Quick Hitters: Team Carolina Trials - Fayetteville - Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

On Sunday May 29th PBR of North Carolina hosted trials for Team Carolina at JP Riddle Stadium in Fayetteville, NC. The Team Carolina Trials leads to identifying prospects for some of the summer’s biggest invite only events like NC/SC Border Battle, PBR Southeast Senior Games, Top Prospect Games, and the PBR Future Games. The event featured players from the 2023-2026 grad classes. 

The day began with catchers going through a full defensive workout. Pitchers then threw a controlled bullpen with Trackman gathering ball flight analytics. Following the pitchers, position players ran a laser timed 60 and also had jumping metrics recorded using Swift Technology. Position players then took batting practice on the field with Trackman collection ball flight data. The day concluded with outfielders and infielders taking part in a defensive workout. 

Below we begin our breakdown of the players in attendance looking at the top performers in different categories.  Look for more statistics and information to follow in the coming days. 

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Quick Hitters

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Graham Wike, 2B/OF, 2023

5-foot-7, 155-pound build. Balanced swing with a direct path. Has feel for his barrel with a flat path through the zone. Hands are quick, lined balls to his pull side in BP. Peak exit velocity at 90.6 mph. Accurate arm from the outfield. 

Cullen McGee, 3B/RHP, 2023

Athletic build at 6-foot, 180-pounds. Hit balls off the barrel working to both gaps in BP. Barrel is short to the ball and stays through the zone. Ball off his bat topped at 94.8 mph. Fluid actions on the infield with trust in his hands and an accurate arm. 

Jackson Crute, C/1B, 2023

Lanky frame with room to add strength at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds. Loose, quick hands with a direct barrel path. Works gap to gap with a line drive approach, top exit velocity at 85.1 mph. Accurate arm from behind the plate. Has looseness to his hips sliding to block balls in the dirt. 

Connor Shoulders, LHP/OF, 2023

Strength in a 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame. Left hand hitter. Fast hands with a mostly flat barrel path getting extension out front. Works mostly through the middle and to the opposite field. Ball off his bat reached 93.9 mph. Accurate arm from the outfield. 

Bobby Lowery, OF/LHP, 2023

5-foot-10, 175-pound build. Left hand hitter with a balanced swing. Hands are loose and quick. Barrel stays through the zone. Worked through the middle of the field with his top exit velocity at 90.4 mph. 

Jason Howe, SS/2B, 2023

Athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 155-pounds with room for maturation ahead. Consistently hit balls off the barrel lining balls to both gaps. Short swing with quick hands keeping his barrel through the zone. Relaxed on the infield with solid actions and accurate arm. Ran a 7.15 laser timed 60. 

Jeremiah McLemore, 1B/3B, 2023

6-foot-1, 235-pound build. Hit balls hard to his pull side in BP with his top exit velocity at 98.9 mph, average EV at 86.7 mph. Hit the longest ball of the event at 373ft. Strong hands with lift to the swing path. 

Griffin Matthews, 1B/OF, 2025

Frame has length at 6-foot-5, 215-pounds. Worked through the middle of the field in BP with his top exit velocity recorded at 91.7 mph. Flat swing path with quickness to his hands. 

Matthew Hord, SS/RHP, 2023

Lanky athletic frame at 6-foot-3, 155-pounds with room to fill out. Lined balls to both gaps in BP with his top exit velocity at 86.5 mph. Barrels stays inside the ball with a short path and quickness to his hands. Ran a 7.01 laser timed 60. Arm topped at 81 mph across the diamond.

Edwin Speas, SS/RHP, 2025

5-foot-7, 128-pound frame with room for maturation ahead. Starts open, hands load back, flat swing path with his barrel getting extension out front. Line drive approach working through the middle of the field. Ran a 7.46 laser timed 60. Arm peaked at 78 mph across the diamond with solid actions. 

Luke Peterson, C, 2026

5-foot, 140-pound frame with room for maturation ahead. Worked through the middle and to his pull side in BP. Balanced with a flat swing path, barrel gets extension out front with a line drive approach. Arm has accuracy to second base.

Nelson Amaro, 2B/SS, 2025

5-foot-2, 105-pound frame with room to mature in the coming years. Flat barrel path through the zone working to both sides of the field. Accurate arm across the diamond.