2016 Top Performers: Catchers


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By Jerry Shank
Maryland / Virginia Scouting Director

With 2016 coming to a close we will spend the final week of the year highlighting top performances from events over the course of our second year in the Old Line State. We will have positional breakdowns throughout the week, recapping the year for PBR Maryland. We will finish our best performances of 2016 next week.

Top Catcher Performers 2016

Johnny Kampes C Rising Sun 2018
Event: Fall Underclass Invitational
11.5.16 - No questioning that Kampes is one of the quickest catch and released backstops in the state and could possibly compete for that distinction around the region. Lighting fast hands receiving the baseball with carry on throws and a pop time that averaged 1.85. As he continues to develop on the offensive end will add value to the young prospect (Full event eval will come in near future). 

Cameron Blankenship C North East 2018
Event: Top Prospect Games
6.21.16 - Lanky athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds. Very projectable catch and throw prospect that could rise up the rankings as he continues to develop offensively. Hits from a square athletic setup. bigger leg kick that pushes back a bit to hitting position. Has a level swing path that is quick to the ball. Does get some extension. Shows some balance in swing and could get more lower half involvement. Quiet receiver, soft hands. Higher set up throwing. Extremely fast exchange and release on throws. Ball has carry on his tosses and life up to 79 mph. Pop time has been as low as under 1.9.

Parker Landwehr C Calvert Hall 2019
Event: Top Prospect Games
6.21.16 - Athletic frame at 6-foot, 170-pounds. A strong rising prospect in the 2019 class currently ranked No. 2 in the class. Shows present strength already at a young age. At the plate he showed a middle of the field approach with bat speed, driving the ball gap-to-gap in batting practice. Strong hands at the plate and should only continue to get better. The right-hand hitter also recorded an 87 mph exit velocity of the tee and pop times in the 1.98-2.10 range. Athletic stance from the crouch with soft hands. Quick, direct exchange from behind the plate. With short arm action and quick release. Catcher velocity of 74 mph.

Trent Gast-Woodard C Archbishop Curley 2018
Event: PBR Future Games
8.4.16 - Had a very solid workout for team Mid-Atlantic. Solid frame and shows some power potential at the plate. Hits from a slightly open set up. level swing path, gets slightly uphill, gap-to-gap ability. Quick exchange behind plate with one of the best pop times during event as low as 1.97. In game pop of 2.03.

Dmitri Floyd C Dover 2017
Event: Top Prospect Games
6.21.16 - Strong body at 5-foot-10, 200-pounds. Hits from a taller, balance and slightly open set up. Smooth load with leg kick to hitting position. Short bat path to the ball with extension and gets some elevation on the ball. Finishes on backfoot Fast bat speed and gap-to-gap hitter. Soft hands behind the plate, moves pretty well and shows nice body control. Athletic stance and good ability to sway back and forth. Quick, smooth exchange with sound footwork throwing to second. Short arm action with carry on throws and accurate. Pop time as low as 1.97 and had an in game pop of 2.05. Exit velocity of 91 mph.

Hunter Spalt C Loyola Blakefield 2017
Event: Top Prospect Games
6.21.16 - Athletic frame at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. Projectable catching prosepct with some pop and untapped potential. Hits from an athletic, slightly open set up. Quick knee turns with short lift to hitting position. Slightly opens up at footstrike. Level swing path with a barrel that stays in zone. Shows pull side pop and exit velo of 87 mph. Quiet receiver, sticks ball well and quiet movement. Quick exchange throwing from behind with good footwork and short arm action. Throws were accurate and had had some carry with throws in the 1.97-2.01 range.

Connor Stevens C Middletown 2017
Event: Unsigned Senior Games
10.23.16 - Athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. Ran a 4.12 home-to-1st. Hits from a athletic, square set up. Short load to hitting position. High front knee lift into stride. Short, level bat path to contact. Cuts off top hand some limiting extension at times. Above average bat speed. Exit velocity of 89mph. Receives from a low, athletic set up. Showed soft hands and sticks the ball well. Good hip sway and body control overall. Compact, quick arm action from a high ¾ arm slot. Showed arm strength with throws to second base at 80mph. Pop-time ranged from 1.94 – 2.10. Showed active feet in the outfield. Throws from a high ¾ arm slot with a quick arm action. Throws from the outfield had good carry on them at 85mph.

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