Summer Watchlist: Uncommitted 2024s

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri

With the summer circuit set to start soon, the PBR Missouri staff has taken some time to highlight a handful of 2024s that are still on the market. These names, who are all within the top-100 on our class rankings, all impressed throughout our winter cycle, as well as in our live looks this past high school season.

Videos on all of these players, as well as verified statistics from our events, can be found within each individual player profile. Below you'll find nuggets on 40+ uncommitted soon-to-be seniors in Missouri.


Jackson Glueck 1B / Staley , MO / 2024

From 5/9/23: “…One of the top uncommitted bats in Missouri, slotted at No. 17 overall on our current 2024 rankings. Sturdy 6-foot, 212-pound left-handed hitter with strength that represented Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games last summer. Found two barrels with authority in this look and has consistently proven to our staff his ability to produce runs in game. A future middle-of-the-order type at the next level.”

Lukas Wilson SS / Staley, MO / 2024

Athletic, compact 5-foot-9, 165-pound switch-hitter. Represented Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games last summer and is currently slotted at No. 19 overall on our rankings. Scrappy, gamer-type, high bat to ball skills and consistently puts together competitive at-bats. Sure-handed on the infield too with a glove that'll stick on the dirt long term.


Tristan Hunter RHP / Forsyth, MO / 2024

From 3/4/23: "...6-foot-2, 178-pounds with lean strength and physical projection left, Hunter’s moves down the mound well and doesn’t exert much effort as a result, holding 91-93 mph throughout his ‘pen with hard horizontal action at times. He threw a changeup with ‘out-pitch’ potential at 77-81 mph, killing spin and lift with 17+ inches of run on average. Still fully developing his slider, Hunter flashed advanced raw spin on it, reaching nearly 2500 RPM with almost 15 inches of horizontal at 77-80 mph. Hunter left this event with an arrow-up, and he’s a premier uncommitted junior arm in Missouri."

Casen Murphy LHP / Park Hills Central, MO / 2024

From 3/4/23: "...Murphy’s a legitimate two-way prospect, pitching in the upper-80s with his fastball and spinning it at 2500+ RPM on average. He flashed raw spin on a 75-78 mph curveball, approaching the 2500 RPM mark, and he also turned over an 81-82 mph changeup that averaged 17+ inches of run on average. Murphy was one of this event’s top left-handed bats too, swinging a loose, easy, and fluid barrel through the zone, peaking at 101 mph with a 352 ft. max batted distance."



Jackson Carter OF / Fort Zumwalt East, MO / 2024

From 2/20/23: "...who showed an explosive power/speed combo. Carter, a member of Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games in 2022, has solidified his status as one of the fastest players in Missouri over the last calendar year. He ran a 6.33 in the 60-yard dash his first attempt at this event and one-upped himself the second by running a 6.30. Carter’s taken noticeable strides offensively, increasing his bat speed this off-season and generating extremely loud contact as a result. He averaged 95.2 mph per batted ball, nearly finishing towards the event high, and he barreled three balls over 102 mph, recording a max of 102.4 mph to pace this event. Carter played an extensive role in Fort Zumwalt East’s state run last year, and the uncommitted junior figures to do so again, heading into the spring with an arrow up next to his name."

Hunter Hampshire LHP / Staley, MO / 2024

From 5/9/23: "...uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 170-pound well-proportioned athlete with room to further fill out, too. Hurled three scoreless innings in a short game win for Staley. Makes for a tough look on hitters, works from an unconventional, deceptive ¾ slot. Fastball sat 84-87 mph, mixed in a slider with sweep at 71-74 mph and flashed a changeup at 75-77 mph."

Caide White RHP / Republic, MO / 2024

2/7/23: "...showed his regular loud stuff at Saturday’s event. White’s inherent strength, particularly in his lower half, on a 6-foot, 195-pound frame helped him generate high-80s velocity, peaking at 88.6 mph in this look. He created some ride on that fastball, spinning it at 2400+ RPM on average with nearly 18 inches of vertical break at max from a 5.8 ft average release height. White also spun his breaking ball at 2400+ RPM, a pitch that played at 75-77 mph with high arch and depth, and he landed his 78-79 mph changeup around the zone throughout his ‘pen. White remains one of the top uncommitted junior arms in the state."

