Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Carolina Rockies Scout Day Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

On Tuesday August 3rd, 2021 PBR of North Carolina was on hand at High Point Christian for a scout day with the Carolina Rockies. 48 total players participated with grad years ranging from the 2022-2025 classes. 

After the players stretched, catchers started the day going through their defensive evaluation making throws to second base with coaches recording pop times and coaches grading accuracy and carry with their velocities being recorded by the Stalker Radar Gun. Pitchers then threw a controlled bullpen of 15-20 pitches showcasing their arsenal of pitches and Trackman gathering Ball Flight data. After the pitchers, position players began their workout by running a laser timed 60, followed by batting practice on the field and Trackman collecting ball flight analytics. The day finished with infielders and outfielders going through a defensive evaluation. 

Below we take our first look at some of the numbers collected throughout the event. 


By the Numbers

  • 48 total players
  • 8 players ran a 7.20 or better 60 on the lasers
  • 3 infield arms topped at 80 mph or higher
  • 6 outfield arms reached 81 mph or higher
  • 3 catcher arm velocities were recorded at 74 mph or better
  • 4 catchers had pop times of 2.10 or lower
  • 13 hitters had an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher
  • 5 fastballs topped at 86 mph or higher
  • 2 pitchers had fastballs reach 89 mph
  • 2476 rpm was the top fastball spin
  • 2866 rpm was the top curveball spin


Quick Hitters: Pitchers


Trace Aufderhar (RHP, High Point Christian, 2023) – Athletic and lanky at 6-foot-2, 180 pounds.  Sound delivery, working out of the stretch only.  Long arm swing creating whip and excellent arm speed through a high-3/4 release.  Fastball peaked at 89 with an average spin of 2338rpm.  1:15 spin tilt out of the hand with sink metrics and some run to the arm side.  Around the zone, showing feel for the glove side.  Good arm speed and some feel for his change-up.  Gradual, 10/4 tilt on the breaking ball with a slight hump out of the hand.  Big horizontal movement through the zone, spinning up to 2290rpm.

Jack Brodeur (RHP, CE Jordan HS, 2025) – Large frame with broad shoulders and strength in the lower half.  Stands 6-foot-3, 175 pounds.  Choppy rhythm in the delivery that should continue to smooth as reps are gained, with maturity on the mound.  Short arm action, working to load the scapular.  Closed through balance, working back to an on-line foot strike.  Loads the back-side as the front leg reaches.  High-3/4 release.  Solid arm speed.  More arm strength than arm speed.  Fastball has solid ride with arm side run, peaking at 82 with a max spin of 2335rpm.  Sweepy breaking ball is thrown with arm speed and should continue to mature as Brodeur is on the mound in the coming years.  Flashed feel for a change-up with solid arm speed.

Braxton Cain (RHP, Southern Alamance HS, 2024) – Lots of maturation ahead.  Listed at 5-foot-10, 120 pounds.  Clean with solid arm speed and good direction.  ¾ slot is loose and easy.  As strength is added, stuff should grow.  Pounded the zone with all three pitches.  Fastball at 72-73.  Breaking ball works with sweep away from the right handed hitter.  Some length at 61-62, spinning at 2007rpm.

Tony Lopez (RHP, Ledford HS, 2023) – Length is present in the 6-foot-2, 185 pound build.  Easy to dream about the frame and stuff growing in the coming years with a clean arm action and release.  Short arm action works to an over-the-top slot.  Solid direction.  Creates some downhill angle through the zone.  Fastball at 81-82, playing true out of the hand and spinning up to 2213rpm.  Tight, top to bottom action on the curveball.  11/5 tilt.  Ranged 73-75, suggesting the handspeed is ready to see the fastball velocity grow soon.  Breaking ball spin rate maxed at 2279rpm.  Better feel for glove side throughout the bullpen, with all three pitches.

