Winter Pitcher's Showcase: Instant Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

Prep Baseball Report - Missouri held the Winter Pitcher's Showcase at the Bud Dome in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday, February 19.  Nearly 50 pitchers from around the area in the classes 2020 to 2017 participated. 

Players profiles will be updated with stats, video, profile picture and comments in the upcoming weeks.  Coaches will have new profiles to add their dashboard on ScoutPlus and players will be able to update information on their profile with ProspectPlus. Although, this does not tell the whole story about the days events, here is a look at some of the top performers from the event.

CLICK HERE, for complete spreadsheet of velos from the event.

Although this does not tell the whole story, here is a snapshot of the days events.

2017 Max Fastball
91 - Conor Dryer, RHP, Rockwood Summit, (Central Missouri)
88 - Clarke Davenport, RHP, Fort Zumwalt West

2018 Max Fastball - RHP
90 - Sam Grace, Francis Howell North
90 - Matt Perego, Parkway West, (Cincinnatti)
90 - Matt Kesel, Francis Howell Central
89 - Luke Mann, Vianney, (Missouri)
89 - Bryce Grossius, St. Mary's
88 - Willam Martin, De Smet

2018 Max Fastball - LHP
86 - Blake Cisneros, Rockwood Summit
86 - Ryan Culley, Belleville East (IL)
86 - Timothy Ewald, Francis Howell Central (Dallas Baptist)
86 - Jimmy Schork, Rockwood Summit
85 - Noah Niznik, Vianney
85 - Cameron Player, Parkway North

2019 Max Fastball Velo
85 - Tristan Camp, RHP, Montgomery City
84 - Dawson Taylor, RHP, Edwardsville (IL)
83 - Brendan Johnson, RHP, Frankfort Community (IL)
82 - Logan Payne, RHP, De Smet
81 - Chase Beard, LHP, Windsor

2020 Max Fastball Velo
84 - Zack Ploch, RHP, Timberland
84 - Ethan Schmitt, RHP, Valley Park

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