The Best of 2020: No. 7 Top Story

Brandon Hall
Executive Director of Scouting, PBR NC

Prep Baseball Report is committed to bringing the news of amateur baseball to our readers and subscribers.  Throughout the year PBR's staff will report on players, teams, events, tournaments, the draft, and general baseball news.  With the setup of PBR being a "boots on the ground" approach, with scouts in states and territories, allowing the ability to skew reports and news to the readers of that area.  Below we take a look at some of the top stories of 2020, based on web site views and social media popularity.


NO. 7 TOP STORY OF 2020 -- Quick Hitters


After each PBR event, a set of stories are written to highlight player performance, statistics, and what caught the eyes of scouts in attendance.  At No. 7 of the top stories of 2020, a feature from the post-event feed, Quick Hitters.

Quick Hitters is a look from the eyes of PBR Scouts on hand at any event.  After the stats have posted and PBR Scouts have begun to digest what they saw, they are able to go through the roster and put together some short thoughts on players that stood out.  The Quick Hitters are not meant to be a "Top Prospect" list, but rather a list of players that "popped" at the event. 

Scouts may take a lot of tools and stats into account with a full evaluation on players, but a player with a loud round of BP, or one pitch that was electric, will land that player on the Quick Hitter list.  As college coaches and scouts are sifting through all of the information from events, the Quick Hitter list has allowed them to key on players from the event, looking to see if there are players that made noise, potentially without a standout statistic.

Moving forward the Quick Hitters will remain a staple of PBR's post-event processes.  Players are curious if they made the list and coaches are following as they add names to their follow list for each class.


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