2013 Prospect Q and A: Zach Olszewski (Bay City John Glenn HS)

Zach Olszewski, RHP/C, Bay City John Glenn HS


PBR: Where are you currently in the recruiting process?

Olszewski: I feel as if I am right in the middle of the recruiting process.  I have been in touch with a lot of colleges at this point, and I feel some are interested in me being a potential player at their university.

PBR: What are your expectations for the recruiting process?
Olszewski: My expectations for the process are pretty high.  I hope to attend a good 4-year university where I can receive an education and play baseball at the same time.  Hopefully I can play down south where it is warm year round.

PBR: What level of baseball do you see yourself playing at the next level?
Olszewski: I hope to play at a high caliber D1 college where they compete for the College World Series Title, or possibly even have the opportunity to get drafted out of high school and maybe make the decision to go right to professional baseball.

PBR: What schools are you most interested in right now, and why?
Olszewski: My top school who I am interested in and who has been in contact with me is Coastal Carolina. Coastal Carolina has my study I would like to major in, also they have a  great baseball program and a great coaching staff to back it up. They are always competing for a bid in the CWS, and are always making national headlines. I am also highly interested in Michigan State. Michigan State won the Big Ten championship last year, and are fighting for the title again. MSU's coaching staff is phenomenal, they know a lot about the game and I would love to play under Coach Boss and his coaching staff.

PBR: What aspect of your game do you believe needs the most improvement?
Olszewski: I feel that my speed needs to improve although I am a catcher and 60 times do not mean as much as other positional players.  Nevertheless, I still feel I should have good speed as a catcher.

PBR: How is your season going up to this point?
Olszewski: My season is going great, we are 20-5 we are ranked 6th in division two. I could not ask for a better group of teammates than I have now! We have a lot of talent. Our team has the potential to do great things as long as we stay together and work hard. 

PBR: What are your high school team goals for the 2012 season?
Olszewski: We want to be the first team in John Glenn school history to win a regional championship and proceed on farther than the regional. We also want to play as a team, win 5 out of the 7 tournaments we have scheduled and there are other statistical goals, too. 

PBR: What team do you play for in the summer?
Olszewski: I will be playing for the Saginaw Means which will be coached by Cleveland Indians Scout Tom Merkle.

PBR: What is your fondest memory or highlight from this season, thus far?
Olszewski: My highlight from this year thus far must be topping out at 91 mph on the mound.  I have always wanted to hit 90 mph pitching and I finally achieved my goal.  I could not have done it without the support of my teammates and coaches.

PBR: What were your stats for your current stats?
Olszewski: I am 5-1 with 44 K's and three earned runs.  I am batting .352 with 20 runs scored, 15 RBIs, and 11 doubles. 

PBR: What is your GPA? 
Olszewski: My cumulative GPA is a 3.46.

PBR: Have you decided on a major or narrowed it down?
Olszewski: I would like to major in exercise sports science.

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