Mason Beno SS / Parkway West, MO / 2024

Well-proportioned 5-foot-11, 165-pound frame with lean strength and room to fill out further. Represented Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games last summer. Has looked the part on both sides of the ball, especially on the mound this spring. Pitched to a 1.40 ERA over 45 innings of work, punching out 53 while walking just 13. Pitches in the mid-to-upper-80s with his fastball and rips off an advanced breaking ball with above-average raw spin metrics. Also a left-handed bat that can pick it at shortstop.

Timothy Teixeira RHP / Liberty, MO / 2024

6-foot-1, 206-pounds. Took the rubber for Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games last summer and showed some of the loudest spin metrics of the event. Peaked at 2943 RPM on a 70-73 mph slider, averaging 2787 RPM. Averaged 2500 RPM on his fastball at 84-87 mph, touching 2652 RPM.


Eddie Ahearn C / Parkway South, MO / 2024

Physical 6-foot-2, 200-pound athlete with present strength and room for more. Donned the Team Select jersey at the PBR Future Games last summer and parlayed that momentum into a strong spring for Parkway South. Pitches in the mid-to-upper-80s with his fastball, spins a gradual breaking ball for strikes and kills both spin and lift on a mid-to-upper-70s changeup. Punched out 55 over 33 1/3 innings this spring, posting a 2.10 ERA. Arm strength translates behind the plate and has some juice inside his right-handed barrel too, slashing .305/.441/.634 this spring with six home runs and nine doubles.

Sam Wyrick SS / Helias Catholic , MO / 2024

From 3/1/23: "...another major winner from Saturday, Wyrick excelled on both sides of the ball, starting his day on the mound with one of the event’s most polished ‘pens. He pounded the strike zone with his fastball, a pitch that worked primarily in the lower quadrant at a relatively easy 89-91 mph. Wyrick spun a 75-77 mph breaking ball with intent and gradual break off an 11/5 plane, and he threw a 78-80 mph changeup at arm speed too. Following his work on the mound, Wyrick swung a loose, easy right-handed bat, generating above-average marks in average exit velocity (88.3 mph) and at peak (93 mph) without much effort. He’s sure-handed on the infield as well, working in rhythm with an 83 mph high across the diamond. Wyrick came away from this event as a name-to-know junior on the market with the spring season set to start."

Carter Cox LHP / Fort Zumwalt South, MO / 2024

From 3/4/23: "...Cox has always been a pitchability arm, and his stuff ticked up this winter, improving his impact on the mound as a result. He was up to 88 on Sunday, sitting 85-87 mph, averaging 19 inches of vertical break, per TrackMan. Cox landed all of his breaking balls in the zone at 71-74 mph at 2300+ RPM, and his changeup flashed arm-side fade at 77-80 mph, too."



Bret Yarger OF / Rolla, MO / 2024

Athletic 6-foot-1, 190-pound muscled up frame. Represented Team Select at the PBR Future Games in the summer. Quick twitch athlete with a loud power/speed combo. Ran a 6.75 60 with a 1.65 10-yard split and 20.5 mph peak run speed. Averaged 91.7 mph per batted ball in BP, peaking at 99.8 mph, with a 346 ft. peak batted distance. Power translated to the field this spring, swatted multiple home runs for the Bulldogs.


Ashton Williams RHP / Kennett, MO / 2024

From 1/31/23: "...earned an invitation to the PBR Future Games last year after a standout showing at this event. The 6-foot-1, 205-pound junior looked the part on Saturday, putting his usual loud tools on display to our staff once again. Williams' hardest hit ball left his barrel at 94.6 mph and his furthest traveled 336 ft., both of which finished towards the top of this event's hitting leaderboard. He paced all outfielders in throwing velocity (88 mph) and ran his fastball up to 87 mph on the mound as well, showing a quality slider and changeup in his pen. Williams is one of the top uncommitted prospects in the state's 2024 class."

