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NC/SC Border Battle: Quick Hitters NC Pitchers

Brandon Hall & Patrick Johnson
North Carolina Scouting

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June begins the summer circuit for recruiting and player evaluation.  One event that has become a "must" for players, coaches, and scouts in the Carolinas is the NC/SC Border Battle.  This year's event took returned to UNC Charlotte's Robert and Mariam Hayes Stadium for two days of action, featuring 130 of the best players in NC and SC.  They did not disappoint. 

On Tuesday June 11th, the position players went through their offensive and defensive evaluations.  North Carolina worked out first taking multiple rounds of BP, followed by their defensive evaluations and athletic testing.  As North Carolina finished, South Carolina started with their athletic testing, defensive evals, and finally their offensive evaluation.  Coaches and scouts were able to see multiple rounds of BP from each player plus see them move around at their primary defensive position, getting a feel for their athleticism and feel for the game.

Wednesday June 12th was game day.  Each player was scheduled to play in one 9 inning game with pitchers throwing live to hitters.  In total, NC and SC squared off in 4 exciting games and the roster of the top players in the two states put on a show.

Below we begin the process of unpacking everything we saw at the high level event.  From stats to player notes, to a deep dive into some analytics, we will work to uncover everything these players did and all the numbers they put up at the two day event.  To see the full roster and full statistical package, CLICK HERE.

By the Numbers:

  • 5 Players ran under 6.74 on the laser timing system
  • 22 Players ran 7.00 or under
  • 39 Players tested their vertical jump at 30in or above
  • 20 Players saw at least one of their splits come in at 20mph or higher
  • 17 Infielders saw their arm strength at 85mph or higher across the diamond
  • 6 Outfielders tested with arm strength at 90mph or higher
  • 13 Catchers posted a pop timed of 2.00 or under in the workout
  • 5 hitters saw an exit velocity of 100mph or higher
  • 78 hitters peaked their exit velocity at 90mph or better
  • 6 hitters carried an average exit velocity of better than 90mph over two rounds of 8 swings
  • 14 hitters posted a BLAST bat speed of 70mph or higher
  • 189.7psi was the top grip strength posted at teh event
  • 89.3mph was the top fastball velocity
  • 10 arms were above 87mph on the day
  • 3 arms saw their fastball spin rate above 2400rpm
  • 2975rpm was the top breaking ball spin rate captured on the day
  • 1 committed player took part in the event

Quick Hitters NC Pitchers - NC/SC Border Battle

2027 Class 

Andrew Caracio, LHP, Pro 5 Baseball Academy
Physcial presence.  Strength present. Fastball up to 82.4 with solid ride, averaging over 19in IVB.  Worked in the down zone. Fastball and slider work to tunnel.

Weston Sykes, RHP, Wesleyan Christian Academy
Athletic stature. Solid mover down the hill.  Clean arm through a high-3/4 slot. Fastball spin up to 2399rpm with average IVB of 6.9in.  Fastball peaked at 79.7. 

Luke Talley, LHP, Green Level High School
Athlete. Profiles as position player 1st but left-handed, throws strikes and has solid feel for Change-up. Fastball up to 80 with run.  Change-up tunnels before fading late from the high-3/4 slot.

Alex Wall, RHP, Freedom High School
Long, lean frame.  Clean, easy arm action loads the scap with athleticism.  Easy to dream about where velocity will be in the coming years. Fastball up to 83.9 with heavy run. Created soft contact , pounding the down zone. Slider has late darting action at 74-76. High ceiling.

2026 Class

Ben Bordeaux, RHP, Charlotte Catholic High School
Thin frame. Clean arm. Good direction. Easy projection as he matures and adds strength. Fastball peaked at 84.5, 2457rpm. Solid depth to the breaking ball.

Owen Cirasole, LHP, Apex Friendship High School
Clean arm. Solid feel for 3 pitches.  Fastball at 77-82 with average ride and run. Change-up has late fade working from similar window as fastball.

