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July 28: 2015 Blue Hen Baseball Classic

By Dave Gordon
Area Scout

+ 2017- INF/OF Carter Chasanov (Polytech HS, DE)- Athletic positional player with above average speed. Showed gap-to-gap approach. Good baseball instincts for young player.

+ 2017- C Colin Adams (Caravel Academy, DE)- 2.03 in game POP time, receives well with a solid setup for pitchers. Can be more aggressive at the plate offensively. Nice young catching prospect to keep eye on.

+ 2017 UT Avery Tunnell (Dover HS, DE)- Versatile athlete that played infield and outfield during the classic. Barrelled a couple balls to the gaps and runs the bases well. Growing body which should add more strength down the road.

+ 2017 C Dmitri Floyd (Dover HS, DE)- Gap to gap power, average runner. Needs to be more aggressive at plate. As he gains more experience this prospect should be on many radars.

+ 2018 3B/1B Brandon Bradford (St. Georges HS, DE)- Big corner guy with exceptional raw power. Swing was long sometimes but for his age the power is very impressive. Keep eye on this player.

+ 2018 SS/RHP Nicholas Zegna (Newark HS, DE)- Tall athletic prospect. Made some plays from SS postion, might project as corner guy. Moves well for size and was able to drive some balls backside. Keep watching.

June 19

By PBR Maryland Staff

Carter Sears C 2016 Archbishop Spalding
Has soft hands while receiving.  Quick exchange with a short arm action that gets rid of the baseball. Throws have carry on them and pop time got as low as 1.95. A line drive type hitter that uses all fields well.  Shows power potential to the middle of the field.

LaVale Hodges 2016 Archbishop Spalding
Athletic and physical build. Runs well for size with 6.85 60 yard dash.  Quick first step and takes accurate routes in outfield.  Reacts well and throws from outfield have some carry on them.  Strong, compact swing gap-to-gap hitter with power potential.  4.24 home-to-first.

David Harding  2016 Archbishop Spalding
Athletic middle infielder.  6.8 60 yard dash.  Quick first step and quick reactions.  Athletic enough could play multiple positions.  Throws have some carry on them.  Line drive type hitter with quick hands.  

June 12

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

+ 2017 Eric Lansinger hits from an athletic setup with high hands and a smooth load. Shows barrel control in his swing with quick bat speed. Gets extension on his finish. Gap-to-gap type hitter with power potential. 6-foot-1 170-pound frame is lean and should continue to fill out as he increases his strength. Quick first step and is a nice prospect to follow.   

+ 2017 Zane Richard has a solid frame at 5-foot-11 185-pounds. Hits from a balanced setup with some bat speed and a short path to the ball.  Show potential pop from the right side of the plate. Stays inside the baseball well. Mad accurate throws with average carry from the outfield. Like overall athleticism and presence at the plate, a solid outfield prospect that should get better and stronger.  

+ 2017 Connor Shockley showed soft hands and quick exchange from the shortstop position. Throws were accurate with some carry.  Hits from an open stance with leg kick involved in his load. Short swing to the ball with a barrel that stays in the zone. Athletic frame at 5-foot-11 170-pounds with room to build upon. Versatility to play other infield positions. As he fills out frame should be an interesting prospect to follow.

+ 2017 John Andreoli shows a quick exchange with good hands defensively. Has sound footwork and should get better. Has an athletic frame at 5-foot-10 165-pounds that should continue to fill out. Shows a quick bat in the zone that sometimes gets outside the baseball.  Overall a very interesting middle infield prospect.

June 4

Mid-Atlantic Red Sox 17u

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

+ 2016 Spencer Horwitz hits from an athletic set up and quick hands and a level barrel through the zone. Can get around ball at times but showed ability to get his barrel on the baseball. Creates fast bat speed. Has slight lift in swing with pull side power. Athletic behind the plate.  Moves well and gets out behind the box. Pop times ranged from 1.98 – 2.08. Times and accuracy will increase as gets over front leg on throws.

