Summer Clash Scout Blog: 16u Pt. 2


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By Jerry Shank
MD/VA Scouting Director

Patriots Baseball

2019 Markus Thompson - On the mound, has a short athletic arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Athletic frame with strong lower half. Fastball is straight with slight sink up to 79 mph. Gets some lower half involvement while pitching with light effort. Breaking ball has short 10/4 action on the pitch. More in tank as he fills out his frame. Interesting pitching prospect down the road. – hits from a slightly open setup. Shorter path to the ball with some bat speed. Barreled the ball well on Sunday.

2020 Champ Wert – Shorter arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Showing growth on the mound with a 76-78 mph fastball that has been up to 80 mph recently. Breaking ball up to 68 mph.

2020 Jaden Gilbert - Hits from a taller open set up at the plate. Short load to hitting position as he squares up. Leaks front hip slightly. Longer swing path with quick hands.

2020 Chris Nalley - Hits from a taller slightly open setup. Nice rhythm in load. Average bat speed at the plate with potential for more as he fills out his frame.

2018 Kameron Warren – Hits from an athletic set up. Short swing path at the plate that gets in and out of the zone. Could get more extension through contact in swing. Projectable frame that could fill out.

Severn Baseball

2019 LHP Shayne Smith – Nice tempo in game, showed command of two pitches with fastball and breaking ball. Gets later life on his fastball that topped out at 72 mph.

2020 3B/RHP Ben Schultz – Strong frame at 5-10, 208-pounds. Shows quick hands at the plate and stays inside ball well on swings. Showed pop offensively and a 2020 to keep an eye on.

2020 OF Alex Williams – Showed first step quickness in outfield, covers ground well. Shows ability to create havoc on the bases. Can add some strength.

Stars 16u Black

Luke Churchill - projectable frame. Compact delivery with short rotation step into leg lift. Shows some hip load while working down hill. Gets some backside usage from lower half. Could get more through finish. Pitches with easy effort. Shorter, sound arm actions throwing from an almost over the top slot.  Fastball showed slight run to the pitch up to 76 mph, had slight cut at times as well. Change up showed fade to the pitch at 69 mph. . More in the tank. – Hits from a slightly open set up. Short leg kick in load. Shorter swing path with slight uphill finish. Average bat speed.  Has frame to add more strength.

Drew Wann - Compact athletic frame.  Hits from a balanced set up. Short leg kick in load. Short path, average bat speed. Spray hitter. Works inside ball well. Nice rhythm at plate one to keep an eye on as he adds strength.   

Dane Camphausen – Big tall projectable frame. Short load at the plate with a level swing path and showed some strength at the plate with average bat speed. Used field well in the game, showing a some bat speed. – On the mound. Creates a physical presence. Compact delivery. Reaches back with a slight pause with a long to short arm action. Throws from a high three quarter slot. Pitches with light effort. Fastball was up to 74 mph.

Todd Davis – Hits from a square set up with high hands. Short load, short path. Works uphill in finish. On the mound has a short arm action with slight cut on fastball up to 74 mph.

Peyton Dean – athletic projectable frame. Hits from a slightly open set up. Works sqaure to hitting position with nice rhythm throughout. Level swing path with some extension showed quick hands and barreled a few balls in game. Sound actions in the field. Clean transfer, short quick arm action with average carry on throws.

Dhruv Sharma - Hits from a crouched slightly open set up. Short swing with average bat speed. Gets around ball at times. Quick first step with good short burst speed.

Win Within

2018 RHP Willem Bouma showed a longer arm action with slight stab at separation, showing arm speed from a high three quarter slot. He pitched with light effort up to 79 on the day. More in the tank as he fills out his 6-foot-4 180-pound frame. Breaking ball showed gradual break that he threw like a curve, but showed more slider action. Does show some potential as a nice secondary pitch.

2020 OF Max DeLorme  – Hits from a slightly open set up. Quick hands with flat barrel that stays through the zone. Spreads ball around diamond. Could get better extension through contact.

2019 3B/RHP Alex Hill - tall, projectable frame at the plate. Slightly open set up. Could add more strength to his frame. Gets some lower half involvement.  Interesting to keep an eye on as he adds strength to his frame.

2019 3B/RHP Cade Bartos – Level swing path at the plate with a gap to gap approach. Quick hands and bat speed should increase as he gets stronger at plate. Solid foundation as a hitter at the plate. More pre pitch load could create better rhythm throughout. --- Nice tempo In delivery with pace. Quick leg kick grabbing downhill with shorter stride, landing closed off. Throws from a three quarter slot with a quick, short arm action. Fastball occasionally gets cutter action on the pitch up to 77 mph. Slows on breaking ball with gradual break and 11/5 shape at 58 mph.

2019 LHP/OF Jake Davidson – Athletic frame, Shorter, sound arm action throwing from a three quarter slot. Glides downhill towards plate. Could get more lower half involvement. Would like to see more back side drive. Lands square to the plate. Fastball has slight run to the pitch at 75 mph. Breaking ball has gradual break up to 62 mph.

2020 SS Chase Verdery  – Solid, compact frame. Sound actions in the field at short. Funnels in with short arm action and average carry across the diamond. Short load at the plate, has a direct swing path. Sprayed ball all over field on the weekend.

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