MD Summer Classic Scout Blog: 17u Pt. 2


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By Jerry Shank
MD/VA Scouting Director

MD Bombers

Cole Rinehart OF Boonsboro 2018 – Hits from a slightly open set up with high hands. Shorter load to hitting position. Hands lower down. Shows some bat speed from the left side. Strength is present as well to pull side hitting a home run to right field in their first game on Friday.

Alex Kehr OF Broadfording Christian 2020 – Hits from an athletic square set up. Quick weight shift back with forward stride to hitting position. Shorter swing path with quick hands and average bat speed.  On the mound, shows a shorter arm action throwing from an almost over the top slot. Gets slight run action on his fastball up to 76 mph. Projectable frame with room for more. Shorter swing path with quick hands. Projectable and will be one to keep an eye on as he adds strength.

Spencer McNamee OF/RHP 2019 -  compact frame. Build up delivery with a few pauses throughout. Clean arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. 78-82 in first, 76-80 in second with a fastball that is straight. Breaking ball has 11/5 shape with bigger action on the pitch.

Lane Gay C Saint James 2019  Hits from a tale square set up. Closes off in early load to hitting position. Shorter swing path with quick hands and shows some bat speed.  Crosses self up at times with load. Lower half gets him in trouble at times, causing to dive into plate. Like to see quiet it down, as he does show some bat speed.

Bryant Shives SS Saint Maria Goretti 2018 - Long lanky frame. Hits from an athletic set up with high hands. Shows bat speed at the plate with a level path. Sound actions in the field; made nice backhand play deep in hole at short and showed arm strength across the diamond, getting runner out. On the mound. Has simple sidestep delivery with pace. Gets hip load into lift loose arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Could get more backside drive. Fastball has slight run to the pitch up to 82 mph. Breaking ball has short break with 11/5 shape. Later action with put away potential.

Zach Crampton IF Saint James 2019 – Compact delivery with nice tempo. Balanced back through leg kick as leg goes down, then begins backside involvement. Lands slightly closed to the plate. With some lower half involvement. Slight sink on the pitch up to 79mph. Longer arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Ore in the tank as he gets more intent working toward the plate.

Aaron Myers RHP Boonsboro 2018 - Controlled, compact delivery. Sound arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Gets slight sink on the fastball up to 78 mph. Has more in the tank. Gets plenty of ground balls working downhill. Breaking ball has 12/6 shape with gradual break on the pitch and some depth on the pitch. Has room for more.

Toddie Stocks 2B/RHP Grace Academy 2019 – Throws from a high three-quarter slot with a short arm action. Fastball has slight run on the pitch up to 74 mph.

Brock Smith LHP St. Maria Goretti 2018 - Lanky, projectable frame with room to add strength. Shorter athletic arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Fastball has slight run and sink to the pitch at 80 mph. Has room to add to frame and throw harder.


Daniel Wlodychak RHP James Madison VA 2019 - Loose athletic arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Compact delivery working down hill. Slowed down tempo when around the zone. 75-77 topped at 78. 66 mph breaking ball with 11/5 shape and later action on the pitch. Shows projection on the mound and has some more in the tank.

Larry Rice UT/RHP Flint Hill VA 2019  – shorter arm action throwing from an almost over the top slot. Sat 75-79 with slight cut at times on the fastball. Breaking ball has short 10/4 action on the pitch up to 67 mph. Inconsistent command of the pitch. Gets some lower half involvement, but could get more backside intent.

Nick Muniz IF/RHP Bishop O'Connell VA 2019 – Hits from a balanced set up. Short step into load, more of a double tap. Level swing path at the plate with average bat speed.

Camden Sklar C/UT Eastern Tech 2020  – Solid frame. Hits from a taller slightly open set up.  Short swing direct to the ball hands are free. Average runner. Nice foundation at the plate potential there. Sound actions in the infield. Clean exchange with average carry across diamond.

Shane Stossel 1B/RHP 2020 – Build up delivery with a solid frame. Big leg kick into hip load. Gets some lower half, could get more backside intent. Short arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Breaking ball has 12/6  shape with gradual break. Fastball up to 77 mph. Shows some strength at the plate with a longer path. Barrelled the ball well in games, making louder contact driving the ball to all fields.

John McKay MIF Calvert Hall 2020 – Hits from a taller square set up. Average bat speed at the plate. Sound actions in the field, quick and clean release. Interesting young player to monitor as he adds to frame.

MD Legends

Johnny Kampes C Rising Sun 2018 (Wagner) – Hits from a slightly open set up. Has made nice adjustment staying strong on his backside. Much more relaxed and smooth throughout swing. Hands work well at the plate, and showing strength as well. Quick exchange and release with life on throws down to second. Runs well for a catcher

Josh Heath SS Bohemia Manor 2018 – Hands worked well at the plate. Barrelled up ball well and used the field. Starting to fill out his frame and get stronger. Athletic actions in the field, excellent feet on feed to second from short with quick release. Made a lot of plays in their second game on Friday, making a few diving stops to the backhand side. Slight pause in arm action when throwing across diamond, shows arm strength across.

Tim Glavin OF Wilmington Christian 2018 -  Slightly open set up at the plate. Short swing with nice extension through contact. Strong at the plate with gap ability and power potential. Throws have some carry in the outfield.

Cam Blankenship C North East 2018 - Shortened up his swing at the plate. Opens up a bit to hitting position. Direct to the ball. Works well behind the plate. Nice hip control and quiet receiver from low set up.

Hunter Kearns P/1B Hodgson Vo-Tech (DE) 2019 – Shorter, athletic arm action throwing from a low three quarter slot, close to sidearm. . Can fly open at times causing arm to drag and miss to arm side. Projectable frame with room to grow. Nice run and sink on fastball at 74 mph. Breaking ball has tight rotation with short break and 1/7 shape.

Colin Polanski SS/2B Bohemia Manor 2019 - Quick hands at the plate in game, moves well around the field. Sound actions in the field. Hits from a crouched, open set up at the plate. Shows balance throughout swing.

Luke Rettig LHP Oxford (PA) 2018 – Long lanky projectable frame. Long free arm action throwing from a three quarter slot. Pitching with regular effort sat 84-86 with great command of his fastball, that sat 84-86 topping out at 88. Easy effort on the mound. Finishes to the plate, with finish to third base side at times. Breaking ball has late, 1/7 action on the pitch and is a swing and miss pitch. Room to add more to his lanky frame, still has room for strength and should throw harder down the road.