+ 2016 Penn State commit Dalton Stewart has a strong and athletic build at 6-foot-1 175-pounds.  Hits from a slightly open stance with strong and quick hands. Balanced swing and line drive type hitter.  Stayed inside ball in game at bats. Clean exchange and throws from a low three-quarter arm slot across the diamond with some carry on his throws. 

+ 2016 Ryan Brown showed quick hands at the plate.  Has a short path to the ball and gets lower half involved in swing. Covered ground in the outfield and made accurate throws from center field with carry.

+ 2016 Bryce Rogers-Black has a solid build at 6-foot-1 225-pounds.  Some carry on throw from outfield.  Had fluid footwork at first with a clean exchange and accurate throws to second on double play turns. Strong at plate. Longer path to the ball with extension through contact and pull side pop.  Gap-to-gap type hitter.

June 3

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director


+ 2015 Maryland commit Truman Thomas was 84-87 mph with a free arm action and quick arm speed.  The long armed right handed is very athletic off the mound and displays body control.  Throws slightly across his body but his flexibility helps his hips work through and he is still able to create some torque with lower half though still has more there. Breaking ball is 71-73 mph with 11-to-5 movement with potential as a power pitch down the road. An interesting prospect down the road as he fills out his frame.

+ 2016 Dillon Waters has a strong and solid frame at 5-foot-11.  The outfielder has a short path to the ball with extension through contact. Can get a little stiff on finish.  Gap-to-gap type hitter with a quick and consistent first step.  Throws from the outfield were accurate and had some carry on them.

+ 2018 Brady Waters is an interesting young prospect to keep an eye on.  Lanky and needs to fill out at 5-foot-10.  Quick actions and makes proper reads off the bat from the shortstop position.  Has a quick and clean exchange. Throws from short are accurate and have average carry that should continue to get better as he gets stronger.  Has quick hands but needs to continue to get stronger for better barrell control.

JUne 1


+ Ljay Newsome was 90-92 in his first inning and sat 90-91 through four.  Compact delivery with tempo and rhythm.  Regular effort throughout and began to throw with some effort in the later innings.  Was 87-89 in fifth and sixth and was 85-88 in his final inning. His fastball had late arm-side run with occasional cut on a few.  Only threw a handful of breaking balls at 69-72.  Slows up delivery on the pitch. Has 11/5 movement. 

Mt. Hebron

+2015 Towson commit Mark Smith throws from a three-quarters arm slot with regular effort.  Had rhythm in his delivery and pitched at 83-86 mph.   Loose arm action and the ball comes out well.  Showed very good command of breaking ball that ranged from 72-77 mph with 10-to-4 action. Threw a lot of breaking balls. Change up was 76 mph. Finishes a bit to the first base side.

+The Vikings have a nice young prospect in 2017 outfielder Jack Schroeder.  The outfielder has a projectable frame that should fill out at 6-foot-1. Has a short swing that is quick through the zone.  Hits from a balanced set up.  Throws from the outfield had some carry on them.  Interesting 2017 to follow.   

May 29


+2016 Andrew Wanger throws from a high ¾ arm slot with steady pace in delivery.  Pitched at 83-84 mph with late arms side run and command of his fastball. Has good feel for a gradual breaking ball at 70-73 mph and a few thrown had late and sharp break. Attacked the strike zone and elevated late in the count.  Athletic frame at 6-foot that pitches with regular effort. 

+ 2015 Taylor Itnyre has quick feet and hands with fluid actions from the shortstop position.  Throws had average carry across the diamond.  Hits from the left side with a short swing with wrist action to put ball in play and get down the line.  Slap style hitter that gets barrel on the ball consistently.

+2015 Limestone commit Darren Prebble hits from a slightly open stance. Has a level swing with a barrel that stays in the zone. Ran a 4.53 home-to-first out of the box.  Covers plenty of ground in the outfield with a confident first step and correct angles. Throws from the outfield have carry on them.

+2016 David Larson has a long and athletic 6-foot-2 frame. Quick hands to the ball.  Shows potential pull side pop from the right side. Topped out at 84 mph on the mound.  Long and loose arm action with slight pause at separation.  11-to-5 breaking ball at 72 mph.  Finishes toward first.  Great body to fill out and should continue to grow. 