Dominic Anselmo C / Marquette, MO / 2024

From 3/4/23: "...Anselmo’s advanced raw power proved early, as he easily squared balls up with authority, averaging 93.1 mph per barrel while peaking at 100.9 mph. His furthest ball backspun 367 ft. to the pull-side in BP, and his ability to regularly drive the baseball (278 ft.) is worth noting, too. His tools translated to the other aspects of his workout, as Anselmo ran a 6.71 60 and reached an 85 mph high from the crouch, popping consistently in the 1.86-to-1.91 range. He checks several boxes from a prospect standpoint and is one of the top uncommitted junior catchers in Missouri."


Eric Williams SS / Fort Zumwalt East, MO / 2024

From 2/21/23: "...a member of Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games last summer...continues to prove he’s one of the top right-handed bats in the St. Louis’ area. Williams, who’s a muscular 5-foot-9, 187-pound with plenty of inherent physicality, led the event in average exit velocity (94.7 mph) and nearly finished towards the top with his peak (97.4 mph) too. He generates easy bat speed and repeats consistently, whipping his barrel through the zone for hard contact on repeat. Williams slashed .404/.516/.626 for a Fort Zumwalt East team that made it to the 5A state playoffs last spring, and he’ll look to help his team repeat with an equally impressive season in 2023."

Nick Gibler RHP / Blue Springs , MO / 2024

From 3/30/23: " of the top uncommitted arms in the state, Gibler showed he can get high level hitters out at the Future Games last summer and continues to show solid stuff this spring the mid-upper 80s right hander shows heavy run on the fastball, but really pitches of a mid 70s slider that he throws with full arm speed and has late depth."


Brodie Short C / Lutheran St. Charles, MO / 2024

From 2/20/23: "...another big winner from this event. A physical 6-foot-1, 212-pound left-handed hitter, Short’s day started on defense, where he showed arm strength (76 mph), accuracy on the bag, and a quick trigger (1.90-2.01) behind the plate. Short then took an impressive round of BP, almost exclusively working on the barrel to the opposite field, squaring his hardest (96.3 mph) and furthest (336 ft.) ball up that way. After catching several bullpens, Short hopped on the mound and ran his fastball up to 88 mph, sitting at 85-87 mph and spinning a 72-74 mph curveball with conviction. He’s poised to play a big role on a Lutheran St. Charles' team that won 20 games last spring, and Short is one of the top left-handed bats still on the market in Missouri’s junior class."

Jackson Stettnisch OF / Blue Springs South , MO / 2024

From 2/17/23: "...showed one of the strongest arms in attendance, both positionally and as a pitcher. Stettnisch nearly led the event in all throwing velocities, popping a 94 mph max on his firmest throw home from the outfield. The 5-foot-11, 185-pound junior hopped on the mound afterwards, pitching at 86-87 mph with his fastball, spinning it at 2426 RPM at peak. He generated some carry up in the zone (18.3 IVB) with minimal horizontal action, backspinning it into the upper quadrant at its most effectiveness. Stettnisch also spun a slider with intent in the upper-60s, averaging nearly 2300+ RPM, and he limited spin on a 77-79 mph changeup as well. He’s yet another top prospect on this Blue Springs South high school squad."

Dalton Hosack LHP / Wentzville Holt, MO / 2024

From 2/15/23: "...Hosack, who represented Team Missouri at the PBR Future Games last summer, has long been known for his advanced pitchability, consistently pounding the zone with his entire arsenal. Hosack threw his fastball at 84-86 mph for strikes, and he worked all three of his secondaries around the zone as well: a curveball (73-74 mph), changeup (78-79 mph), and slider (74-75 mph)."

Kody Brown C / Seckman, MO / 2024

From 2/7/23: "...An on-the-rise uncommitted junior that made for a strong look this weekend...impressed at multiple events across our 2022 cycle, and he put together arguably his best performance in front of our staff at this event. A strong 5-foot-9, 175-pound athlete, Brown ran a 6.97 60, reaching nearly 20 mph at peak during his run and also jumping 34 inches in the vertical test. Brown kicked our day off with a loud BP round, blasting his hardest barrel at 99 mph and his furthest batted ball 344 feet. He recorded a hard hit rate of 66.7% (number of batted balls over 95 mph) and was on the sweet spot 77.8% of the time, per TrackMan. He took reps from the outfield and behind the plate defensively, peaking at 86 mph on a line to home and reaching a 78 mph high from the chute. Brown’s loud tools are certainly tantalizing, and he’ll look to capitalize on this positive momentum heading into his high school season."

