Program Spotlight: Bases Loaded Elite

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

This year, in addition to the Scout Day Showcases, we are also going to spotlighting programs as a whole with an interview with each participating teams head coach providing insight into their expectations for Spring 2021, key players, incoming players, players expected to have breakout seasons, how they have navigated the past year and much more. Head Coach, Craig Colletti, has built Bases Loaded Elite into a highly respected program that has attracted talent from all over the Las Vegas Valley with an exciting Underclass group to follow in the coming years.


Bases loaded elite SPOTLIGHT
Head Coach, Craig Colletti

Who are the top returning players you have coming back this Summer? Expectations of those players?

Tyler Tiedeman (2022) – I expect him to be the captain of the team and run the middle of the infield. 

Kyle Williamson (2022) – Lighting speed in the outfield with lightning hands at the plate, he will be at the top of the order most likely. Will be deadly in the run game.

Chase Duvall (2023) – Will hold down the 3-5 hole in the batting order being one of our major RBI producers.

Nico Guevara (2022) – Will be one of our top arms on the mound this summer with a huge upside if he goes after it.

Bryan Long (2021) – Utility player that has a huge bat and can command the game behind he plate. He will not be uncommitted for long, just hasn’t been seen.

Garren Gledhill (2021) Huge bat for us that is just coming into his own. Watch this guys spring as he too will not be uncommitted for long 

Who on your roster do you expect to have a breakout season in 2021 Summer? (1-2 players in each class, 2021-2024)

2021 – Garren Gledhill, Bryan Long
2022 – Tyler Tiedeman, Kyle Williamson, Joey Randazzo
2023 – Chase Duvall, Teddy Chartier
2025 – James Whitaker

How does your program differentiate from others? What does your program do in the Summer and Fall Seasons? 

I wouldn’t say that our program is different than any other program except we are small, make commitments to the players that if they do everything, they can do to make it to college we will do everything to help them get there until there clock runs out. So far, we have done a great job in this being our first year with the older boys and so far we are 8 out of 12 that are committed with a couple more coming shortly.

Our season normally starts right after High School season. Memorial Day through December. We travel to states where the boys have the best chance to be seen and with the contacts we have created over the past couple years we can give them a very real experience and show them what they need to do to get to the next level, whether it be Juco up to D1.

What has your program done to combat the restricted ability to play baseball over the past year? 

We have not been restricted; we easily have gotten in over 100 games since last May when all of this started. Its simple if you want it go find it. That saying is not just for college but for everything in life. 

Do you have any college commits within the program?

Just this year these are the guys that have been committed.

Christian Dijkman 2021
Xander Hernandez 2021
Jonluke Hobdy 2021
Ozzy Zawislak 2021
Payton Brooks 2020 (Transfer from Barstow)
Joey Randazzo 2022
JJ Neal 2020 (Gap Year)
Greg Thielen 2021 

Besides a winning tournaments, what do you try to accomplish within your program every year?

Get as many reps in front of college coaches as possible and get as many guys to the next level as we have on the team and even if guys aren’t in the program we will help in any way we can!


PBR Nevada Director of Scouting, Brett Harrison

The Bases Loaded Elite group has quickly established themselves among the top programs in the Silver State with a number of players coming through their system and finding their collegiate home. In a year that we saw the number of overall commitments decline, Coach Colletti and the Bases Loaded group have had one their most successful years in getting players to the next level. The state of the art Bases Loaded facility, located on the west side of the valley, provides their athletes with an exceptional place to train year round. 2021 RHP, Christian Dijkman, and IF, Xander Hernandez, are pair of Bases Loaded Elite prospects heading to play for Centralia College along with Slam Academy's Ozzy Zawislak heading to play at Grey Harbor CC after their senior years, while today we have a handful of Uncommitted players in Teddy Chartier, Max Savage and Garren Gledhill all expected to have standout performances this afternoon. Keep an eye on big moves to be made by this group over the next couple years.



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