Super 60 Recap: SS Brad Jelinek (Warsaw HS)

By Ethan Silverman
Missouri Scouting Director

The Super 60 Pro Showcase on February 3rd did not disappoint. Top players from our eight state coverage area performed in front of 80 plus MLB scouts and put on quite a show.  16 of 26 arms were 90+, 7 were 88-89. There were 16 sub 7.0 60s and 13 exit velos of 90 and above. 

SS Brad Jelinek from Warsaw was a bit of a dark horse entering the Super 60, and his ability opened more than a few eyes of MLB scouts and the PBR staff. We expected to see some foot speed out of Jelinek, and his 60 time of 6.65 did not disappoint and was the third fastest time of the talented group. 

In the field, Jelinek showed good actions to the ball, with soft hands and a quick glove to hand transfer. While his velocity was only 81-mph, he made up for it with arm speed and accuracy. 

“I thought that I did a good job,” said Jelinek on his performance. “I ran well, fielded well, and my second round of BP was really solid. In all I thought that I showcased my abilities to play the game really well. When the infielders took the field I knew that was my opportunity to open some more eyes. I was able to flash the leather and show off my arm because we got to take a bunch of ground balls.” 

At the plate, the long and lanky (6-foot-2, 175-pounds) Jelinek took a quick path to the ball, with a level swing and extension through contact. Jelinkek shows he can hit the ball to all fields. 

A few times at games last year, scouts though us what we though of Jelinek; now they saw first hand the abilities that we have been watching and telling them about the last two years.

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