Collin Dobson SS / Blue Springs South, MO / 2024

From 2/9/23: "...lean 6-foot, 170-pound athlete with wiry strength, Dobson took one of the event’s most polished BP rounds, working on the barrel to almost exclusively the middle of the field. His peak exit velocity (91.3 mph) wasn’t too far away from his average mark (87.8 mph) and further reiterates his on-the-barrel accuracy from the right side. Dobson also showed as one of the event’s top pitching prospects, pitching at 85-87 mph with his fastball, topping at 88 mph. His go-to secondary appeared to be a 76-80 mph changeup that featured heavy arm-side run, and he spun a 70-72 mph curveball as well. He’s a name-to-know uncommitted junior in Missouri that provides even more depth on a loaded Blue Springs South team."

Jackson Helberg C / Kearney, MO / 2024

Physical 5-foot-11, 191-pound frame. Was a key offensive contributor for a Kearney Bulldogs squad that made a deep run into the Class 5 playoffs. Athletic with bat strength and bat speed from the right side, knack to elevate the baseball with pull-side power. Has also proven to be a quality defender behind the plate in the past, accurate catch-and-throw.


Landon Krohn RHP / Princeton R-V, MO / 2024

6-foot-1, 180-pounds. Made his PBR Debut at the Velocity Academy Scout Day this winter, showing plenty of intrigue to our staff on the mound. Pitched at 88-89 mph with his fastball on the hill, averaging 2300+ RPM. Ripped off a firm 78-80 mph curveball at 2300+ RPM, too.


Connor Mendell C / Fort Zumwalt South, MO / 2024

From 3/4/23: "...had an all-around impressive workout at this event. A 6-foot, 175-pound athlete with projection, Mendell showed advanced bat strength at the plate from a short, simple, and direct right-handed swing. His peak exit velocity (97.3 mph) and furthest batted balls (339 ft.) are both indicators of that, though his ability to repeat both marks (89.4 mph and 274 ft.) on average are equally impressive. Mendell also ran a 6.70 60 and was up to 83 mph from the crouch, popping at 1.88-to-1.97."



Seungmin Song RHP / Parkway Central, MO / 2024

From 3/4/23: "...was a two-way winner from last weekend’s event. A strong, sturdy 6-foot, 200-pound athlete, Song’s day started with an impressive round of BP, as he consistently squared up line drives to all fields, though favoring the pull-side. He was all over the barrel (80%), averaging 92.9 mph per swing with a 99.8 mph peak. Positionally, Song ran a 7.14 60 and showed advanced arm strength across the infield, firing a 91 mph high. His arm talent translated to the mound, where Song primarily sat in the upper-80s with his fastball, touching 90 mph once. He spun two breaking balls with similar action and velocity bands, each of them spinning over 2400 RPM at peak. Song’s 80-82 mph changeup rounded out his arsenal, and it’s a pitch he threw at fastball arm speed and slot, killing spin with 13+ inches of horizontal action on average. Song should play a big role for the Colts this upcoming season as they attempt to return to the 5A state playoffs."

Tyler Holman RHP / Liberty , MO / 2024

6-foot-4, 180-pound long, lanky, and projectable athlete. Was set to represent Team Missouri at the Future Games last summer before an injury that he has since recovered from. Pitched in the mid-to-upper-80s with his fastball at the Top Prospect: Underclass Games last June, is set to attend the Top Prospect: Upperclass Games at Lindenwood University this year on June 20th.


Charles Bennett OF / Parkway South, MO / 2024

From 2/7/23: "...Bennett is a high level athlete in the state’s junior class with a loose, handsy, line-drive ladened swing. He ran a 6.92 in the 60 with a 1.65 10-yard split, 20.1 mph max speed, and generated plenty of power on the jump mat with an event-high 3.99 RSI score."

