Commitment Q & A: Meet Tyler Mandel

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

This week we strike up a conversation with recently committed 2017 Tyler Mandel 1B/3B of Scarsdale HS (Ranked No. 78 overall in our latest 2017 rankings). Mandel's offensive prowess will be heading to NCAA Division II University of Bridgeport in the fall of 2017.

Leading OFF

PBR: What’s the biggest part of your game that has improved over the last year?

Mandel:  I believe that the mental side of my game has improved the most.  Baseball is all about making adjustments and I’ve learned that there will be down times when pitchers have made adjustments to you and that my focus must be on the process of making adjustments to them.

PBR: What is an area you would like to become more consistent with?

Mandel:  My defense.  While it has improved at 3B over the past year (range and arm strength), I have more to do in order to be a productive player in college.

PBR: What was the biggest thing you’ve been able to take away from the PBR experience?

Mandel:  PBR-NY has been great.  I attended some of the very first PBR-NY events a couple of years ago and another one very recently.  PBR has helped me match up against some very good high school players and gave me the necessary exposure to college coaches.


PBR: Name the best position player you’ve witnessed over your high school years and why.

Mandel:  Probably Frankie Vesuvio from Byram Hills (West Virginia).  He’s the kind of player that will hit a home run in one at bat then capitalize on his speed and be willing to bunt for a hit in his next at bat.  Anything to help his team win and I believe that’s the same goal that I have.

PBR: Toughest pitcher that you’ve faced and why?

Mandel:  I would say JoJo Gray (Le Moyne) from New Rochelle and  Kumar Nambiar (Yale) from Mamaroneck.  Both were upper 80’s and have moved on to pitch in college.

PBR: Current of former pro player that you would like your game to emulate?

Mandel:  David Wright has been my favorite player for as long as I can remember.  He is a upstanding person and was, pre-injury, unstoppable offensively and defensively.


PBR: Give us 3 goals for this upcoming 2017 season.

Mandel:  1.  Win the Section 1 title.  2.  To help my team win games.  3.  To continue to learn and improve my overall game and help my teammates do the same with theirs.

PBR: What were the deciding factors on choosing Bridgeport?

Mandel:  I’d heard before to go where they “show you the love” several times over the past couple of years.  The Bridgeport coaches did that.  They spoke very highly of me, didn’t beat around the bush and gave it to me straight.  The coaching staff are all great guys who have high aspirations for their program and believe that I can help them win games.

PBR: How are you hoping to contribute during your freshman at Bridgeport?

Mandel:  I’m going to battle for a spot on the field and in the lineup.  If I earn that then I will do whatever it takes to help the team win a national title.


PBR: Ok, let’s finish with some fun...Favorite pre-game snack or meal?

Mandel:  Beef Jerky is very high on my list.

PBR: Most embarrassing moment on a baseball field (we’ve all been there, so tell us)?

Mandel:  Oh boy, the most embarrassing moment that I can think of happened a couple of weeks ago during a game.  I hit a ball off the base of the wall in straightaway centerfield.  As I was rounding 2nd on the way to 3rd I hit a turf patch right before 2nd base and absolutely wiped out and face planted.  I literally crawled back to 2nd.  Luckily the throw into 2nd got away, or I would have been out, and I was able to make it to 3rd.  Pretty funny really.

PBR: Superstitions?

Mandel:  I always have to put on my left batting glove first, then my right.  Then I strap my right one closed, then my left.

PBR: Choose your eternal walk up song (Keeping it clean of course).

Mandel:  Nothing is better than “Just Gettin’ Started” by Jason Aldean.