2022 Rewind: Top Exit Velocities

Colin Chamblin
Manager, Deep South Operations

As we are beginning to wrap up 2022 and gear up for the 2023 Preseason, our PBR Mississippi Staff has decided to gather all the numbers and data from our successful event schedule in 2022. With this being our first leaderboard from the year, we will break all of our numbers down and have leaderboards for all statistical categories.

All of the data for the following exit velocity leaderboard comes from our TrackMan unit and is based on the information gathered from PBR Mississippi events such as, Preseason ID's, Preseason All-State, Rising Stars, summer open events, Invite-Only events and our Scout Days.

Kicking off our rewind of our 2022 leaderboards, we are taking a look at the top-25 exit velocities from 2022.

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what is exit velocity?

Exit Speed: Also according to TrackMan’s own website: “The speed of the ball, measured in miles per hour, as it comes off the bat at the moment of contact.”


top 25 exit velocities

Rank Name State School Class Pos Exit Velocity (max)
1 Jon Paul Robertson MS Germantown 2023 OF 101.1 mph
2 Chesley Rhodes MS St Stanislaus 2024 OF 99.8 mph
3 Drew Harrison MS Germantown 2024 SS 99.5 mph
4 Samuel Richardson MS Senatobia 2024 3B 99.3 mph
5 Cade Fairley MS Warren Central 2024 OF 99.3 mph
6 Ross Highfill MS Madison central 2022 C 99.1 mph
7 Seth Farni MS St. Stanislaus 2023 OF 98.8 mph
8 Aiden Fancher MS Winston Academy 2022 OF 98.2 mph
9 Dayne Sanford MS Pillow Academy 2023 3B 97.7 mph
10 Jayden Adcox MS Forest 2023 C 97.6 mph
11 Landon Houston MS Marshall Academy 2022 OF 97.6 mph
12 Jacob Parker MS Purvis 2025 CF 97.2 mph
13 Ethan Mallett MS Madison Ridgeland Academy 2024 OF 97.0 mph
14 Colton Greene MS Wayne County 2023 C 96.8 mph
15 Chap Cook MS Canton Academy 2024 1B 96.8 mph
16 Adyn Westmoreland MS Heritage Academy 2025 OF 96.6 mph
17 Tristan Baldwyn MS East Union Attendance Center 2025 OF 96.5 mph
18 Topher Jones MS Hernando 2024 3B 96.3 mph
19 Calvin Robinson MS Northwest Rankin 2024 LHP 96.2 mph
20 Phillip Herring MS Greene County 2023 1B 96.1 mph
21 Kyle Mabie TN Evangelical Christian School 2025 1B 95.6 mph
22 Mason Hildreth MS DeSoto Central 2027 3B 95.3 mph
23 Jackson White MS Wayne Academy 2024 OF 95.3 mph
24 Connor Fadalla AL Baker 2023 3B 95.2 mph
25 Jackson Moore MS Tishomingo County 2025 3B 95.1 mph


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