Xander Zumwalt OF / Summit Christian, MO / 2024

6-foot-4, 180-pound highly projectable left-handed hitter. Made his debut at the MOKAN Open last fall, showing a noticeable offensive ceiling in BP from a powerful left-handed swing when synced up, peaking at 96.1 mph on his hardest barrel.



Cooper Hudson RHP / William Chrisman, MO / 2024

From 3/1/23: "...provided us with his loudest showing to date at this event. At 6-foot-3, 200-pounds, Hudson’s firmest bullet reached the 90 mph mark, and he sat 86-89 mph throughout his ‘pen. He spun a 71-73 mph slider that flashed lateral action, and he also turned over a 74-75 mph changeup. Hudson’s physicality translated to the plate, barreling his hardest ball up at 93.7 mph with an average mark of 87.9 mph."



Tanner Warner RHP / Liberty , MO / 2024

From 7/11/22: "...sturdy 5-foot-11, 210-pound frame; strong shoulders and lower half. Took the mound for the Rangers’ 2024 club on Saturday night and showed some of the louder stuff we saw from the 2024 bracket. Pumped his fastball in the mid-to-high-80s, touching 88 mph a few times early on with life down in the zone. Spun a few low-70s curveballs with conviction that flashed swing-and-miss spin off an 11/5 plane. A follow uncommitted arm from the Kansas City area in the Missouri 2024 class."

Bryson Kline C / Troy , MO / 2024

From 2/7/23: " a physical 6-foot, 215-pound uncommitted follow in the state’s junior group. Kline displayed advanced arm strength for his age in multiple facets, starting behind the plate during his defensive workout. He topped at 79 mph from the chute on his firmest bullet, popping in the 1.95-2.01 range in the process. Kline toed the rubber later on and fired his fastball at 85-86 mph for strikes, while spinning a 74-76 mph slider at 2300+ RPM as a compliment. Offensively, Kline worked flat and on top of the baseball, barreling his hardest batted ball at 93.8 mph."

Kyle Edgar SS / Wentzville Holt, MO / 2024

Athletic, compact 5-foot-8, 155-pound frame. One of the top performers for Holt this spring, batting .372 with a .495 on-base percentage. Walked (16) significantly more than he struck out (6) and he stole 15 bases, too. Earned all conference first team honors, as well as an all District first team selection, too.


Trace Harrington 1B / Republic, MO / 2024

From 3/1/23: "...continues to show some of the most advanced bat strength in the state’s 2024 class. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound uncommitted junior barreled balls up at 91.4 mph on average, peaking at 99.6 mph on his firmest swing. Harrington’s furthest batted ball traveled 393 ft., the day’s furthest mark by 16 feet, and his average batted distance finished one foot behind the event leader. Harrington’s strength showed on the infield too, as his 89 mph high was only two ticks behind the day’s hardest mark."

Logan Winkleman C / CBC, MO / 2024

From 2/15/23: " an uncommitted junior backstop to follow coming away from this event. A strong, sturdy 5-foot-11, 180-pound athlete, Winkleman swung a heavy right-handed barrel in BP, one that produced loud contact both on average (87.6 mph) and at peak (94.7 mph). His 248 ft. average per batted ball was amongst the day’s highest marks, and he favored the middle-in side of the field from a short, simple operation throughout. Winkleman’s strength carried to his defensive workout, where his firmest bullet came out at 79 mph."

Lane Chapman LHP / Lawson, MO / 2024

From 3/2/23: " an athletic pitchability southpaw with physical upside attached to a 6-foot, 165-pound frame. Chapman’s fastball peaked at 83.8 mph, sitting in the low-80s from a high arm slot with some deception. He landed a 71-72 mph curveball with high arch and depth around the zone consistently, and also effectively skilled both spin and lift on a 75-76 mph changeup in his ‘pen."

Brayden Schnurbusch RHP / Liberty, MO / 2024

From 2/16/23: "...fresh off an impressive look at the Preseason All-State...put together a louder ‘pen at this event. A 6-foot-5, 180-pound uncommitted junior with square shoulders, Schnurbusch’s fastball played in the upper-80s, peaking at 90 mph from a long, loose arm path and tempo’d delivery. He threw his changeup around the zone with feel for the lower quadrant, sitting at 76-79 mph, and he also landed his slider for strikes at 71-74 mph in this look. He’s a high ceiling arm with long, lanky, and projectable levers, and his performance on the mound this spring will be key to Liberty’s success."

