PBR MN Fall Scout Blog

By Josh Threlkeld
Prep Baseball Report Minnesota

Siebert Fall League, University of Minnesota, Oct. 4-5, 2017

Despite some questionable weather throughout, the Siebert Fall League continued mid-week play this last week with some great match-ups taking place as the regular season comes to a close. This weeks pings come from mainly uncommitted prospects who stood out with their performances. The Siebert Fall League offers a look at some of the states top talent that compete from September 9 - October 12. 


+ 2018 Ryan Wrobleski, C/OF/1B, Eden Prairie
Uncommitted catcher currently ranked #18 in MN 2018 class. Strong build with solid base offensively. Leg drive to trigger swing. Shows body control to point of contact with clean bat path and stays through zone well. Impressive gap to gap power with ability to back-spin baseball.

+ 2018 Delaney Dahl, LHP, Wayzata
Uncommitted left-handed pitcher. #59 ranked player in MN 2018 class. Simple compact delivery with little wasted motion. Fastball was consistently 81-82 mph with clean arm action from over the top slot. Curveball was 66-67 mph, 12/6 shape, slight hump out of hand but has depth on break.


+ 2019 AJ Beasley, RHP/UTL, Somerset, WI
Uncommitted 2-way player. Short compact arm action producing above average arm speed. High leg kick delivery and maintains arm speed on all pitches. Shows 3 pitch command and pitchability working both sides of plate. Has feel on mound and varies timing and looks on mound controlling running game. Fastball was 77-80 mph and threw 2 breaking balls; 67-68 mph with sweeping break and 72-73 mph with 12/6 shape and action. Offensively has a short compact swing, is short to contact, and stays level through zone creating consistent hard contact with flashes of pop in bat.


+ 2018 Logan McDonald, RHP/C/OF, Blaine
Uncommitted. Shows control and command of 78-80 mph fastball to both sides of plate. Breaking ball has loopy 11/5-12/6 break. Slight arm-side fade and sink on 67 mph changeup. Works fast, has uptempo delivery, consistently working ahead in count. Controls running game with 1.26-1.41 times to plate.

+ 2019 Evan Shaw, LHP/OF, Fridley
Uncommitted. High-waisted frame; has projection physically and should to continue to grow and mature into long frame. Jerky delivery with high leg kick creating deception. Low ¾ arm slot producing heavy sink in bottom of zone with 75-78 mph fastball. 2/7 breaking ball has large shape with sweeping break at 63-66 mph. Changeup has above avg. sink at 70 mph.


+ 2020 Kieran Schmitz, LHP, Wayzata
Uncommitted. Leg kick working up to down with straight line and direction to catcher. High ¾ arm slot. Confident throwing in to right-handed hitters; working fastball back across the plate. 78-81 mph fastball with slight arm-side run. Tends to slow arm on 2/7 breaking ball. Schmitz shows fastball pitchability; and looks to be a solid follow in 2020 class with breaking ball development and finding a 3rd pitch.


+ 2018 Ben Shepard, RHP, Eden Prairie
U. Minnesota-Duluth commit. #56 ranked player in MN 2018 class. Mid ¾ arm slot with smooth delivery and easy arm action. Has natural movement on everything; rarely misses over middle of plate. Has 3 pitch feel in and around zone. Fastball was 77-80 mph with late run and heavy action. 10/4 breaking ball has tight shape and above avg. depth in bottom half of zone. Locates changeup well in bottom of zone; 67-71 mph with late sink. Ball jumps on hitter from easy arm action allowing velocity to play up.

+ 2018 Jacob Pappas, IF, Eden Prairie
Uncommitted right-handed hitting infielder. Projectable 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame. Short simple swing with little wasted movements. Short to contact and stays through zone well with barrel. Squares baseball with consistent 90+ mph exit velocities. Above avg. power to pull side of field; with continued development could become consistent power type hitter.


+ 2018 Leo Pfarr, LHP/OF, De La Salle
Uncommitted left-handed pitcher. #40 ranked player in MN 2018 class. Knows strengths on mound and pitches well to them. Effective hard in/ soft away approach. High ¾ arm slot and hides ball well from hitter. Effectively works inner half of plate vs. right-handed hitters. Fastball was 78-80 mph with late run and sink. Late fade on changeup with arm-side sink, spots wells away, thrown at 70-72 mph. 2/7 sweeping breaking ball with avg. depth at 63-64 mph.


+ 2019 Raymond Voss, IF, Tartan
Uncommitted infielder ranked #48 in MN 2019 class. Displays range in the infield with above average lateral quickness, quick transfers, and ability to execute off-balance throws at a high level. Quick footwork puts him in good positions to make plays. Flashes above hands in the field and at the plate. Flat bat plane, produces solid bat speed, with gap to gap approach and line drive swing plane.

+ 2019 Zach Jakubowsky, LHP, Farmington
Interesting 6-foot-2 frame that should continue to add weight. Whippy ¾ arm slot. Fastball has life and plays up; jumping on hitter. Fastball was 76-78 mph with heavy action; appears to look harder to hitter. Tight rotation on 1/7 breaking ball with big shape and late down action; causing many hitters to give up on pitch early.