Middle Infielder Analysis: Rawlings Prospects / College Prospect Open

Brandon Hall, Matt Payne, & Lee Miller
North Carolina Director of Scouting & PBR NC Scouts

PBR was on hand at Campbell’s Jim Perry Stadium to run the Rawlings Prospects Scout Day in conjunction with the College Prospect Open Scout Day.  The Rawlings Prospects is a club organization that runs teams at the high school ages, and younger. For their scout day, players were run through a full pro-style workout on the turf field at Campbell.

The PBR Scout Day with the Rawlings Prospects ran in conjunction with an Open Scout Day, allowing players from across North Carolina to update their statistics, evaluation, and video within their PBR Profile.  All players attending the event are receiving the updated information and video, as well as updating their player grade in the PBR files, allowing PBR to continue to rank players in the various graduating classes.  Players with a player grade will also be considered for “Invite Only” events as well as national events like the PBR Future Games and the Super 60.

Today we jump into the player evaluations with the middle infielders.  Four players included several good athletes as well a potential dual prospect that touched 88 on the mound.  Below are full evaluations, statistics and links to the player pages that include the individual player videos.

CLICK HERE to see the complete Scout Day roster for the Rawlings Prospects

CLICK HERE to see the players attending the College Prospect Open Scout Day

CLICK HERE to see the full statistical release from the August 7th Scout Day.


Middle Infielder Analysis



Ty Cummings 2B / RHP / Corinth Holders , NC / 2020


Broad shoulders and a lanky build at 6-foot-2, 175 pounds.  Wiry, strength can continue to be added to the frame. Potential dual player whose athleticism has a chance to play on the infield and on the mound.  7.16 laser timed 60 yard dash. Confident in the box with high barrel awareness. Right handed hitter balanced and tall with high hands and a flat bat in his setup.  Quiet, uses a leg kick to push his weight back. Weight gets centered and is not pressed back all the way on each pitch. Average stride and aggressive movement to the front side with good back side action.  Strong with bat speed through the zone. Good leverage. Exit velocity of 85 mph off the barrel. Easy, active feet with confidence in his hands. Works with ease to create angle and the hop he wants. Funnels to the midsection.  Quick, clean, athletic exchange. Strong arm with carry and accuracy across the diamond. Positional velocity of 82 mph across the diamond.

On the mound, the arm is really quick through the release with the fastball ranging 85-88.  When the front side is on line, the fastball has sink, heavy at times. When the front side is early and open there is run, early out of the hand.  Good feel for a sinking change-up. Throws it with hand speed, sitting 76-80. Breaking ball has short, late 11/5 tilt at 73-75. Around the zone with all three pitches.  Little choppy with his rhythm through the delivery, staying level, with an average leg kick. On-line with a closed toe at foot strike. Long arm action works to the top with a position of strength and high-¾ release.


Colby Miller 2B / SS / Eastern Wayne, NC / 2019

Small frame at 5-foot-7, 145 pounds.  Athletic tendencies. 7.17 60 yard dash time.  Right handed hitter is open, with a short stride getting close to back to even.  Loads with the hands. Good rhythm Vertical bat. Line drive approach, working gap-to-gap.  Some quickness through the zone with a feel for the barrel. Exit velocity of 87 mph off the barrel.  Defensively, active feet works to get around the ball. Good bend in the hips catching the ball off the left inside hip and funneling to the midsection with softness.  Long feet in the exchange with a clean arm. Carry is present with accuracy at 81 mph across the diamond. Athleticism played in the outfield as well with a positional velocity of 81 from their as well.  



Will Orr 2B / SS / FUQUAY VARINA, NC / 2021

5 feet 10, 165-pound average build.  Hits from the right side with a tall, open setup. Smooth back in his load with a short stride.  Lower half gets through the ball with good balance throughout his swing. Looks to stay inside the ball with a gap to gap, line drive approach.  Fluid swing with feel for his barrel. Exit velocity recorded at 84 mph. Plays through balls on the infield with fluid feet and average hands. Short arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Accurate arm across the diamond that peaked at 83 mph. Recorded a 7.94 in the 60-yard dash.



Zachary Zoltoski SS / RHP / Leesville Road, NC / 2019

6 feet, 165-pound average build.  Hits from the right side using a tall setup.  Smooth leg kick with his hands working back during his load.  Gets his lower half through the ball with average bat speed. Pull approach with his barrel working level through the zone, getting long at times.  Exit velocity recorded at 87 mph. Plays through balls on the infield with average hands. Has some stiffness in his hips. Clean exchanges, throwing from different slots and some accuracy to his throws.  Arm peaked at 80 mph across the diamond. Recorded a 7.55 in the 60-yard dash.
On the mound, works on-line and in-line, landing square, with a whippy arm.  Medium arm action to a high-¾ slot with some quickness in the hand. Fastball ranged 79-83 with flat, early run.  Breaking ball works from a slower arm speed at 64-67 with early, gradual 12/6 tilt. The change-up is thrown from a slightly higher slot, turning the ball over early.  Some arm side run, sitting 63-69.