Tyler Weber LHP / Christian Brothers College, MO / 2024

6-foot-5, 205-pound physically imposing frame. Was a top arm for the Cadets this spring, punching out 46 over 33 2/3 innings on the hill. Attended the US Nationals Scout Day this winter, showing a three-pitch mix, including an 83-84 mph fastball from a tough, deceptive 3/4 angle. Spun a bendy breaking ball at 69-72 mph, turned over a firm changeup at 77-78 mph.



Derrick Pitts OF / Christian Brothers College, MO / 2024

From 5/23/23: "...uncommitted, slotted at No. 73 overall in the state’s junior class. 6-foot-3, 195-pound well-proportioned athlete with strength throughout. Collected multiple hits across our staff’s two looks from a twitchy right-handed swing that stays inside the baseball. Also an advanced runner with premium arm strength from the outfield for his age, flashing natural carry and life to the plate in pregame. A name-to-know junior that’s still on the market for the Cadets."

Alex Bryan RHP / Francis Howell, MO / 2024

From 2/7/23: "...started our day off on a high note, working his entire arsenal around the zone with consistency. A wiry 6-foot, 155-pound athlete who threw a no-hitter at Creekside last summer, Bryan’s fastball played at 86-87 mph from a short, twitchy arm path. His heater jumped in the zone at times, showing ride (20 IVB) and run (12.2 HM) at peak. Bryan’s breaking ball flashed tight shape and late break in his ‘pen, playing at 72-74 mph, and he created natural arm-side action (16 in. HM) on a 78-79 mph changeup as well. Bryan’s physical projection, mound demeanor, and aptitude to pitch have him poised for a big spring on the bump for Francis Howell."

Eli Tritinger RHP / Parkway North, MO / 2024

From 2/23/23: "...led the event in max fastball velocity, topping at 87.6 mph, while holding 86-87 mph throughout. Tritinger flashed sweep on his slider, throwing it from a similar ¾ slot to his fastball at 75-77 mph, spinning at 2200+ RPM. He also limited both spin and lift on his changeup, creating 16+ inches of run on average at 78-79 mph from his fastball arm slot. The 6-foot-2, 185-pound uncommitted junior will be one to follow into the spring and summer in 2023."

Brek Sloan C / Grain Valley, MO / 2024

From 3/1/23: "...was a winner from the early session and really looked the part in all aspects of his workout. A strong, compact 6-foot, 173-pound athlete, Sloan took one of the more polished rounds of BP, working the middle of the field consistently from a clean, repeatable right-handed swing. Sloan stayed on the barrel (73% sweet spot), posting an average exit velocity of 86.9 mph with a 90.5 mph max. He’s an asset defensively with arm strength behind the plate, topping at 79 mph on his hardest throw from a short, quick release."


Charlie Kilcullin LHP / St. Dominic, MO / 2024

From 2/7/23: "...has added strength and mass since our look at the GBA Scout Day last May, now standing at a more sturdy 6-foot-2, 215-pounds. Kilcullin’s day started on the bump, where the uncommitted southpaw pumped his fastball at 84-85 mph, generating natural arm-side run (19.9 in. average) from a loose ¾ arm slot. His go-to secondary in this look was a 74-76 mph changeup that he threw from his fastball’s arm slot, killing spin effectively and also creating natural action to the arm-side (16.6 in. average). Kilcullin also threw a 74-77 mph slider that showed cutter-like shape at times. He barreled a few balls up with authority later on in the event - his loudest coming at 95.6 mph and traveling 331 feet."

Michael Good SS / Park Hill South, MO / 2024

Strong, well-proportioned 6-foot, 180-pound frame. Was a winner at the MOKAN Preseason All-State this winter, finding the barrel consistently in BP from a simple, repeatable, level right-handed swing. Has some bounce on the infield too with sure-handed glovework out front.