From Vegas, To Connecticut To BC For Ventrelle

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From Vegas, To Connecticut To BC For Ventrelle

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Ryan Ventrelle SS / RHP / Fairfield Prep, CT / 2026

FAIRFIELD, Ct. - Last year at this time Ryan Ventrelle was living in Las Vegas. Now the 15-year-old resides in Connecticut and has found a future home at Boston College.

“I didn’t know what it would hold,” Ventrelle reflected on his family’s move to Fairfield due to his father’s work. “If someone said a year ago you’re committed to a Top 25 school I’d have never expected it. I’d have thought you were crazy. I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m so grateful for it. The move was a positive for me, it helped me get exposure and connected me with the right people.”

The change of address took place right before the current school year, and the result was beneficial for the third-rated freshman in Connecticut.

“The PBR Nevada guy reached out to the PBR New England guys and I got ranked here,” Ventrelle explained. “John Murphy with Elite Sports Advisors helped with my recruiting process as well as Joe Mancini, my hitting coach since I got here. Those two helped me understand how big of a decision this is. They didn’t want me to move too fast, but just to have those connections was great.”

Discussions took place with BC and Ventrelle went to a camp over Christmas break.

“I got the offer a few weeks later but I took my time,” the 13th-ranked 2026 in New England related. “I wanted to make sure it was good for me and my family.”

That proved to be the case in the eyes of the freshman at Fairfield Prep.

“I’m a big fan of that coaching staff,” Ventrelle noted. “I have nothing but respect for them. They’re people I can trust and teach me and it’s a program that will have success. Those coaches are program builders.”

Boston College saw promise in the 5-9 150-pound middle infielder.

“They love my bat and the way I carry myself,” Ventrelle explained. “Those two things they highlighted, and they love my character as a person.”

A brother, Drew, who is 10 years older, was instrumental in Ventrelle’s desire to play at the next level.

“My brother played college baseball at the University of Chicago and since then I’ve wanted to be like that,” Ventrelle said. “Little brothers look up to older brothers and I wanted to be like him. In eighth grade is when I saw I could do it. I saw the skill setting in which players start to separate from others, and I realized all the hard work was paying off.”

The second-rated 2026 shortstop in New England is confident making the decision at this time was right.

“I just love that school’s culture and love that school’s baseball team,” Ventrelle pointed out. “When I stepped on campus it just felt right and I knew it was the place I wanted to be. It felt like home. It checked all the boxes, there’s no doubt about it.”

While now living in the northeast, Ventrelle gave credit to those where he used to reside in helping make it all happen.
“I spent a good amount of time at LVR in Vegas, that’s when I saw the most development,” Ventrelle said. “Those guys taught me the right way to play baseball and how to be the player I wanted to be. Mike Bryant, my hitting coach in Vegas, helped develop my swing and taught me how to develop power.”

The ability to hit and play infield are just two things that Ventrelle believes he can provide the Atlantic Coast Conference program.

“I believe I can bring leadership and start as soon as I get there,” Ventrelle noted. “I know the school has an emphasis on integrity and I want to promote that.”

To now be committed is a great feeling according to the top-rated freshman shortstop in Connecticut.

“Nobody ever had a bad word to say about that school,” Ventrelle said of BC. “I’m ecstatic, I’ve dreamed about this since I was a little kid.”

Admittedly, getting to the point of making a commitment was not easy.

“The whole recruiting process is stressful, there’s no way around it,” Ventrelle explained. “Having people around me that I trusted and that supported me made it easier. PBR was a big part of that. I went to the PBR Junior Future Games which was good for: a) conversations with coaches for the first time, and b) understanding the importance of how to play and gain exposure playing at a high-level event.”

With more than three years of high school still remaining, Ventrelle, who carries a 4.1 GPA at Fairfield Prep, looks forward to his future days at Boston College.

“I love the high intensity of the college game, the way the players play with such intensity,” Ventrelle concluded. “Everybody’s always pushing themselves, it’s such a competitive environment. I just look forward to that and traveling while still getting in all my school work.”

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