Tyshorn Phillips (LHP, Mount Tabor HS, 2022) – Physical frame with broad shoulders and defined strength.  Stands 5-foot-8, 170 pounds.  Long arm swing with a slight hook out of the glove with the wrist.  Hook leads to some inconsistency in the high-3/4 release.  Quick arm.  Fastball up to 84 with an average spin rate of 2036rpm.  Some ride through the zone, darting to the arm side, late at times.  Better feel for arm side at this time.  Good arm speed on the change-up with a similar tunnel to the fastball, fading to the arm side through the zone.  Breaking ball has sweeping action, working out of the hand.

Dylan Story (RHP, High Point Christian, 2023) – Physical presence with broad shoulders and strength present at 6-foot-3, 190 pounds.  Fastball ranged 85-86 with good spin, averaging 2323rpm, but still producing sink metrics with a 12:15 tilt at release.  Pounded the down zone, showing feel for the glove side.  Slider over breaking ball right now with tight spin and late break, sweeping away from right-handed hitters.  Slider is thrown with aggression.  Curveball works with top to bottom tilt and a slight hump out of the hand.  Intent and aggression throughout the bullpen.  Solid arm speed.  Arm strength over arm speed at this time.

Cameron Taylor (RHP, North Surry HS, 2023) – Lean and lanky at 6-foot-7, 160 pounds.  Long arm swing works to an over-the-top slot.  Fights through some effort to create the down hill angle at release.  Fastball peaked at 78 with some arm side run.  Good arm speed on the breaking ball.  Late 11/5 tilt.  Threw a knuckleball as the 3rd pitch, lacking some arm speed and a similar tunnel, but did feature tumbling action with some feel for the zone.

Rylan Venable (RHP, Mount Airy HS, 2024) – Broad shoulders and athletic frame, standing 6-foot-3, 175 pounds.  Long arms.  Repeats well for his young age and length.  Quick arm through a high-3/4 release.  Big arm that will continue to grow.  Loose and down hill with whip.  Solid direction, landing on-line and finishing with athleticism.  Fastball at 87-89, spinning at 1985 with 1:30 spin tilt out of the hand.  Worked to both sides and was able to elevate when asked.  More run than ride on the fastball.  Secondary stuff is still developing but the slider and change-up are being thrown with arm speed and should grow as he gains reps and maturity on the mound.

Jarred Lindholm (RHP, Oak Grove HS, 2023) – Average frame with athletic feel on the mound.  Stands at 6-foot, 185 pounds.  Long arm action, slightly laid off hand at the foot strike, but creates whip through a high-3/4 slot.  Down hill with solid direction.  Fastball up to 87 with sink metrics and a 1:00 spin tilt at release.  Better feel for the glove side.  Breaking ball and change-up give him a solid 3-pitch arsenal.  Curveball up to 77 with spin averaging 2052rpm.  Good arm speed.  Late, 10/4 tilt.  Thrown for a strike.   Change-up ranged 80-82 with a similar tunnel to the fastball, creating more run late, to the arm side.

Ethan Yarborough (LHP, Oak Grove HS, 2023) – Strike thrower with an athletic arm.  Stands 5-foot-10, 165 pounds.  Medium arm swing, working closed through balance and landing slightly across his line.  High-3/4 slot with average to above arm speed.  Fastball at 78-80 with average ride and run.  Located to the arm side, elevating at times on command.  Breaking ball for a strike.  Early, rolling 2/8 tilt.  Bigger action out of the hand with up to 15mph difference from fastball.  Change-up for a strike.  Some fade.  Slightly slower hand at release.

Davin Whitaker (RHP, Davie County HS, 2023) – Some length in the 6-foot-2, 162 pound frame.  Coils the lower half at balance, working back to a slightly cross-fire release.  Long arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Athletic arm.  Firm with ride through the zone at 84-87, spinning at 2415rpm on average.  12:30 spin tilt out of the hand.  Curveball peaked at 74, spinning up to 2866rpm with depth and 11/5 tilt.  Hard, it was thrown for a strike consistently.  Solid arm speed and feel on the change-up.