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Team Carolina Trials: Triangle - Quick Hitters Pitchers

Patrick Johnson
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

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Open IDs give Prep Baseball Scouts a chance to see players from their area while also working to fill out rosters for upcoming regional and national events like the Future Games, Super Sophomore Games, and Top Prospect Games.  The Team Carolina Trials fall under this Open ID forum.  The Team Carolina Trials: Triangle brought Prep Baseball to Clayton, NC on a very nice playing surface, allowing players to perform at a high level.

The event started with position players going through their athletic testing, including height and weight measurments, a vertical jump, RSI jumps, grip strength testing, and a laser timed 60.  Offensive evaluations were next, including multiple rounds of BP.  BP was followed by defensive evaluations and then pitcher bullpens.  

Below we begin to break down the player performances from the workout.  To see the full roster with all of the stats from the workout, you can CLICK HERE.

By the Numbers - Team Carolina Trials: Triangle

  • 18 Players from NC including graduates from 2025, 2026, 2027, & 2028
  • 8 players registered a vertical of 30in or higher
  • 2 players saw their grip strength peak at above 130 psi 
  • 10 players had an exit velocity of 90mph or higher in BP
  • 1 player posted an exit velocity above 100mph
  • 4 infielders had arm stregnth at 80mph or higher across the diamond
  • 5 hitters posted an average bat speed of 70mph or higher with BLAST.

Team Carolina Trials: Triangle - Quick Hitters Pitchers

2027 Class

Simon Brutskiy, RHP, Apex HIgh School

5'10"-169lb Frame, Long arm swing with high 3/4 arm slot with fastball getting up to 86mph while sitting 85-86. Curveball with 1-7 action in the 72-74 mph range, and a good straight change up with late fade coming in at 80-83mph. 

Parker Simo, LHP, JH Rose High School 

5'7"-174lb frame, Smooth arm delivery and arm action from the lefty with fastball up to 83mph sitting 82-83. Slurvish Curveball at 67-71mph but the slider is the better option with tight spin and late break at 72mph. Change has good fade at the plate with arm side run at 76-77mph. 

Ethan Wisler, RHP, Wakefield High School

6'1"-167lb frame, fluid mechanics with his fastball getting up to 86mph sitting in the 83-85mph range. Only showed a slider at this event coming in at the 72-76mph range that tunneled like his fastball with late break at the plate. 

2025 Class

Brandon Benkovics, RHP, Wayne Christian High School

5'10"-190lb frame, short arm action in a higher 3/4 arm slot that produces fastballs up to 84mph sitting in the 82-83mph range. 77-79mph change up with fade that killed spin and showcased a slider 71-72 mph with a change to be his put away pitch. 

Sebastian Rodriguez, RHP, Grimsley High School 

6'0"-170lb frame, very relaxed delivery with explosive finish, fastball comes in at 79-83mph and tops at 84. Big curveball in the 71-74mph range that can freeze guys, Change up around 75mph with arm side run and mixed in a slider from 71-76 mph.