PBR Future Games: Team Mississippi Statistical Leaderboards

Colin Chamblin
Manager, Deep South Operations

Emerson, GA - Team Mississippi wrapped up their week at the 2022 PBR Future Games over at LakePoint Sports on Saturday. Throughout the week, players from all across the country and even Canada were represented at the premier event. Hundreds of college coaches were in attendance at the event and were able to see Mississippi along with other teams across the country.

Mississippi wrapped up their week by going 2-1 in their 3 game set. As we continue our post event coverage from the Future Games, today we are taking a look at all the players from Team Mississippi and their positional stats from the workout from last Wednesday.

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60 Times (Swift)

High School Player 60 Times
Ripley Ty Long 6.97
Madison Ridgeland Academy Ethan Mallett 7.04
Lewisburg Austin Hannigan 7.06
Germantown Drew Harrison 7.07
Mooreville Mason Gillentine 7.12
Germantown Jackson Hood 7.12
Itawamba Cooper Waddle 7.14
Mooreville Mason McMillin 7.15


Max Fastball Velocity (TrackMan)

High School Player Max FB Velocity
Kirk Academy Logan Pratt 91 MPH
Franklin County Dalton Meadows 91 MPH
East Union Landon Harmon 91 MPH
Hernando Thomas Mitchell 90 MPH
Lewisburg Cayden Baker 90 MPH
Lewisburg Matthew Osteen 89 MPH
Germantown Drew Harrison 88 MPH
Ripley Ty Long 87 MPH
Oak Grove Maddox Miller 86 MPH


Max Exit Velocity (TrackMan)

High School Player Max Exit Velocity
Hernando Topher Jones 99.1 MPH
Mooreville Mason McMillin 98.5 MPH
Germantown Drew Harrison 97.7 MPH
Germantown Jackson Hood 95.6 MPH
Lewisburg Austin Hannigan 94.9 MPH
Madison Ridgeland Academy Ethan Mallett 94.1 MPH
Hernando Luke Romine 94 MPH
Ripley Ty Long 93.7 MPH
Mooreville Mason Gillentine  93 MPH 
Magnolia Heights Will Howell  92.9 MPH


Infield Velocity

High School Player INF Velocity
Ripley Ty Long 90 MPH
Lewisburg Austin Hannigan 85 MPH
Germantown Drew Harrison 84 MPH
Hernando Topher Jones 84 MPH
Lewisburg Ethan Barnes 81 MPH
Germantown Jackson Hood 81 MPH
Madison Ridgeland Academy John Whit Snopek 79 MPH


Outfield Velocity

High School Player OF Velocity
Hernando Luke Romine 87 MPH
Madison Ridgeland Academy Ethan Mallett 86 MPH
Mooreville Mason McMillin 83 MPH
Magnolia Heights Will Howell 82 MPH


Catcher Velocity

High School Player Catcher Velocity
Mooreville Mason Gillentine 79 MPH
Magee Banks Teater 78 MPH
West Jones Camden Clark 77 MPH
Lewisburg Ethan Barnes 72 MPH


Catcher Pop Times

High School Player Pop Times
Mooreville Mason Gillentine 1.81-1.90
West Jones Camden Clark 1.91-1.98
Lewisburg Ethan Barnes 1.91-2.03
Magee Banks Teater 1.92-1.94