Underclass Spotlight: Class of 2015 Chris Little, a LHP/1B from Vianney

Chris Little (right) may have been the youngest participant at the Prospect ID Showcase at Francis Howell Central HS in October, but the 6-foot-2, 135-pound LHP pitched like an experienced high school player. Little impressed scouts with the ability to consistently throw three pitches for strikes. As Little continues to mature as a pitcher, he has the mechanics and tools to be an impact pitcher in the future
PBR: As you enter your freshman season, what are your expectations on an individual and team level?

Little: As I enter my freshman season, I hope to achieve success at the high school level with Vianney and at the club level with the St. Louis Recruits. So far everyone I have worked with has worked hard and I know there is a good chance success will come.

PBR: As a 6-foot-2 left handed pitcher and apparently still growing, what do you feel are your strengths and where are you looking to improve your game?  

Little: I can say first that my biggest strength is my competitiveness on the mound. I love thinking that no one is going to beat me and knowing that I would take on kids twice my size and twice my age to improve my skills and compete. The biggest improvement I feel I can make is with my knowledge that I take to the mound. I’ve always believed that I will grow into my body a little more which will only make my skills better.

PBR: Do you play any other positions in the field?

Little: I currently also play first base.

PBR: Do you feel that playing in Missouri and facing the competition you do has prepared you for the various showcase events you’ve attended?

Little: I feel that as a pitcher and a player that I have faced some very competitive teams in Missouri. I do feel that my experience and my coaches have prepared me for the showcase events I have attended and plan to attend in the future.

PBR: What are your thoughts on the implementation of BBCOR bats from both a hitting and pitching perspective?

Little: When I first heard that amateur, and high school baseball was switching to BBCOR bats, and that BBCOR was supposed to be a new kind of baseball bat that takes some of the power out of hits in the field, the first thought that came to my mind was advantage: pitcher. My thought was that because theoretically weaker bats equal weaker hits, which equal easier outs for me as a pitcher. So far I've been proven wrong. After using BBCOR during the offseason and getting used to how it's different from conventional bats, I know now that even though BBCOR is made to be weaker, every Hitter that I know, including me, has worked that much harder to get the same results with these different bats.

PBR: What team did you play for over the summer and how did it go for you? Were there any aspects of your game that you wanted to improve during the summer?

Little: I play for the St. Louis Recruits. I felt like overall the team had a really good season and that I had a successful season pitching, playing first base and hitting. I always want to improve my game and in the off season have worked on my pitching mechanics, pitches and also hitting from the left side.

PBR: You participated in a few showcase events this past summer, what did you take from those experiences and how do you think they will help you in the future?

Little: I think just participating in the events and understanding how they work and what the coaches are looking for was a great experience. I think by participating in them before my freshman year gives me an advantage because now I know what to expect and what I should focus on in order to develop.

PBR: What do you hope to accomplish off-season on an individual level?

Little: The offseason has been pretty good for me so far. I have participated in a couple of showcases. I've also added some skills by switching my hitting to the left side from the right side, have worked hard on my pitching mechanics and further developed my workout routine in order to make my game better to get myself ready for the high school season while also managing school and other sports. I just want to make sure that my skills are ready and exactly where I want them to be prior to high school practice. Being able to develop more endurance and staying healthy are my biggest things to work on for the season. Just being able to finish the season, the same way I started it, physically, is huge. I have always had the goal of being the best player and teammate I can be, and that will never change.