+2017 Kendric Musser is an athletic 5-foot-10 corner infielder.  Quick reactions, clean exchange, and throws across diamond have average carry.  Hits from an athletic set up with a short swing and bat path. Needs to get stronger but an interesting athletic infield prospect.  4.51 home-to-first.  

May 28

Severna Park

+2016 Andrew Anawalt hits from a balanced set up with rhythm in his stance. Has an aggressive approach with a short swing to the ball with some potential pull side pop.  Line-drive type hitter that uses all field. 4.45 home-to-first.  Has average carry on throws from the outfield with quick exchange and release.

+2018 Kody Milton hits from a slightly open stance with a short and direct path to the baseball.  A quick barrel extends through the zone with pop to the middle of the field. Power potential as he continues to mature. Long and athletic frame (6-foot-2 190 pounds) should continue to fill out. Footwork has improved and shows soft hands at first. 

+2016 Spencer Dietrich was 77-80 with gradual arm side run on his fastball.  Pitches with great tempo and aggressive approach on the mound.  Breaking ball had 11-to-5 movement at 67 mph with command.  Looks to have more in tank and should continue to improve.

Colonel Richardson

+2016 Dylan Nepert hits from a slightly open stance with balance and a short path to the baseball. Shows potential pull side pop.  Consistently got barrel on baseball.  Blue-collar guy behind the plate. Works hard with hip control.  Slight movements while receiving and soft hands. Has quick exchange and throws from over the top arm slot.  In between inning pop time of 2.15. 

+2016 Jaret Bennett hits from an open stance and level swing through the zone.  Hits ball to all fields and fights for contact. Has been getting most interest as a left-handed pitcher, but shows potential as a two-way player in the right program.

+2015 Caleb Johnson pitched 83-85 mph and had big breaking ball with tight rotation and 11-to-5 shape.  Late movement on fastball and showed command of the breaking ball.

May 27

Patterson Mill

+ 2015 York college commit Jeff Noss pitched 79-82 mph and topped out at 83 from a high ¾ arm angle.  His arm was quick and worked downhill with deception in his delivery.  An athletic frame that should fill out more. Breaking ball had 1/7 movement at 63-65 mph. Athletic off the mound and plays position well. Good tempo and rhythm in his delivery.

Eastern Tech

+ 2015 Jack Young was 75-78 from a ¾ arm angle with late arm-side run. The 5-foot-8 left-handed pitcher still has growing to do with young features. Has a loose arm action and a breaking ball at 67-69 mph with 1/7 shape with tight rotation and gradual break although there were a few that he threw that showed late and sharp action.   


+ 2015 Towson commit senior Trey Martinez hits from a balanced set up with smooth rhythm in load.  Quiet lower half and creates torque in swing with quick bat speed and a barrel that stays in the zone with extension. Gap-to-gap hitting style with power potential.  Has strong presence from behind the plate.  Could work on quieting down movements when receiving, but has soft hands and a quick exchange and release with good carry on throws and arm strength.  In-between inning pop times ranged from 2.02 – 2.07. As he continues to get stronger and increase athleticism could be a name to keep an eye on through college.

+ 2016 Grant Mixell hits from an open stance from the left side.  Stays slightly open after stride with a quick swing and inside-out/slap style of hitting.  Barrel stayed in zone.  Lanky frame that should fill out.

May 19

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

Archbishop Spalding

+ 2015 LHP Jordan Carr, a UNC-Asheville commit, throws from a ¾ arm angle with late run on fastball at 83-84 topping out at 85 mph.  Big 1-to-7 breaking ball that he commands on both sides of the plate.  Throws a cutter at 78-81 that gets late down-and-in action to a right handed hitter. Shows fade on 70-71 mph change up that could get better with more consistent hand positioning on release. Young physically and should fill out his athletic 6-foot-1 175-pound frame.

+ 2017 Nick Vermillion is a third baseman with a strong and solid build. Hits from a balanced stance with simple approach.  Creates quick bat speed and shows strength with gap pop. Also plays football. Strength and agility makes for an interesting prospect. Makes accurate reads and take proper angle defensively.  Also is a catcher.  Accurate throws. A sophomore prospect to keep an eye on.

