Program Spotlight: Las Vegas Dirtbags

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

This year, in addition to the Scout Day Showcases, we are also going to spotlighting programs as a whole with an interview with each participating teams head coach providing insight into their expectations for Spring 2021, key players, incoming players, players expected to have breakout seasons, how they have navigated the past year and much more. We kick off our Scout Day Season with a rising program in the Las Vegas Dirtbags where Head Coach, Dave Anderson, feels they have the mix of players this year to be in it at the end the Spring.  


Las Vegas Dirtbags Spotlight
Head Coach, Dave Anderson

What are your expectations your program for the 2021 Spring Season?

I expect that we will play, which is saying a lot in 2021… I also expect us to be very competitive with a good balance of young and experienced talent. 

Who are the top returning players you have coming back this Spring? 

We expect to produce quality pitching with returners such as Christian Dijkman 84-86 with ++ Changeup, Karl Ralamb 86-88 + Slider, Leo Uelmen 88-90 good armside sink, Michael Carroll 80 with good downhill action and Blake Barrett 78-80 working both top and bottom half of the zone. 

Our defense is lead behind the dish by Alec Barrett 2.2 average pop time.

I also expect our lineup to produce with offensive returners like Jimmy Fuller and Frank Grant

Who on your roster do you expect to have a breakout season in 2021? 

 The freshman group is very talented with guys like Ben Lovering, Chase Sorlie, Tyler VanderVeldt

The sophomore group is very loaded with returners like Zane Kelly who would have broken out last year but guys like Mikey Albanese, George Holt, Spencer Hatch and Brandon Swanson are looking to fill a roll and make a name for themselves this season.

The Junior class up and comers include Joey Schimick and Nick Segura.

How does your program differentiate from others? What does your program do in the Summer and Fall Seasons? 

Well we certainly walk to the beat of our own drum… It is not always conventional but it is also not vastly different from any other program. We focus on coaching up our guys like everyone else. We do not play much out of spring and summer seasons. We use our down time to break down swings and grind out the details in each guys’ game. We run our off season (fall/winter) as much like a college program as we can, so that when guys get out of here they are ready. It may not be for everyone, but that’s why there are so many options for kids. 

How are you preparing for the Spring?

Obviously with Covid-19 we are looking at many options as nothing is set in stone… That being said we are planning on 18-25 games (pending government approval) that will hopefully extend and allow for more competitive opportunities into summer. 

Our philosophy has been to treat this year as any other and keep the boys in as normal a routine as possible. Sanitizing, masks, temperature taking, etc is part of our normal this year but the approach has been the same every day we get to be out there.

Do you have any college commits within the program?

Michael Carroll (Benedictine College NAIA)
Christian Dijkman (Centralia College JC)
Shane Taylor (Dixie State D1)
Karl Ralamb (Siena University D1)
Alec Barrett (Fullerton College JC)
Blake Barrett (Fullerton College JC)

Besides a State Championship, what do you try to accomplish within your program every year?

Every year we want to compete... Individually, we want guys to learn the game as well as their game and their strengths so they can build on them. As a group we want to foster good, positive relationships within our team environment. As a program, we want to strive to be better daily by providing a structure centered around those two ideals. Two ideals that we believe not only helps build better baseball players in the short and long term but also, and equally importantly, good men. 


Director NOTES
Brett Harrison, PBR Nevada Director of Scouting 

The Las Vegas Dirtbags bring back a wealth of young talent featuring two Top 10 prospects in the 2023 class in Zane Kelly and Spencer Hatch with a 2024 class coming in behind them that features Ben Lovering, Chase Sorlie and Tyler Vander Veldt. On the mound is where the Dirtbags are expected to shine this Spring lead by Centralia commit, Christian Dijkman, who works with pace and unwavering confidence, recent Sienna commit, Karl Ralamb, and an interesting Uncommitted right hander in Leo Uelman, whose brother is currently in the Chicago Cubs farm system. The senior leadership will come from the Barrett twins, Alec (C) and Blake (OF/LHP), who are headed to play at Fullerton College in 2022. The Dirtbags are expected to make some noise this year with the quality arms throughout their rotation and their mix of young talent and senior leadership. 



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