PBR Scout Day: 5 Star Baseball - Pitchers

By Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Sunday May 21st Prep Baseball Report traveled to South Mecklenburg HS in Charlotte, NC to evaluate the Five Star Baseball Scout Day.  Five Star is a new program to North Carolina, kind of.  With much of the roster and staff coming from 2016's Team Rawlings, Five Star is a national brand with a North Carolina team.  The Five Star teams have evloved from the Chain organization in past years.  Over the coming days, PBR will dive into the Scout Day with reports on each player in attendance.  Today we concentrate on the primary pitchers that worked out at the Scout Day.

PBR Scout Days allow players to update their PBR profile page with updated and verified statistics, a full evaluation, and video.  The evaluations are performed by PBR staff members with a history of college and professional scouting.  All of the information will be hosted on the PBR platform, connecting players to over 800 colleges and universities, and every MLB team.

5 Star Baseball - Pitchers




Jalen Austin RHP / RHP / West Forsyth, NC / 2019

Lanky and projectable at 6-foot-5, 190 pounds.  Works from a high-¾ slot with the arm swing working behind the body line, creating some stiffness and shoulder restriction.  Good balance point, but some effort as the arm works to get forward.  Shoulders are closed to the line at balance, but works to land on line.  Fastball ranged 77-79.  Threw two different breaking balls.  The slider sat 66-68, sweeping out of the hand and through the zone.  Curveball touched 61 with gradual arm in a 10/4 shape.  Both breaking balls were erratic, showing better feel when he backed the pitches up, two in a row.  Change-up topped at 68, working with similar arm speed to the fastball.





McCourry Gortney LHP / 1B / A.C. Reynolds, NC / 2019

Big bodied lefty, physically imposing at 6-foot-4, 215 pounds.  Fastball ranged 70-73.  Showed a feel for the strike zone but was elevated.  Curveball and change are both serviceable pitches allowing for a three pitch mix.  Breaking ball sat 64-66 with early 2/8 shape.  Kept fastball hand speed, disguising the pitch early.  The change worked 66-68 with deception in the arm and a feel for the zone.  Works from an over-the-top slot with a long arm swing, showing some stiffness, with the head leaving the line at release.  There is effort and the arm speed needs to improve to forecast a jump.  Works level, in-line, finishing with some athleticism.  Somewhat nimble for the big frame, ran a 7.28 sixty.





Alec Hunter LHP / OF / Westchester Country Day, NC / 2018

Strong, lanky frame, standing 6-foot-2, 175 pounds.  Quick arm flashed a fastball touching 80, but a quick jump may take place as he threw in a driving rain to finish the workout.  Filled the zone up with all three pitches, showing a feel and athleticism.  Long and loose through the arm swing working to a high-¾ slot that could be seen dropping easily to a ¾ slot.  Good balance and easy effort as he works with rhythm and level shoulders.  Front side, lower half swings to the foot strike position.  Repeats with ease.  Breaking ball worked 59-62 with gradual ⅖ shape, slowing the arm, possibly due to the conditions.  Change-up is a useable third pitch, topping at 67.  Slowed the arm but showed feel for the zone.  Quickness and athleticism in the body.  Ran a 6.99 sixty.





Jake Hylinski RHP / 1B / Clover, NC / 2019

Showed feel for his body and the ability to repeat his actions in a 5-foot-11, 180 pound frame.  Fastball worked up to 78 from an over-the-top slot.  Up in the zone with the fastball, it did set up his curveball with 11/5 action, sitting 69.  The breaking ball uses a short action and there is feel for the strike zone with the pitch.  Hand speed mimics fastball.  Change-up is the third pitch, but has use within the repertoire.  Faded with good handspeed, at 71-74.  Hand works inside the pitch early, alleviating the look-alike factor.  Around the zone with the change.  Average arm speed from a long arm swing with good rhythm throughout the delivery.  Works level with his shoulder and lands on-line.  Easy arm to the top slot.  Repeats the delivery consistently.





Jackson Lowery LHP / 1B / North Gaston, NC / 2019

Strong build with a thick lower half.  A little choppy through the delivery, sitting on the backside to work to a high-¾ slot with a long arm action.  Some effort as the fastball worked 76-78, locating to both sides at times.  Shoulders are level, slightly closed at balance, as the body lands on-line.  The curveball ranged 62-64, cast from a similar slot to the fastball with gradual 2/8 arc.  The ball flashed up out of the hand when the arm speed slowed to try to locate.   Potential for the pitch to tighten quickly exists.  Change-up showed fade with near fastball arm speed.  Front side is early on change, sitting 70 with fade.  Overall command improved throughout the bullpen session, significantly upgrading on pitches 15-20 vs. 1-5.





Kevin Newlin RHP / SS / Southwestern Randolph, NC / 2020

Young frame with an average 5-foot-9, 150 pound build.  Fastball has action, working to the side of location, cutting to glove side and running to arm side, ranging 71-74.  Curveball sat 60-61 with average 10/4 tilt.  Near fastball arm speed and at times erratic, the breaking ball is a pitch that can be seen giving hitters an issue.  Change-up is a distant third pitch, pushing it through the release point with a slow arm.  Did produce fade, sitting 64-65.  A little stiff through the delivery, tends to get rotational working to a high-¾ slot with a long arm action.  Some effort with marginal rhythm.  Shoulders work to close the line at balance, swinging the front side to release.





Austin Primm RHP / 1B / North Gaston, NC / 2018

Strong, monstrous build at 6-foot-5, 235 pounds.  Good athleticism and feel.  Quickness has continued to improve as he ran a 7.40 sixty with acceleration off the line.  Working from a high-¾ slot and ease throughout the delivery, the fastball ranged 84-86 with arm side run and a quick arm.  Showed feel for locating to both sides.  Straight change-up touched 76 with fastball look-alike tendencies and arm side run.  Should act as his second pitch based on the bullpen.  Breaking ball lacked action sitting 75-77.  Long, loose arm swing with easy repeatable mechanics.  Smooth rhythm and level shoulders, landed on-line.