitment - 2016 C Ryan January (Salisbury School) Discusses Commitment to LSU

By Dennis Healy
PBR MA Director of Scouting

Ryan January, C, Salisbury School, 2016

PBR: How is the fall going and what are your plans for the off-season?

January: Fall is going great. I got up to 205 in the weight room and haven't left the cage. There is nothing else to do but get better up here at Salisbury, better in the classroom, better on the field, and better at everything you do.

PBR: During the recruiting process, what may you ultimately decide on LSU, and who else was in the mix?

January: I wanted to play in the SEC since 8th grade. I got attention from every school in the sec but my final four were LSU, Vandy, Arizona State, and St Johns. I wanted to get to Omaha every year possible. Also you can't beat playing facilities like LSU's and playing in front of 12k a night!

PBR: - What do you believe your strengths and weaknesses are as a player?

January: I believe my approach makes a good hitter. Expecting your pitch and not missing it. Gap-to-gap power and recently in the fall I've been putting more over the wall. I run well for a catcher and my arm has gotten much better this summer. Also receiving wise behind the plate, I feel like that is a strength of mine.

PBR: I assume, Salisbury is loaded for the spring season, what are your personal goals?

January: My personal goal is to get better every single day and see where that takes me. As a junior I have a leadership role and our thoughts are that we will win a 4th straight New England championship.

PBR: Who has played the biggest role in your baseball life so far?

January: My father Derek, when I'm slumping, I call him up and have a conversation about what he knows about my habits and fixes them instantly. Also Joel Karakadis (NE scout for Yankees) has given me opportunities and stuck with me since eighth grade.

PBR: How do you feel you benefited from playing in the East Cobb program?

January: I played for the best against the best being coached by the best, it doesn't get better than that. I met some unbelievable people down south that I am so blessed to have met. I won four national championships with East Cobb.

PBR: Where do you see yourself in 5 or 6 years?

January: Hopefully, if I progress the way I want to, in the big leagues.

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