Gavin Jackson, RHP, Cleveland High School
Bigger frame. Broad shoulders with strength present in the lower half. Fastball up to 79.7 with average ride and run. Four pitch mix. Showed feel for fastball to both sides of the zone.

Dane Purdy, RHP, Apex High School
Strong frame. High-3/4 release. Some effort but ball jumps out of the hand. Fastball at 84-88, 2400rpm. Solid ride and run. Short, late action to slider. Cutter missed barrels at 75-77, 2500rpm.

Luke Snell, RHP, South Iredell High School
Long frame. Broad shoulders. Loose and direct through a high-3/4 slot. Fastball peaked at 84.7. Tight, late 11/5 tilt on the breaking ball at 66-70, 2050rpm.

Cooper Summerlin, LHP, Gaston Christian High School
Lefty has deception with a high front side and some cross-fire with a hig-3/4 slot.  Clean action. Better feel for arm side. Fastball at 80-83, 2100rpm. Good ride through the zone. Change-up tunneled with the fastball. Small, late fade.  Athletic with a quick arm.

2025 Class

Garrett Byrd, RHP, North Lenior High School

5'10"-193lb frame on the C/RHP who runs his fastball up to 88mph sitting 86-88mph mixing in a hard 74-76mph downer curveball producing swing and misses on hitters. 

Zach Cartrette, RHP, Chatham Charter High School

6'2"-159lb frame, fastball in the 79-80mph range topping at 81mph. Mixed in a curveball from 66-68mph and a good change up around 71-72mph. 

Jack Dalton, RHP, Cleveland High School

6'0"-188lb Right hander up to 87mph and sitting 84-87mph with his fastball, upper 70's change up at 77-78mph and a good late breaking slider at 77-78mph. Average time to home at 1.55sec. 

Eben Greene, RHP, East Forsyth HIgh School

5'10"-177lb righty with a short arm action running his fastball up to 84mph sitting in the 79-81 slot. Slider was better than curveball this day at 70-72mph while curveball was 69-70mph. Change up at 70-75mph average. 

Michael Gurganus, RHP, Bear Grass Charter High School

5'10"-200lb body on the right hander up to 86mph averaging 83-85mph on the fastballs. Showed off plus change up in the 75-77mph range (Best Pitch) and a Curveball in the 70-72mph range to keep hitters honest. 

JD Mace, RHP, Burlington Christian Academy

6'6"-205lb big bodied right hander who runs his fastball up to 88mph while sitting in the 85-87mph range. Good change up at 77-79mph with late dive and a sharp slider coming in at 75-77mph. 

Gabe Murray, RHP, Fuquay-Varina High School

5'11"-176lb frame who sat in the 84-86mph range with his fastball maxing out at 88mph. Got swing and misses on a 75-76mph Change Up and mixed in a 72-75mph slider to keep hitters off balance. Strike thrower who attacked hitters

Chase Ruben, RHP, Homeschool

6'2"-147lb right hander who has the frame to add weight and velocity. Right now fastball is at 71-74mph along with a change up at 65-66mph and a slider sitting around 59-60mph. 

Owen Simmons, RHP, JH Rose High School

Good arm on the 5'9"-188lb right hander at 85-86 average getting up to 87mph. 75-76mph with a slurvish curveball and a changeup in the 75-79mph range. 

Bryce Smith, LHP, Voyager Academy High School

6'4"-183lb frame on the lefty with room to fill out. Sat around 80-81mph with a Max Velocity of 83mph. Curveball at 77mph and sliders between 71-72mph. Change up was effective at an average of 71-76mph. 

Seth Tickel, RHP, Rocky Mount Academy High School

Tickel was 82-83 Top 84 with the fastball (Have seen him higher). Mixed in a slurve type breaking ball that was effective with late break keeping hitters off balance. Held runners well with a 1.22 sec to home. 

CJ Wallace, RHP, TC Roberson High School

6'4"-185lb pitchers frame, 82-84 Top 85 with heavy sink from a low 3/4 arm slot. 77-78 on the Change Up with sink and run like the fastball, 75-76 on the Slider that plays well off Change Up and Fastball. Attacks Hitters.