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Team Carolina Trials: Queen City - Quick Hitters Hitters

Zach Boraski
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

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Open IDs give Prep Baseball Scouts a chance to see players from their area while also working to fill out rosters for upcoming regional and national events like the Future Games, Super Sophomore Games, and Top Prospect Games.  The Team Carolina Trials fall under this Open ID forum.  While the 1st try at the Queen City event was postponed from May 27th to June 3rd, the talent showed up and showed out.

The event started with position players going through their athletic testing, including height and weight measurments, a vertical jump, RSI jumps, grip strength testing, and a laser timed 60.  Offensive evaluations were next, including multiple rounds of BP.  BP was followed by defensive evaluations and then pitcher bullpens.  

Below we begin to break down the player performances from the workout.  To see the full roster with all of the stats from the workout, you can CLICK HERE.

By the Numbers - Team Carolina Trials: Queen City

  • 15 Players from NC including graduates from 2025, 2026, and 2027
  • 4 players registered a vertical of 30in or higher
  • 8 players saw their grip strength peak at above 130 psi 

  • 7 players had an exit velocity of 90mph or higher in BP
  • 1 player posted an exit velocity above 100mph
  • 7 infielders had arm stregnth at 80mph or higher across the diamond
  • 4 hitters posted an average bat speed of 70mph or higher with BLAST.

Team Carolina Trials: Queen City - Quick Hitters Hitters

Giovanni Buccino, 2027, CI, West Forsyth High School

6'4 260, XL Frame. Generated a max exit velo of 100.8 MPH along with a max distance of 383 ft. Showed plus bat speed with a max bat speed of 78.5 MPH.

Evan Burroughs, 2026, INF, Watauga High School

5'9 150. Athletic mover who ran a 6.83 60 yard dash. Arm topped out at 83 across the infield. Max distance reached 323 ft.

Jeter Bynum, 2026 LHP, Pine Lake Prep High School

5'11 150. LHH with a exit velo that peaked at 84.4 MPH. Athletic arm with carry that topped 87 from the OF.

Logan Davis, 2025, INF, Charlotte Christian High School

5'11 165. Whippy athlete, running a 7.04 60 yard dash and topping out at 86 acorss the diamond. Had a sweet spot percentage of 75%.

Maddox Greene, 2025, INF, Watauga High School

5'9 170. Produced a max exit velo of 94.6 MPH and a max distance of 340 ft. The arm peaked at 81 MPH across the diamond.

Andru Hall, 2025, INF, West Stokes High School

5'11 175. Ran a 6.96 60 yard dash and peaked at 82 across the diamond during infield. Bat speed and strength are present with a max exit velo of 93.9 MPH.

Tyler Hicks, 2025, INF, Cox Mill High School

6'1 185. Whippy athlete with a hand speed max of 22.2 MPH. Exit velo peaked at 92.6, also ran a 6.89 60 yard dash.

Will Lavender, 2025, INF/OF, Metrolina Christian Academy

6'1 155. Posted a 6.73 60 yard dash, and Vertical of 35.1 inches. Posted infield and outfield velos of 83 MPH. Exit velo maxed at 89.7 MPH. 

Victor Lopez, 2025, INF, Cannon High School

6' 175. Posted a 7.01 60 yard dash. Arm peaked at 80 MPH across the diamond. Exit velo maxed at 88.4 MPH with a max distance of 310 ft.

Anthony Mosher, 2026, CI, East Mecklenburg High School

6'1 200. Physical explosive with the bat. Max exit velo of 95.9 MPH and a max distance of 352 ft. Had a max bat speed of 75.5 MPH.

Brayden Richards, 2025, CI, Cuthberson High School

6'1 185. Physical in the box generating a max exit velo of 94.4 MPH and a average exit velo of 89.3 MPH. Posted a 7.03 60 yard dash.

JT Roche, 2026, INF/OF, East Lincoln High School

5'9 165. Posted a max exit velo of 93.3 MPH and a average exit velo of 89.1 MPH. Arm peaked at 86 MPH from the OF and 83 MPH across the diamond.

Louis Smelcer, 2025, C, Terry Sanford High School

6'1 220. Posted a catching velo of 78 MPH and pop times ranging 2.01-2.06. Physical in the box had a max evit velo of 96.6 MPH and a max distance of 367 ft.

Tanner Waugh, 2026, C, Mooresville High School

5'10 160. Posted pop times ranging 2.18-2.28. Arm peaked at 71 MPH on throws. Exit velo maxed at 88.6 MPH with a max distance of 330 ft