Top Stories of 2022: No. 1 Status Solidified at Future Games

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

Following high school baseball in North Carolina, we all know, there are a ton of great stories, players, and teams to follow each year.  As we continue to look back at 2022, we will take a look at some of the great stories of the year.  Today’s look back features a player that has been out front as a highly rated and highly attractive prospect.  Sometimes the player that is in the spotlight is easy to try to drag down, and sometimes that player has a performance that reminds everyone of why he is ranked where he is.  

Anderson Nance (2025 RHP) walked into the 2022 PBR Future Games as the No. 1 player in PBR’s North Carolina rankings.  A strong, athletic build, Nance has shown pitch-ability and feel with a natural, athletic delivery and arm action.  As he finished his SO year at Morehead HS, Nance continued to draw a lot of attention from college coaches throughout the country, but remained on the market as some may have been waiting to see the expected jump that most expected in his stuff on the bump.

Nance is also a highly regarded middle infielder and hitter who has produced for his high school program and for 5 Star on the national and regional level.   At times, an athlete that is asked to do a lot, every day on the field, may not see the jump they are expecting until they have had just a little down time, and then like a bolt of lightning the prospect can bolt to the next stratosphere.

PBR was on hand for one outing this past spring at Morehead HS.  Nance was good, showing feel for moving his fastball and lengthening his wipeout slider when he needed to.  He also showed a high level of competitiveness as the game was tight with a solid crowd on hand, and any give from either side could have meant the difference in a conference championship.  Below is the write-up on Nance from that April outing.

Anderson Nance, RHP, Morehead HS, 2024

Athletic frame with broad shoulders.  Stands 5-foot-11, 160 pounds.  Still young in the face.  Frame looks like it will grow and handle strength additions.  Good athlete that is in command on the mound.  Solid feet on picks and moves off the mound well.  Good rhythm in the delivery, building through release.  Slight coil through balance working to a stride that lands slightly closed to his line.  Square foot strike.  Medium arm action, athletic, high-¾ slot.  Fastball at 86-89 and held for his six innings of work.  Spin ranged 2050-2250rpm.  Heavier run on the lower side of the spin rate.  Slider at 73-76, spinning up to 2130rpm.  Hard, late, 10/4 tilt.  Similar window to the fastball.  Landed the slider and showed an ability to expand away or down when warranted.  Change-up is thrown with excellent hand speed at 78-79.  



Nance continued to have dominant outings through the summer with the stuff reflecting similar numbers.  As he got ready to represent North Carolina as part of Team Carolina at the PBR Future Games, Nance took a little time to rest and refine his actions on the mound.  Just a little reflection and concentration on his game on the mound allowed his stuff to make a big statement on the national stage.

Nance would open game 2 of the PBR Future Games for Team Caroilna on the bump.  He set an early tone in what would turn out to be a blowout as Team Carolina routed Team Nevada.  Nance worked 2 innings, pumping strikes and working in a quick and efficient manner.  The fastball peaked at 92, still with ease out of the athletic arm, and showing feel for working to both sides of the plate.  The slider tunneled with the fastball getting several off balance takes.  Below are some of thoughts from PBR Scouts from Nance’s outing.

Anderson Nance, RHP, Morehead HS, 2024

Nance answered the bell, putting up big numbers in Team Carolina’s 2nd game.  The righty pumped strikes showing the ability to move his fastball in and out while also elevating at times.  Ranging 88-92, the frame suggests there is still more growth coming to the pitch as he continues to fill out.   An athletic and quick arm, the fastball routinely beat hitters from both sides of the plate.  Nance had average feel for a short slider at 76-77.



Shortly after the PBR Future Games, Nance committed to NC State.  He will continue to be highly regarded, highly followed, and at times highly scrutinized.  It can be difficult at times to be the leader as everyone is looking for ways to bring the leader back to the pack.  Nance has continued on his journey, his developmental process, and his path and he has continued to improve while winning with his teams in impressive fashion.