MCCC Scout Day: Top Performers

Vitaly Jangols
Advanced Scout, PBR New Jersey

Taking a look at some of the top talent we saw while on hand at Mercer County Community College's scout day, in front of plenty of professional and college scouts.

Top PerformersΒ 


+ The clear standout of Mercer’s Scout day was Xavier Delgado. A true high level prospect who garnered some pro scout attention. Impressed in all facets of the game. Started the day during BP, where he showed his effortless approach with easy gap-to-gap pop. Routinely finds the barrel with lightning quick hands. He then continued into gameplay where he rattled off three extra base hits. The last one was a moonshot to LF where he showed off those quick hands on a FB on the inner third. Was a plus defender as well, smooth and athletic actions in the field to go with a strong arm.Β 

+ A true leader behind the plate was Josearmando Diaz. Anyone who was at Mercer that day would have remembered Diaz’s defense prowess as a backstop. Started early, with strong throws and quality pop times during the defensive portion of the day. May have been even better during gameplay, throwing out a runner from his knees, as well backpicking a runner at second base. Handled pitchers well and was a vacuum behind the dish. Solid at the plate as well. Has a real strong/thick lower half. Good barrel awareness, controls the inner half of the plate.Β 

Β + Another INF who was a main attraction was Matt Ervolina. Switch hitter who used a similar approach from both sides. Hands are high with his barrel upright. No wasted actions at the plate, works his barrel directly to the ball. Balanced, crouched stance. Line drive pop with some gap-to-gap potential. Will not get beat, hits to all fields. Ervolina may have shown even better in the field, with some excellent glovework. Smooth on DP turns, where can show off his plus arm. High motor athlete who will have continued success.Β 

+ A prototypical big and strong 1B was Jarret May. Physical and imposing frame at 6-foot-4, 235-pounds. Starts in an even and balanced stance with some bend to his knees. Quick outward stride, stays ready early. Creates some pre-pitch rhythm with his hands. Uses his weight transfer to his advantage, is able to create strong contact out front. Ability to stay inside the baseball, pop to all fields.Β 

+ The last INF we highlight is the uber athletic Randy Steen. Wiry frame at 6-foot, 175-pounds. 6.5 runner, versatile defender. Stuck to 3B during scout day but has the arm strength and athleticism to play any IF position. Begins slight open in his stance at the plate. Simple approach, is not trying to do too much. Gets his barrel on plane and is looking to hit it where its pitched. Consistently grinds out AB’s, always a tough out.Β 


+ The first arm we saw during gameplay was an impressive one in Collin McLaughlin. Set the tone early by establishing the zone and maintaining tempo while on the rubber. Works quickly down the mound, helping play up his FB. Slightly uphill shoulder tilt. Strong brace leg, consistently gets over his front side. Able to mix and match his FB/CB combo. CB was a bigger one with two plane action at times. More depth and overall effectiveness when located at the bottom of the zone. FB worked at 85-86 MPH, touching 87.Β 

+ Mike Dodd was another guy I was looking forward to see and he did not disappoint. In his inning of gameplay he retired all five batters he faced with ease, the outing felt as if it was over before it started. Real easy mechanics on the bump, clear repeatability. Knew what he was doing up there, going right at guys, mixing in/out and up/down. Ability to throw his CB for strikes whenever he pleased. FB velo was 85-87 MPH, touching 88. Mid 70’s CB, slurvy shape with occasional sharp horizontal break across the zone. Real impressive outing, collecting outs off of weak contact.Β 

+ Maybe my favorite arm from this scout day was Clemente Orozco. Lanky, projectable frame at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds. Collected three strikeouts in his simulated inning, all looking. Fluid mechanics, works well down the hill. Compact, efficient arm action. True strikethrower, dotted up with both his FB and CB. Fastball was mostly 85-86 (87) MPH, with some heavy sink and run. Jammed up righties, really uncomfortable at bats. Quality breaker was thrown at 72-74 MPH, got a bunch of takes on it.Β 

+ A durable freshman arm for Mercer will be Andrew Luczak. Strong and physical build at 6-foot-3, 225-pounds. Upper half works faster than his lower half, creating some late deception as he descends down the hill. Clears his frontside early. Arm works quick, short arm swing. Creates some downhill plane on his FB. Stride direction stays in line. Yet another guy who does not have a wipeout breaker, but his ability to throw it in different counts allows him to have success. Mid 80’s FB topping out at 86 MPH, while his breaker was in the low 70’s.

+ Last guy we are looking at here is a twofer in Marco Martinez, who showed well on the mound as well as at the plate. Had a strong BP round as well as some good in game plate appearances. Generated some power from his strong and compact frame (5-foot-9, 195-pounds). Keeps his hands inside the ball and showed off some pullside pop, mashing a couple balls into the trees in LF during BP. On the mound, worked exclusively out of the stretch. Hands are locked in place, syncs up his upper/lower half as he descends from his leg kick. Had more success after he was able to establish the FB in. FB was 85-86 MPH, with some arm side run. CB had 11/5 shape, tighter at times with S/M potential.Β