2020 Scout Day Spotlight: Motor City Shamrocks

Bruce Hefflinger
PBR Michigan Senior Writer

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2020 Scout Day Spotlight: Motor City Shamrocks

This is part of a series of stories on summer baseball organizations that "partner" with Prep Baseball Report. The PBR Scout Day is scheduled for Jan. 25.

Organization name: Motor City Shamrocks
Year started: 2016
We currently have 12 teams in the organization ranging from 10u-15u. We have different tiers of teams but have been developing teams into majors teams and will have five major teams this year with the top 15u team being a showcase team. Our top 12,13,14,15 will be playing in events for PBR, Perfect Game, Past Time and the top USSSA events this year.
Influential coaches: From afar, Augie Garrido is the definition of discipline and was fun to watch. Present coach that has influenced the organization the most is Deshorn Lake. He is our pitching instructor and helped our organization a great deal in preparing the players for a weekly plan, the proper way to workout and to take care of your body.

Top Prospects

  • Kellen Roberts - Monroe - 2023
  • Caden Glennie - Lakeland - 2023
  • Gavin Devooght - Walled Lake Central - 2023
  • Matthew Fountain - West Bloomfield -2022
  • Chevy Alvarado - Avondale - 2023
  • Sam Case - Clarkston - 2022

Younger players coming through the system that are worth noting:

  • Lucas Frack - Brandon/Ortonville - 2025
  • Logan Santana - South Lyon - 2024
  • Brody Pikur - St. Marys - 2025
  • Jaiden Allos - St Marys - 2025
  • Braydon Johnson - Clarkston 2026
  • Carson Rekar - Waterford Mott - 2025

Notable Alumni

No alumni yet. Organization hasn't had a cycle of kids go all the way through the program.


The goal of the organization is to get as many players into college as possible. We would love for PBR to enter Michigan for the younger age groups and become an organization that only plays in PBR full time. We have developed players well in the area and our name is starting to speak for itself. Five years ago we were begging players to come play for us. This past tryouts we had upwards of 500 players at tryouts.

How has the program grown?

The organization has really grown over the five years since it was established. We have had teams win youth nationals and we have had the most All-Americans in Michigan for USSSA the past three years. Several of our younger teams have won their league by a landslide. We offer some of the best training in the area with a 70,000 square-foot dome. We utilize simulators on a weekly basis and bring in instructors to take our organization to the next level. Our top teams all have non-parent coaches which has helped develop kids a bit faster.

How has PBR been helpful?

As our organization is going into high school, our organization would like to eventually get all of our teams in PBR events. We sent four players to the Freshman Showcase in Lansing in November. We had some top performers there for the 15u age group with two of the top four pitchers, one of the top exit velocities and one of the top infield velocities.

Plans ahead

The plan this summer is to have the toughest schedule in Michigan for all of our teams. Our 15u will be going to Vanderbilt, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame and four other college showcase tournaments. Our plan is to get our top 6-8 kids who are throwing in the low-80s some exposure to college tournaments. We want to have all 14 players on scholarship when they are 17u. We would like this to be a trickle down effect all the way to the younger teams who have put up some great numbers in the win column.