Unsigned Senior Showcase: Top Prospects

By TJ Hunt
Scouting Director, New Jersey

On Sunday October 16th, PBR New Jersey hosted our annual Unsigned Senior Showcase at Mercer Community College in West Windsor, NJ. Here were some of the top prospects from the event:

Jared Vega, RHP, Sterling HS, NJ, 2017
Vega has an athletic build at 5-foot-9 165-pounds. Fastball sat 82-83 touching 84-85. Showed a hard slider/cutter breaking ball at 78-80 with minimal break. Wind up is in rhythm - shows athleticism in landing. Over-the-top slot, Long arm action - minimal effort in delivery. Finish is square, but tends to drift toward first base. If he can keep consistent stability in landing leg/foot, it can help maintain consistent arm slots for command of strike zone. Uphill shoulders at balance point and going down the mound helps him get some leverage and extension.

+ Spencer Perez, RHP, Eastern Regional HS, NJ, 2017
Perez has an athletic build at 6-feet 175-pounds. Fastball topped at 82 but sat consistently 81-82 for the entirety of his outing. CB 67-68 mph and straight CH at 75 mph. Up tempo delivery, pauses slightly in balance point causing him to fall somewhat down the mound instead of driving off the rubber. Tall finish, landing leg posts early restricting him of extension, but creates his sink/run on his fastball. High-3/4 slot with stab in arm swing. Utilizes two-seam fastball to run in to right handed batters well.


Albert Munoz, C, Memorial (WNY) HS, NJ, 2017
Munoz has a lean, athletic body at 5-foot-11 175-pounds. Ran a 7.24 60, one of the top times of the event. Threw 77 mph to 2B during the skills workout, which was the fastest of the catchers, and one of the fastest positional velocities of the event. 85 mph exit velocity. Offensively- possesses some gap to gap pop from the right side. Sets up in a wide stance and relaxed hands with bat just above shoulder. Uses weight transfer and short stride/toe tap. Quick hands, rises up on finish on front leg. Defensively- showcased one of the strongest arms of the event from a position. Advanced receiving skills, good hip mobility and flexibility in squat. Blocking technique is sound, funnels ball back to home plate well. Slight pause when he rises out of squat to throw to 2B. Footwork is there, just needs to eliminate pause and make it one fluid motion, finishing out toward 2B.

Ryan Swift, SS, Washington Twp. HS, NJ, 2017
Swift has an athletic build at 5-foot-8 160-pounds. Recent Misericordia commit. Ran a 7.34 60, threw 78 mph across the infield. Exit velo 81. Has advanced baseball actions in the infield. Very quick, rangey type of middle infielder. Quick clean exchanges, short arm stabby action to throw. Offensively- Starts with hands above shoulder and weight visibly on back leg. Swings is started by a short stride/lift combination. Hand load is minimal. If he can get a little more relaxed with hands and arms prepitch, it will help with explosiveness in swing. Pulls off slightly on finish. One of the top performers from the event.


Jesse Gerdes, C, Montgomery HS, NJ, 2017
Gerdes has a big bodied frame at 5-foot-10 205-pounds. Offensively- starts in a narrow stance with a slight crouch. Bat and hands high above shoulder. Uses weight transfer and leg kick to start swing. Aggressive hips and shows some elasticity in finish. Swing can cast out at times. Defensively-  showcased very well in skills workout. Quick feet coupled with a quick and clean exchange helped him record the top pop time of the event at 1.96. Throws came in at 71 mph - were on the bag, perfect location for a tag at 2B. Fundamentally sound in blocking, smothered baseball so they did not bounce away. Able to get deep into a crouch and pop out with some explosiveness.

Brendan Clarke, INF, Colts Neck HS, NJ, 2017
Clarke has a lean athletic build at 6-foot-1 183-pounds. Ran a 7.26 60 which was one of the top times of the event. 80 mph exit velocity. Offensively- LHH showed well in batting practice. Starts with wide feet and a slight crouch. Hands are loaded high and back prepitch, minimal movement when pitch comes in. Power is produced from hips. Uses a small toe tap to start swing. Occasionally will only partially clear hips, which indicates that he might be too wide in prepitch stance.  Defensively- showed some feel for the glove at SS, feet and approach was somewhat choppy and hesistant. Arm action is short and stabby.


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