Calvert Hall

+ 2017 Matt Hentschel pitched 79-80 with late cut on his fastball.  Pitches with regular effort and rhythm in his delivery.  71-73 mph 11-to-5 breaking ball with gradual movement.  Displayed arm speed from his 6-foot-2 170-pound frame.

+ 2017 Brandon Dorsey, a UNC commit, shows fast bat speed with potential gap-to-gap power.  Swing is slightly uphill, but stays in zone.  Hits from athletic set up.  Accurate throws with carry across the diamond from third base.

Georgetown Prep

+ 2016 Matt Mervis pitched for Georgetown Prep and sat 86-91 in five innings of work.  Physically mature with strong frame at 6-foot-3 225-pounds.  Attacked hitters with his fastball and elevated as well.  Showed changeup at 80 mph.  Arm strength is present and looks to have some more in there.

+ 2018 John Dempsey hits from a slightly open stance from the left side.  Good balance, short load and good bat speed.  Good approach at the plate for young player.  Balanced footwork defensively and interesting prospect to keep track of.


+ 2017 Randy Bednar, a Maryland commit is a legitimate two-way prospect for Landon.  Hits from an athletic base with an even set up.  Was 0-for-1 with two walks and a hit-by-pitch.  Had a short and quick swing.  Uses a quick first step to cover ground in the outfield. Made accurate throw from left-of-center field to the plate on a line to get runner attempting to score from second. On the mound pitches in a fluid delivery with quick rhythm. Throws from a high three-quarter arm angle. Pitched 84-87 with arm-side run. Throws 11/5 big breaking ball at 72 mph. 

+ 2015 Garret Zoukis, a Cincinnatti commit, is a 6-foot-1 175-pound athletic middle infielder.  Has a quick first step and covered a lot of area. Plays with a high motor.  Hits from an athletic set up and even feet.  Short swing, quick to ball, and consistently gets barrel on ball.

May 18

By PBR Staff

+ Severna Park 2015 Griffin Wild hits from an open stance with an athletic set up.  Shows a mature understanding of the strike zone and discipline at the plate.  Shows consistent rhythm in his swing.  Has gap-to-gap hitting style with potential power.  Has active feet and solid actions at third base.  A Lynchburg college commit, great pick-up for the program.

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

+ St. Mary’s 2016 Brady O’Neil showed soft hands behind the plate with body and hip control. Quiet receiver with minimal extra movements and ability to dig the low ball. Strong arm, in-between-inning throws ranged between 2.09 and 2.17. Has a short swing, bat speed, and potential gap-to-gap pop.  Would like to see more consistent rhythm in load.

+ Archbishop Spalding 2016 middle infield prospect David Harding shows soft and quick hands with a quick exchange turning double plays and getting rid of the baseball. Active feet with quick first step and reactions. Was a 4.2 down the line on home-to-first.  Aggressive swing, gets on front foot at times, but shows quick hands that get in the zone with a line-drive hitting ability.

+ Archbishop Spalding 2016 University of Maryland commit Tyler Blohm has a projectable frame with a quick arm action.  He topped out at 85 mph with a big 1-to-7 breaking ball with tight spin.  Showed a strong change up with late fade and sink to the pitch.

+ Calvert Hall 2016 Tristan Sprinkle is an interesting right-handed prospect for Calvert Hall.  Got as high as 86 mph and pitched in the 83-86 range.  Showed a slider at 73 mph that has two-plane action when he threw consistently.

+ Calvert Hall 2016 Brad Weber pitched 84-86 mph, hitting 87 multiple times during his outing against Spalding in the MIAA A championship.  Has durable frame that should strengthen up in time. Throws from a 3/4 arm angle with sound arm action.  Breaking ball had gradual movement with 11/5 action at 73 mph.

May 14

By PBR Maryland Staff

+ 2017 SS Jeremy Arocho, currently ranked fifth in class of 2017, shows advanced ability and awareness as an infielder.  A quick first step with smooth actions and strong defensive ability. As he gets stronger his arm strength should increase to play the shortstop position.  Could work on taking better angles to the ball.  Quick out of the box with bat speed as a left-handed hitter.

