Gate City Titans ID II - Stats & Quick Hitters

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

PBR of North Carolina was on hand at High Point Christian for an Open ID with the Gate City Titans. The event featured players from the 2022-2025 grad classes. 

The day started with position players running a laser timed 60. After the 60 players took on field batting practice followed by a defensive workout for outfielders, catchers, and infielders. Pitchers finished the workout throwing a controlled bullpen with velocities being recorded on the Stalker Radar Gun. 

Below we take a look at some numbers posted throughout the event as well as some players who stood out during the pro-style workout.


Statistical Analysis


CLICK HERE to see the full stats and roster from the day



Players ran a laser timed 60 yard dash to start the pro-style workout. The 60 was ran on a natural surface. 

Rank Name State School Class Pos 60-yard
1 Connor Welker NC Cox Mill 2022 2B 6.79
2 Alijah Womack NC Dudley 2022 OF 7.13
3 Samuel Carpenter NC Lincolnton 2022 SS 7.47



Infielders were able to workout at shortstop throwing across the infield, or from 1B throwing to 2B and 3B in the pro-style workout.  Coaches are working to evaluate rhythm, footwork, hands, exchanges, arm action, accuracy, and carry.  To measure arm strength PBR Scouts utilize a radar gun.  Below are the top posted positional velocities from the day.

Rank Name State School Class Pos INF Velo
1 Connor Welker NC Cox Mill 2022 2B 80
2 Jake Roshau WV Greenbrier East 2022 LHP 75
3 Samuel Carpenter NC Lincolnton 2022 SS 73



Outfielders worked out from right field, making throws to the plate.  Throws were measured by a radar gun to gauge arm strength.  Scouts are also working to see exchange, arm path, carry, and accuracy.

Rank Name State School Class Pos OF Velo
1 Alijah Womack NC Dudley 2022 OF 70



In the pro-style workout, catchers workout from behind home plate, making multiple throws to 2B, simulating a stolen base attempt.  Scouts again are looking for a quick, clean transition to the release as well as carry and accuracy on the throw.  For catchers, evaluators will put a stopwatch on the “pop time” or the time the ball hits their glove to the time the ball hits the MIF’s glove at 2B.  Coaches can also time the transition from when the ball hits the catchers glove to when he is able to release his throw.  PBR scouts add the radar gun to put a number on the arm strength out of the crouched position.

Rank Name State School Class Pos C Velo
1 Nolan Coe NC South Stokes 2023 C 73
2 Ben Gowdy NC Southwest Guilford 2022 C 68

Rank Name State School Class Pos Pop Time
1 Nolan Coe NC South Stokes 2023 C 2.19-2.35
2 Ben Gowdy NC Southwest Guilford 2022 C 2.29-2.37


Max Fastball Velocity

Pitchers threw controlled bullpens with their velocities being recorded on the Stalker Radar Gun.

Rank Name State School Class Pos Max FB
1 Samuel Carpenter NC Lincolnton 2022 SS 81 mph
2 Jake Roshau WV Greenbrier East 2022 LHP 76 mph



Quick Hitters

Ben Gowdy, C, Southwest Guilford HS, 2022
Average build at 5-foot-10, 150 pounds.  Good balance and rhythm from the right side.  Balanced setup with a simple stride.  Tip load with the barrel.  Shows hand strength with average to above bat speed.  Good barrel feel.  Average power for his age, off the bat.  Behind the dish, has some athleticism with decent feet.  Arm has some carry.  Working to be more efficient with his exchange.  Average carry with a peak pop time of 2.29.  Showed feel for his line and the bag on throws.

Justin Wilkes, OF, Page HS, 2023
Average frame with maturation still ahead.  Stands 5-foot-9, 135 pounds.  Left handed hitter.  Flat through the zone with average bat speed and barrel feel for his age.  Loose with an aggressive lower half.  Showed accuracy and a clean arm from the outfield.

Alijah Womack, OF, Dudley HS, 2022
Thin 5-foot-9, 150 pound left handed hitter.  Has twitch.  Ran a 7.13 but faded a little towards the end and will see his sixty time drop as he adds strength to his frame.  Some effort in the release from the outfield with a feel for throwing to the bag.  Lefty has some effort in his swing, working inside-out and at times steep through the zone.  Raw but has quickness.

Connor Welker, SS, Cox Mill HS, 2022
Thin 5-foot-10, 155 pound frame.  Has twitch and quickness.  Ran a  6.79 on the laser.  Time could improve as he continues to add strength to his frame.  Defensively plays with some pace.  Good bend in his hips.  Tends to catch the ball deep, working to transition from his mid section.  Some length in the exchange and release.  Average to above carry across the diamond with a peak velocity of 80mph.  Long arm swing to a high-3/4 slot with some feel for the bag.  Right handed hitter works direct to the ball, staying gap-to-gap.  Balanced approach.   Average bat speed.  Should see the swing play at a higher level as he adds strength.

Nolan Coe, C, South Stokes HS, 2022
Strength present at 6-foot-1, 180.  Featured some consistency behind the dish with pop times settling at 2.19, 2.19 and 2.26 on three of his four throws.  Showed accuracy.  Right handed hitter has strength.  Long at times, working to stay gap-to-gap.  Average barrel feel and bat speed.

Jake Roshau, LHP, Greenbrier East (WV), 2022
Some length, with strength present, at 6-foot-2, 180 pounds.  A bit rotational through the delivery, losing the line early at times, and falling to the 3B side.  Fastball ranged 73-76.  Arm speed suggests more is in the tank.  Fastball spin at 2125rpm.  Short, late life on the breaking ball.  Consistently threw for a strike at 62-64.  Change up at 68 gives him three solid pitches to attack hitters.