12.14 Show-Me Preseason All-State: Infield Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Sunday, December 14, Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Show-Me Preseason All-State Showcase at All-Star Performance in St. Louis.  24 players from the 2016 class took part in the event.

Today we will break down the infielders, to conclude the analysis portion of the showcase. Below are the re-caps from the catchers and outfielders analysis

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Top Infield Prospect

Danny Wright, SS, Fort Zumwalt West, 2016
Wright is a 5-foot-11 165-pound switch-hitting SS/2B, had on of the most impressive batting practice rounds of the event from left side, showed fast bat speed, short stride, power to pull gap, level bat path to extension, consistent solid contact, ran 4.25 from left side, 4.30 from right side,  91 mph exit velo left-handed, 84 mph exit right-handed.  On the infield, quick feet, clean exchange, 78 mph positional velo, accurate throws, momentum to target after release, plus-range, quick release, high three-quarters release, long/loose arm action.

The Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Jeff Beiter, 3B, Fort Zumwalt East, 2016
Beiter is a 5-foot-11 200-pound right-hand hitting 3B, had one of the event's best exit velo at 91 mph, stance is slightly closed and balanced, lands square, fluid rhythm, level path to extension, gap-to-gap approach, strong lower half, good round of batting practice, continues to show improvements at the plate, runs 4.54 home-to-first. Defensively, plays through the ball, fluid footwork, clean exchange, high three-quarters release, very accurate throws, positional velo of 75 mph. 

Landon Bell, 1B/3B, Seymour, 2016
Bell is a strong 6-foot 184-pound left-hand hitting 1B/3B, has an exit velo of 82 mph, gets down the line in 4.4-seconds, athletic stance, drops into back leg to load, minimal stride, fast bat speed, level path, power to pull side, body under control throughout swing.  On the infield, high three-quarters release, 73 mph positional velo, somewhat accurate throws, quick footwork, clean glove-to-hand exchange, quick release, moves well on the corner infield. 

Grant Brueggenjohann, 3B, Parkway West, 2016
Brueggenjohann is a well-built 6-foot-3 198-pound right-hand hitting 3B. At the plate, balanced stance, smooth rhythm, minimal stride, some hand load, gap-to-gap approach, fast bat speed, 86 mph exit velo, high finish with hands, strong lower half, runs a 4.73 home-to-first. On the infield, posted a 76 mph velo, over-the-top release, accurate throws with momentum to the target after release, soft hands, quick exchange, quick release, active footwork, shows advanced actions on the infield. 

Brett Denney, 3B, Logan-Rogersville, 2016
Denney is a strong-athletic 6-foot-1 197-pound right-hand 3B, at the plate, starts in an athletic position, minimal/smooth load, short stride, gap-to-gap approach, level path to extension, balanced throughout swing, 82 mph exit velo, runs 4.47 home-to-first. Defensively, fluid footwork, quick high-three-quarters release, accurate throws, momentum to target after release, soft hands, 75 mph positional velo. 

Ryan Knernschield, 3B, Vianney, 2016
Knernschield is a strong 5-foot-11, 180-pound right-hand hitting 3B. During hitting drills showed an athletic set-up, simple stride and load, strong hands, flat middle-oppo contact. Ran a 7.20 60-yard dash. On the infield, 81 mph velo, over-the-top release with accurate throws, fluid footwork with quick release.

Joshua Konecek, 3B, Parkway Central, 2016
Konecek is a strong-legged 6-foot-1 185-pound right-hand 3B. At the plate, slightly open stance, loads hands, lands square, middle-to-oppo approach, stays inside the ball, level bat path, 79 mph exit velo, gets down line in 4.53-seconds.  On the infield, fluid footwork, clean exchange, long/loose arm action, over-the-top release, 71 mph positional velo, mostly accurate throws. 

Jack Linton, 2B/MIF, Westminster, 2016
Linton is a 5-foot-10 145-pound right-hand hitting 2B. Offensively improving from last event attended, balanced set up, smooth rhythm, simple load, strides closed, gap-to-gap approach, balanced finish, 75 mph exit velo, 4.53 home-to-first.  Defensively, high three-quarters release, clean glove-to-hand exchange, plays through ball, 70 mph positional velo, accurate throws.

Devin Michael, 2B, Windsor, 2016
Michael is a lean 6-foot 160-pound left-handed hitting 2B.  At the plate, has 80 mph exit velo, athletic stance, slightly open, short/controlled stride, quick bat speed, level path, line-drive to pull gap in batting practice, 4.54 home-to-first. At second base, high three-quarters release, long/loose arm action, mostly accurate throws, infield velocity at 77 mph, quick feet, clean exchange.

Matt Miller, SS, Oakville, 2016
Miller is an athletic 5-foot-11 170-pound right-hand hitting SS/2B. One of the best overall athletes at the event, posted one the top home-to-first times of the event at 4.28, 85 mph exit velo, athletic set-up with no wasted movements in load, short stride, gap-to-gap approach, pull power, level path to extension, body stays under control during entire swing, On the infield, clean actions with soft hands, plays through the ball, quick feet adds to range, accurate throws at 79 mph.

Wilson Shanks, 1B, CBC, 2016
Shanks is a 6-foot-4 180-pound right-handed hitting 1B. Runs a 4.36 home-to-first, 79 mph exit velo, starts in square/athletic position, has toe touch, lands square, pull approach, fast bat speed. On the infield, 72 mph velo from 1B, 79 mph velo across the diamond, fluid footwork, plays through the ball, clean exchange, over-the-top release, somewhat accurate throws.

Matt Westphal, 1B, Lutheran, 2016
Westphal is a physical 6-foot-2 193-pound right-handed hitting 1B. At the plate, athletic set up, smooth load, minimal stride, strong lower half, fast bat speed, short to contact, level path to extension, pull power, gap-to-gap approach, runs 4.72 home-to-first, 75 mph exit velo. At 1B, had one of the best infield velos of event at 82 mph, over-the-top relase, big target at 1B, quick footwork on ground balls and around the bag, clean exchange, accurate throws.  

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