May 11 Playoff Games

By Ryan Hudspeth
Maryland Area Scout

+ Aberdeen 2017 Sam Smith was a smooth left handed hitting middle infielder. Soft hands, made tough plays looks easy. Quick hands in the batter’s box with a great presence. Showed leadership in the dugout as a sophomore. Athletic body that he should fill out.

By PBR Maryland Scout Staff

+River Hill uncommitted 2015 RHP Rohan Tilva sat 81-83 mph and hit 85 mph multiple times during his outing against Wilde Lake.  The righty displayed command pitching from a low ¾ arm slot with consistent run on the fastball.  His slider had 10/4 movement at 69 -72 mph.  He showed a splitter at 67-71 mph with gradual movement.

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

+ 2015 Howard HS SS/RHP and Millersville commit Jimmy Cain pitched from a high ¾ arm angle and showed quick arm speed pitching 85-87 mph with late life.  The righty has a long, lanky frame with potential to hold more mass as he gets stronger.  His breaking ball showed tight rotation and late bite with 11/5 movement at 73 mph.  He also showed late life on a changeup with average command. Athletic on the mound and should continue to develop.

May 8 playoff games

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director


+2017 Eric Lansinger showed good quickness out of the box and a short swing with good bat speed from the left side.  Line drive type hitter with a good body and frame.  Showed good arm speed and arm strength sitting 81-83 on the mound.  Athletic on the mound and would like to see more in the field.


+2017 Kristian Curry Jr. is an interesting middle infield prospect. A bit undersized but had good feet and actions in the middle and played hard.  Made highlight reel catch on foul ball going full speed into a fence. 4.1 home to first speed on drag bunt from the right side.

+2016 Daniel Searles has a good frame behind the plate for Avalon and showed good exchange and footwork.  Interesting prospect to follow.

+2016 Erik Janss pitched at 83mph with a good frame around 6-foot-3 175-pounds.  Arm worked well and looks to have more in the tank.  Showed good feel for breaking ball at 65 mph with good spin and late action. Should be able to throw harder once he gets more of his lower half into delivery.

+2016 Ian Heffley shows a short swing with some bat speed at the plate.  As he gets his footwork better could be a player to watch.


+2016 Charles Tsintolas may be one of the top defensive catchers in the state.  Works hard behind the dish with good feet and a very quick exchange and release.  In between inning pop times ranged from 1.96 – 2.02.  Offensively hits from a balanced set up with short path to the ball.

Archbishop Curley vs. Mount St. Joseph’s 5/6

+AJ Korczynski has a good frame and pitched 79-81 from an over-the-top arm angle.  Works slightly uphill, think there is some more in the tank. Breaking ball had big 12/6 movement at 67 mph. When fluid and out in front creates much more consistency in pitch ability. Like body and frame. Nice pick up for Salisbury.

+Zeke Maldonado is slightly undersized but should be a strong potential candidate as a second baseman/middle infield prospect.  Good hands at the plate and good actions.  Needs to work through balls at him on consistent basis.  Good 2017 to keep an eye on.

+Marty Costes shows a lot of raw ability and quick hand speed at the plate.  Good frame and size looks to be very athletic and as he gets to focus solely on baseball could see ability get even better.

+Trent Gast-Woodard is an interesting catching prospect in 2018 class.  Good frame and shows ability.  Still work in progress. 

Mount. St. Joseph
+Nick Worthington is an interesting RHP in the 2016 class.  Pitched 77-79 with long lanky body (6-foot-3 range) and had some arm speed. Putting 20 pounds of muscle on the body would be a help.

+Majority of Mount St. Joseph starters got a day off to rest for the playoffs.

Paint Branch 5/4

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting

+2015 Steven Vanderzwet pitched 83-85 consistently and touched 86 and seven on several occasions in his outing against Churchill.  His fastball showed good late run and sink when working downhill and consistently had run on the pitch. Breaking ball showed 11/5 action and had good command of the pitch. As he tired had a tendency to get around the pitch causing more 10/4 action and earlier break. Recently committed to Salisbury, should be a good contributor to the program.

