Mississippi Open: Pitcher Reports

Matt Miller
State Director

Hattiesburg, MS - The Mississippi Open was held on Wednesday, June 8th at Pete Taylor Park on the campus of The University of Southern Miss in Hattiesburg, MS. This event consisted of some of the top prospects from the 2023-2027 classes. These players went through a pro-style workout and took batting practice using Trackman and Blast Motion to record hitting metrics. Pitchers were able to throw in a bullpen setting and were able to get numbers and metrics off of our Trackman unit, such as pitch velocity, spin rate, horizontal & vertical movement & much more. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing at the event. 


Thomas Mitchell, Hernando (MS), 2024

Positional Profile: RHP/3B
Body: 6-3, 225-pounds. Big, sturdy frame.
Delivery: Easy tempo with very repeatable delivery. Good extension into release with next level upside.
Arm Action: RH. Loose arm action, some restriction
FB: T88.3, 85.5-87.6 mph. Good arm side run and works the inner half of the plate well. T1942, 1879 average rpm.
CB: 74.2-75.4 mph. Good tumbling action and depth. 11/5 shape, T2061, 1758 average rpm.
CH: 77.1-77.3 mph. T1640, 1609 average rpm.

Matthew Birdsong, Madison Central (MS), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/3B
Body: 5-10, 190-pounds. Sturdy, durable frame.
Delivery: Smooth tempo and repeatable delivery. Stays on the back side well. Controlled finish though falls to 1B side occasionally.
Arm Action: RH. Quick and loose arm action.
FB: T82.1, 80.9-82.0 mph. Good command, works in the strike zone with good horizontal action.  T1787, 1711 average rpm.
CB:  mph.  T,  average rpm.
SL: 69.8-70.9 mph. T1208, 1041 average rpm.
CH: 75.4-77.4 mph. T1899, 1815 average rpm.

Currie Jones, Northwest Rankin (MS), 2023
Positional Profile: LHP
Body: 6-1, 160-pounds. Long, lanky frame.
Delivery: Easy tempo and repeatable delivery. Direction offline to 1B side into release. Falls to the 3B side while working in the strike zone.
Arm Action: LH. Fairly loose arm action with length.
FB: T81.5, 80.0-81.5 mph. Good life in the zone and should get plenty of soft contact when working lower half. T2224, 2219 average rpm.
CB: 67.4-68.4 mph. Nice tumbling action and command. T2177, 2161 average rpm.
CH: 75.8-76.2 mph. Change up mimics FB well. T1448, 1409 average rpm. 

Aidan Bellman, DIberville (MS), 2023
Positional Profile: LHP/OF
Body: 5-11, 165-pounds.
Delivery: Quick, tempo from stretch. Good direction and depth at release. Controlled finish.
Arm Action: LH. Long arm action.
FB: T80.5, 78.5-80.5 mph. Solid arm side action when in the zone. T1973, 1837 average rpm.
SL: 64.8-65.7 mph. Developing feel and action. T1584, 1509 average rpm.
CH: 67.7-68.1 mph. Mimics fastball well in delivery. T1055, 1041 average rpm.

Austin Lee, St. Patrick Catholic (MS), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-0, 165-pounds.
Delivery: Up tempo delivery and repeatable, stride length could get longer.
Arm Action: RH. Low 3/4 arm slot with some looseness.
FB: T76.8, 75.5-76.7 mph. Solid sinking type action when in the strike zone. T2127, 2026 average rpm.
SL: 63.2-64.7 mph. Sweeping, swing and miss action when middle away to righties. T2105, 2062 average rpm.
CH: 72.9-74.4 mph. T1798, 1720 average rpm.

Brock Cantrell, Ocean Springs (MS), 2023
Positional Profile: RHP/1B
Body: 6-3, 175-pounds.
Delivery: Solid delivery and repeatable. Good lines and depth at release.
Arm Action: RH. Long, loose arm action.
FB: T83.8, 81.5-83.8 mph. Good life and arm side run. T1937, 1914 average rpm.
SL: 67.6-70.2 mph. Tight action with glove side command. T2078, 2020 average rpm.
CH: 70.7-73.5 mph. T1882, 1804 average rpm.