Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Evaluations: 2020 Pitchers

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

One hundred of the top players from across North Carolina converged on Pineville, NC and the On Deck Academy to take part in the PBR Preseason All-State event.  In its third year, the Preseason All-State event has become one of the premier events in North Carolina for high caliber high school players. 

Billed as one of the top events in the state, with an incredible roster put together the day did not disappoint.  Personal records, as well as event records were shattered throughout the day.  Six primary pitchers threw from the 2020 class.  Several arms, profiled below, showed athleticism on the bump with high ceilings moving forward.   This group included the top fastball at the event.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster from the workout, along with the baseball analytics compiled on each player.
CLICK HERE to see the speed and agility numbers compiled on players in attendance.

Preseason All-State - By the Numbers:

+ The event soldout in record time, over 20 days prior to the event
+ 95 of the 100 registrants showed up for the workout
+ 26 players in the Senior Class
+ 48 players in the Junior Class
+ 80 players ran a timed 30 yard dash.  Median time of 4.08 with 31 players running a 3.90 or better
+ 44 players worked out on the infield
+ 78 mph was median velocity of infielder’s positional throws.  12 players clocked 81 or higher
+ 28 players worked out in the outfield
+ 86 mph was the median positional throw from the outfield with 2 players above 90 mph.
+ 18 catchers workout behind the dish with 6 players recording a positional velocity of 76 mph or higher
+ 2.08 – 2.18 was the median Pop Time range for catchers
+ 9 catchers registered a best pop time of under 2.10 in the workout format
+ 35 pitchers worked out in the bullpen format
+ 83 mph was the median of the max fastballs from each pitcher
+ 13 arms touched 85 or better with one arm reaching 90 mph


Preseason All-State Evaluations: 2020 Pitchers



Jesse Ashenfarb LHP / 1B / Cox Mill, NC / 2020


Lean, lanky 6-foot-2, 180 pound frame.  Beginning to mature and show a muscular tone.  Stretch only.  Simple delivery working slow to quick, over the rubber.  Works up, down, and out with the lead leg, landing slightly across his line.  Medium arm swing to a high-3/4 slot that floats up at times.  Fastball ranged 74-76, around the zone, with depth when down in the zone.  Breaking ball flashes tight spin at 61-64.  Occasional depth.  When the slotting mimics fastball, the spin pitch could create a lot of issues for hitters.  Lacks trust in the change at 72. 



Baxley Holshouser RHP / 3B / Sanderson, NC / 2020


Some length in a 6-foot-2, 175 pound frame.  Continuing to mature.  Fastball up to 85, sitting comfortably 82-84 as the bullpen progressed.  Attacks the zone with all three.  Strike thrower.  Breaking ball is sharp with feel for the zone at 69-71.  Has trust in his spin.  Change-up is the third pitch, pushed at times with a slower arm, ranging 66-69.  Simple leg lift, curling the body around the front side.  Strides out on-line allowing for extension.  Medium arm swing, reaching down at separation, working back to a high-3/4 slot.  Falls to the 1B side after release. 



Seth Keener RHP / SS / East Surry, NC / 2020


Strong defined lower half in a 6-foot, 175 pound frame.  Fastball bumped 90, sitting 88-89.  Late action.  Ball jumps.  Long, loose arm swing and quick hand get to a high-3/4 slot.  Simple delivery that coils around the front side at balance, while settling on the back side.  Lands a full stride across his line, with loose hips firing his front side back into his direction.  Lacks some extension as the body is spinning over the front side at release.  Downer breaking ball at 74-78.  Erratic at times, it is hard and thrown with conviction.  Change-up has sink from a slightly slower arm speed, touching 79.  The looseness and whip in the hips and arm create a sense of a very high ceiling.



Jackson Kirkpatrick RHP / McMichael, NC / 2020


Towering 6-foot-6, 220 pound frame.  Still working to control his center of gravity over the rubber, but it is coming and when it syncs the ball jumps out of the hand.  Fastball up to 86, sitting 80-84 with angle when down.  Erratic at times, began to move the ball around the zone towards the end of the pen.  Small rocker to the side, lifting the knee above the belt as the pelvis tilts up.  Back leg sinks slightly while gathering the weight.  Medium arm swing works with a quick hand to a high-3/4 release.  Lands on-line and square, working for extension through the target.  Change-up has fade at 72-74, flashing feel for the down zone.  The breaking ball ranged 71-73 with sharp, late tilt.  Erratic, he is working to throw it with arm speed and allow the spin to produce hard action.



Rhett Lowder RHP / North Stanly, NC / 2020


Athletic 6-foot-3, 165 pound frame.  Looseness is present throughout the delivery.  Side steps, dragging pivot foot to 1B side of rubber.  Knee lifts to bottom of the chest with foot tucked under the knee.  Strides out on-line with an active backside and quiet upper half.  Level shoulders and long arm swing work to a high-3/4 release with a very quick hand.  Fastball up to 86, ranging 83-86 with arms side run.  Good angle and repeats the release with ease.  Spins the breaking ball with feel for the zone and some sense of changing speeds on it.  Curveball ranged 66-70, throwing a couple at 70 with tight, hard action and 11/5 tilt.  Change-up gives him three weapons in the arsenal.  Has feel and fade at 75-77.  A lot to like in the delivery and stuff as he continues to mature and add strength.



Carson Swaim RHP / Oak Grove, NC / 2020

Average frame with a thick lower half in a 5-foot-11, 185 pound frame.  Fluid temp and easy arm action to a high-3/4 slot.  Average leg kick, working level, on-line, and land square with the foot.  Gets extension and repeats the delivery.  Arm works with some quickness.  Fastball ranged 72-79, around the plate.  Misses were arm side, early in the bullpen.  Breaking ball flashed depth.  Typically used gradual tilt at 63-64, with similar hand speed to that of the fastball.  Change-up is around the plate at 67-70.