+2015 Sam Stewart shows good feet and a quick exchange from behind the plate.  Warm up throws down to second consistently in the 2.1 ranger with best being 2.06.  Short swing at the plate with slight uphill path. 

+Uncommitted 2016 Bruce Pattishall Jr. showed good actions from the shortstop position with a nice fluid exchange. Hits from a slightly open stance and showed some bat speed.

+2016 Dwayne Thomas has a big frame (6-foot-2, 220-pounds) and shows power potential from the right side.  Stays inside baseball and showed ability to hit ball the other way with some pop.

Calvert Hall vs McDonogh 4/22/15

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting

Calvert Hall

+Alex Kriss, a Mount St. Mary’s commit, was solid defensively with good feet and hands in the field.  Good base hitting from a balanced stance and good feel for the strike zone. Short swing.

+Team has a nice group of young talent in 2016’s Ian Elliott, Dariel Torres, Jeff Jones, and Nate Bosse. Jones and Bosse are both athletic players for their size at 6-foot-6 (Jones) and 6-foot-7 (Bosse). 2017 Gabriel Nieto looks to be a solid middle infield prospect.   

 +2017 Ben Stewart sat 76-78 with good arm side run and some sink on his baseball. Good frame (6-foot-1 195-pounds) to build upon and should increase velocity as get stronger. Breaking ball showed potential at 69 mph and 10/4 action.


+2016 Alex Parker sat 83-85 on the mound for McDonogh in a relief appearance coming in after catching the first half of the game.  Breaking ball had late action on it at 70-74 mph. Needs to continue to work on repeating a delivery and work towards the plate more.

+Paul DiPino is a 2017 middle infielder showing nice actions and some lateral quickness. Hits from a balanced set up with a short path and quick bat with gap-to-gap ability.

Middletown - 4/21/15

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting

+Colson Kirchner pitched well in a Middletown victory on Tuesday afternoon.  The uncommitted 2015 RHP sat 83-85 mph in his start pitching with little effort from a high ¾ arm angle. He continued to get stronger as the game progressed and sat 85-86 in the fifth inning and looks to have more in there.  He had good command of a fastball that showed late life when working downhill.  His breaking ball had gradual movement and 11/5 action with average command.  A few late breaking balls showed tight rotation and late action on the pitch.  A good frame (6-foot-4) to build upon, Kirchner is currently looking at a few local junior colleges in Maryland.

DeMatha vs. Riverdale Baptist 4/14/15

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting


+Jack Alkire had a strong outing throwing six innings of three hit ball with nine strikeouts vs. Riverdale Baptist.  The VCU commit sat 88-91 in the first inning and was 86-90 throughout the game.   He had good command of his breaking ball with sharp late action.  Showed feel for the change up with good fade and sink at 76 mph but did not throw the pitch much.  Had a compact delivery with quick arm speed throwing with easy effort at a high ¾ arm angle. A few fastballs had hard cut at 88-89 mph. Competed on the mound vs a tough Riverdale lineup.

Riverdale Baptist
+2017 LHP Luis Rodriguez threw from an over-the-top arm slot pitching in the 79-82 mph range hitting 83 multiple times.  When working down in the zone showed good run and sink of fastball.  Threw a breaking ball at 67 mph with gradual break and 1/7 action.

+2016 Zechariah McPhearson reached base in three of his four plate appearances, hitting a line drive in his first at bat up the middle, walked, and then reached on a bobbled ball off a slow roller. Stole two bases and had 4.01 home-to-first time while covering plenty of ground in center.

Parkside vs. Bennett 4/11/2015

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

+RHP Hunter Parsons (Parkside HS, MD) threw a five-inning no-hitter on Saturday against rival Bennett HS, MD, with eight strikeouts. Parsons pitched at 90-91 mph in the first inning then sat 87-90 mph in his final four innings of work in front of the pro scouts in attendance. Parsons makes good use of his lower half, repeats and has regular effort in his delivery. He has a good frame at 6-foot-2, 190 pounds and pitches from a high-3/4 slot. His breaking ball showed 12/6 action with sharp break at 74-77 mph. He also flashed a changeup at 75-78.

