Prep Baseball Report

PBR Montana State Games | Quick Hits

Brett Harrison
West Coast Supervisor

The inaugural PBR Montana State Games is in the books with an exciting group of players in attendance that proved that Montana has the present and incoming talent that can play at the next level and beyond. At the PBR Montana State Games we ran through an in-depth Position Player Workout that included a Swift Performance 10/30/60 Yard Dash, a TrackMan and Blast Motion tracked Batting Practice Session followed by Defensive Evaluations. Once the Position Player Workout wrapped up, the players partook in a Live Game, where pitchers were evaluated throughout their outing by our TrackMan system with all metrics retrieved throughout the day dropped into the player profiles.

Today, we begin our post event coverage with the Quick Hits, highlighting our immediate impressions from the standout performances at the PBR Montana State Games.

Cayde Stajcar SS / 2B / Butte, MT / 2026

The 2026 made an immediate impression on the PBR Staff with his athletic build on a sturdy frame that translated throughout his game. His day got started with an event best 6.91 Swift Performance 60 Time, only to be outdone by his standout batting practice session where he showed off his present pull side power with multiple 95+ mph TrackMan Exit Velocities, topping out at 102.1 mph. After arguably the top performance during the Position Player Workout, he then added multiple barrels during the Live Game portion of the event, solidifying himself as a legitimate prospect to follow with much more to come throughout his game.

Christopher Compton RHP / OF / Sentinel , MT / 2024

Compton may be the most college ready prospect that PBR Montana State Games with advanced tools not only as a position player, but on the mound as well. His mature BP Session that saw him use all fields with feel for the barrel translated to the Live Game where he racked up multiple hits against some of the top arms at the event. Then he toed the rubber where he showed projectable two pitch mix that saw his fastball cruising at 84-85 mph, topping at 85.3 mph with his slider that tunneled well of his fastball, spinning at a 2329 Average Spin Rate. This one will translate to the collegiate level quickly and could get it done on both sides of the ball.

Jadin Frandsen C / 1B / Gallatin, MT / 2023

The graduated backstop proved at the PBR Montana State Games that he can and should be playing at the next level. His PBR Verified 1.96 Pop Time was the Top Pop Time of the event as well as 75 mph Catcher Velocity that also earned him the top spot. Throughout his TrackMan and Blast Motion evaluated Batting Practice Session, he showed off his ability to use the big part of the yard with a compact, line drive producing swing that we project will translate well to the collegiate level.

Jack Nye C / RHP / Gallatin, MT / 2025

Nye was one of the most physical prospects at the PBR Montana State Games with present strength throughout his 6-foot-3 frame. As he is set to begin his Junior campaign, his 1.98 PBR Verified Pop Time is one that we expect to continue progressing over the next two years with more polish in his catch and throw projected to continue bringing that time down. His BP Session saw him living mostly to the middle-pull side with flashes of power that could translate into significant power in the years to come. Keep an eye on Nye behind the plate as he already possesses some present tools that should only continue to trend positively in the years to come. 

Garrett Norick RHP / OF / Bozeman, MT / 2025

Norick may have been one of the most intriguing arms at the PBR Montana State Games with his present fastball velocity already up to a TrackMan Verified 85.3 mph with a projectable slider that he threw for strikes that sat at 74-75 mph with his spin up to 2681 rpm while averaging at 2610 rpm. We expect him to only continue trending over the next two years and could be just starting to scratch the surface with his current lean build (150 lbs.) on his 6-foot-0 frame. 


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