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Bosch Sees A 'Bigger Opportunity' At Wake Forest

Bruce Hefflinger
PBR Michigan Senior Writer

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Bosch Sees A ‘Bigger Opportunity’ At Wake Forest

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Ryan Bosch LHP / 1B / Fruitport, MI / 2025

MUSKEGON - “I believe there is a bigger opportunity to do something special.”

That is how Ryan Bosch described his recent commitment to Wake Forest following the decision to reopen his recruiting process.

“After the summer I went south to play with the Padres Scout Team,” the top-rated 2025 left-handed pitcher in the state reflected. “I had a great summer and I started to feel better about going south to play rather than north in the cold. I talked to my family and coaches about it and ended up calling Michigan, but there was a little bit of a money issue and I said I was decommitting. It’s not that I hate the program or anything like that.”

It is the “bigger opportunity” that the 21st-ranked junior southpaw in the nation feels he has found.

“When I reopened my recruiting process, colleges flooded in like crazy,” the 6-8 230-pounder explained. “I was talking to big, big schools, but I knew Wake Forest was where I wanted to go because of the pitching program. Before I committed to Michigan I knew Wake wanted me bad, but with the new rules I was rushed. Sometimes you make good decisions and sometimes bad decisions in life.”

Bosch is confident that the decision to go to the Atlantic Coast Conference university in Winston-Salem, N.C., is the right one to make at this time.

“As soon as I decommitted Wake said they were interested and I ended up going down there,” Bosch related. “I talked to the coaches to see what Wake baseball was about. I took a tour of the campus on Saturday and on Sunday I pitched and I threw real well. They gave me a call on Monday and I committed on the spot. I felt that I was home.”

The Fruitport High School junior is adamant that Wake Forest is perfect for his future.

“One of the big things I really really love about Wake is their pitching program, putting five or six in the draft each year,” Bosch explained. “They have a pitching lab with 30 cameras looking at your body. That separates the pitching program at Wake from other schools.”

The 256th-rated 2025 in the country made an impression on Wake Forest as well.

“When talking to them, they really really like my slider,” Bosch pointed out. “They also really like the run on my fastball, it’s a 22-24 inch run, and they like that I hit 88 with my fastball there. But I hit 93 in the summer.”

Admittedly, getting back into the recruiting game was no picnic.

“I found it a little stressful, but it was something I did before so I knew what I was getting myself back into,” Bosch related. “I liked talking to different coaches, what they have to offer and how they treat their athletes.”

The fourth-ranked junior in Michigan is certain he can make an impact at Wake Forest.

“Something I promise is I will give it my all, whatever it takes so at the end of the day it makes Wake baseball better,” Bosch proclaimed. “You play for the name on the front of the jersey and the name on the back … your school and your family.”

Past improvement helped make it happen, while the 16-year-old points to future improvement as vital to the cause.

“Mentally, I’m not getting upset like I used to,” Bosch assessed. “Lifting at home and going to Cage 52 getting my workouts in, I think that sets me over the top. But when I get there you need to prove yourself. They’ll have fall stuff going on and that’s when it’s time to prove you’re the hardest worker and when you need to go in and throw strikes.”

To have a second round of recruitment come to an end is a relief.

“We were pretty jacked up,” Bosch said about making his commitment to Wake Forest. “I knew where I wanted to be and my dad, mom and sister were pumped.

“It had a different vibe,” Bosch added. “This is the program that will get me where I need to be. This is a family that will treat me right. I think it’s gonna be one heck of a ride.”

Bosch, who has a 3.8 GPA and plans to major in sport management, is ecstatic when thinking about the future.

“The thing I’m looking forward to the most is getting better and having coaches there for you each day,” Bosch concluded. “You can tell they’re something special and will treat you like family.

“I’m looking forward to putting on a Wake uniform, being in that atmosphere, going on trips and making it to Omaha. That’s a program that can do it.”

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