+Matt Smith belted two homeruns for Parkside showing good pop in the bat and good bat speed.  Looks to be a nice prospect in the 2016 class.

arundel tournament 4/4/2015

By PBR Maryland Staff

La Plata

+Tyler Stockwell showed quick bat speed with gap to gap ability hitting for La Plata. Compact swing and interest 2016 to follow. Is a catcher currently but looks like could also be a corner infielder as well.

+Jimmy Monaghan looks to be a good fit with Campbell. The talented left handed hitter did not get to swing the bat much in the game we got to see him play, but he showed very good strike zone awareness and discipline at the plate. Monaghan also took a hit-by-pitch which is one statistical category that Campbell has excelled at in the past five years. Monaghan showed a short and quick swing with bat speed with good actions defensively. Good frame looks to get bigger and fill out.

+Justin Snell showed good ability at the plate and was quick out of the box with home-to-first times consistently in the 4.2 and under range. 


+Chris Blair had a short outing in relief for Southern, but showed a smooth delivery and loose easy arm action. He pitched at 81 mph and showed good arm speed and looks to have more in the tank throwing in not the best of weather conditions. He showed good feel for a changeup which was his second pitch that day because of inconsistent command of a breaking ball that had good spin and bite.  

+Dillon Waters is another 2016 arm for Southern. He pitched at 82 mph but showed good arm speed and looks to have more in there with some potential. Showed good feel for his breaking ball.

Huntingtown vs. Chopticon - 4/6/2015

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting


+Uncommitted 2015 RHP Ljay Newsome sat 90-92 in the first inning, 89-91 in the second and sat 87-90 in his final four innings of work in his start. The 6-foot and solid built Newsome pitched from a high ¾ angle with sound arm action and quick arm speed. He threw with regular effort in a controlled delivery with rhythm. He was able to cut the fastball as well as get some run and sink on the pitch. His breaking ball had a 10/4 action with gradual movement and potential to be better. Did not show a changeup. Needs to continue to develop his off speed.

+Robbie Kidwell (Brunswick CC) showed some pop in his bat smacking a home run in his first at bat. Behind the plate he had a quick exchange and some carry on his throws


+2016 RHP Brandyn Vogtsberger was 83-85, topping out at 86 multiple times with good arm side run and occasional sink on his fastball.  He has a long and lanky frame throwing from a high ¾ arm slot.  He has a slight pause when breaking his hands, then shows quick arm speed.   His breaking ball had early break and showed potential.  Showed feel for a change as well at 77 mph.  Should continue to get stronger as he fills out his frame which should hold increased size.

+Brian McCourt was a nice pickup for Shepherd University. Played hard and showed good set up at the plate. Made some solid plays in the field at the hot corner.

April 4: AACS, Chesapeake, JM Bennett, Patuxent

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting


+LHP Kasey Gast, an Iona commit, pitched six innings and sat 76-78 mph.  Had good feel for breaking ball at 65-66 mph with 2/8 movement.

+RHP Logan Ridgeway had a nice outing vs. JM Bennett.  The senior 5-foot-10 pitcher sat at 81 mph with good downhill angle and late sink on FB.  Breaking ball was average with gradual break. 

+Senior Kyle Davis showed good athleticism from the shortstop position and made some solid plays throughout the game in the hole and on slow rollers.  Offensively shows promise but could get stronger.

JM Bennett
+Senior LHP/OF Caleb Taylor sat at 78 mph from the mound in his outing vs. Chesapeake.  He had good late run on his fastball and showed a nice late action breaking ball that ranged from 69-73 mph. Had quick hands and some pull side pop especially after hitting a homerun to right field into the wind.

+RHP Ryan Holtzman is a senior that sat at 78 mph with nice late run and sink on his fastball. Interesting arm action with deception. Could work on off speed more.
+Ty Crounse (Shepherd Univ.) had a good day at the plate with two hits.  Nice short swing and good powerful frame.  More than likely will be a corner outfielder in college with chance to show some power potential.

+His younger brother Reese Crounse is a 2018 shortstop that projects to be more of a third baseman right now but showed good instincts in the field making a great sliding play and finished the throw on a ground ball hit up the middle.   Has good actions and shows promise at the plate.

St. Mary's - 4/2/15

By PBR Maryland Staff

+2015 LHP Ryan Davis threw a no-hitter with 16 strikeouts in a 7-0 win over Pallotti on 3/31. The Fordham commit showed command of three pitches with only one walk. His fastball had good downhill plane. The wiry pitcher showed a good change with a repeatable and deceptive delivery. Throughout the game he showed good feel for his breaking ball both with his command and the swing and miss potential of the pitch.

Georgetown Prep - 3/31/15

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting

+LHP Andrew Ashur was in midseason form yesterday throwing a complete game shutout in the Hoyas 7-0 victory over Paul VI (VA).  The Davidson commit threw from an over-the-top arm slot and got up to 84 in the first and pitched in the 79-83 range throughout the game.  He used a steady mix of his fastball along with the ability to change the speeds of his breaking ball which ranged from 70-77 mph.  His breaking ball had gradual break with tight rotation and Ashur showed good command of the pitch. Had tendency to miss to the arm side.  

+Chandler Redmond had a nice day at the plate with two hits.  The left-handed hitter and Gardner-Webb commit showed good hands and some extension on the baseball.  He shows pull side pop early and looks to be able to be a steady gap-to-gap hitter with some power to both sides.  Showed a tendency to spin off the ball when going the opposite way.  Still showed strength when he hit a deep fly ball to left-center and the center fielder had to make an acrobatic catch to deny a hit in the first inning

+Although Matt Mervis did not get a hit on the day, the 2016 Duke commit had nice at bats and showed off plenty of his talent. Mervis had good balance in his stance with quick hands and some pop in his bat. Was a bit pull happy at the plate but still had some juice on a few of the balls he hit. Had nice footwork around the bag at first base and displayed lateral quickness and quick twitch on balls hit to his side. Showed a good exchange and quick feet when runner broke to second on a pick-off attempt.  Made accurate throws from position with good arm strength.

+Brian Dempsey was very solid defensively at shortstop for Georgetown Prep.  He showed good athleticism, was quick to the baseball, had soft hands and a quick transfer to throw.  Offensively showed average bat speed with a short path but that should get better as he gets stronger. His strength now is the opposite way and he was robbed of a hit in the first by a great defensive play by second basemen.

Gaithersburg star 2016’s shine in Trojan victory - 3/30/15

By Jerry Shank
Maryland Director of Scouting

+LHP Anthony Felitti made an early appearance in the 2015 season and sat 86-88 in his first inning and mainly 85-87 in his 3.2 innings of work in the Gaithersburg 5-1 victory over Clarksburg. Still getting into game shape, the young lefty showed good command on his fastball and ever improving command of his late action 2/8 breaking ball at 75-78 mph.  He did not use his changeup much but it did show good late life and swing and miss capability at 77 mph.  He had five strikeouts.

+RHP/INF Nick Pantos had two hits on the day for the Trojans. Was uphill in most of his swings but did belt a ball up the middle that the pitcher knocked down with his glove in self-defense. Pantos came in and pitched the seventh inning to close out the victory.  He sat 88 mph with a short and quick arm action from a high ¾ arm slot.  He showed a power breaking ball at 75 mph.  Pantos struck out the three batters he faced.

+Brad Sawyer had a good day at the plate showing a short swing and getting barrel on the ball. He had two hits from the leadoff spot.

+Brandon Deyo a 2015 uncommitted RHP, sat 80-83 in his two innings of work for Gaithersburg.  The 6-foot-4 righty has a good frame to build upon with a long and loose arm action with easy effort.  As he repeats his delivery, he could be an interested late senior pickup for a team.

Morris makes spring debut – 3/25/15

By PBR Maryland Staff

Mother Nature has not been kind to Maryland so far but spring is right around the corner and Reservoir HS RHP Cody Morris made his debut in front of over a dozen scouts. As can be expected there was some rust, but the 6-foot-5 205-pound South Carolina commit sat 89-92 with late run mainly utilizing his fastball and overpowering the Hammond HS lineup in his three innings of work.