Corner Infield Analysis From June 21 Event

Dan Cevette
New York Scouting Director

Corner Infield Analysis from June 21
From the Corner position we saw some very talented players June 21st at St. Bonaventure. Different skill sets from strong arms, power bat potential, or big time game players, we had them all. New York We Got You Covered.

Calvin Blish RHP/1B (Elmira HS, NY 2015)
Blish stands 6-foot-2 205 pounds and impressed at our June 21st event. He swings a quick, strong, bat (94 mph tee exit velo) showing pull power and good contact. At first he moves well and has a strong accurate arm. Off the mound Blish sat 86-88 mph with a nice 12/6 shape curveball that ranged 71-75. His mechanics are a touch funky but it works for him. There is more in the tank when Blish figures out his mechanics.

Austin Ross 1B (Horseheads HS, NY 2015)
Ross stands 6-foot-3 211-pounds and has a strong solid frame. With the bat he has an athletic setup and strides on contact landing open. He uses his back side well, swings level through the zone, has gap to gap power potential with his exit velocity at 88 mph. At 1B he moves well for a kid his size and throws from a low/mid 3/4 slot. His arm strength was 72 mph to third.

Robert Shepard RHP/1B (Corning HS, NY 2015)

Shepard stands 6-foot-3 250 pounds. Shepard moves well for his size and swings a strong bat with an exit velocity of 90 mph off a tee. He has a lot of power potential and just needs more reps. He stays inside the baseball well with good contact. At first base we shows a nice glove and accurate arm at 74 mph.

Noah Coffaro 1B (Panama HS, NY 2015)

Coffaro stands 6-foot-2 235 pounds and plays 1B. His swing gets gets around baseball with an 81 mph exit velocity off tee. He ran a 4.78 home to first. At 1B he fields his position and his arm strength is 66 mph across the diamond.

Alex Bardo 1B (Corning Painted Post HS, NY 2018)
Bardo stands 5-foot-10 175-pounds and has average build. With the bat his approach is solid with a wide stance and very little movement. His swing is long and his path is level through the zone making consistent contact with an exit velocity of 70 mph. At 1B he stays in front of the ball but drops his arm low on his throws at a very low sidearm action. His Arm strength is 65 mph.

Jeff Palczewski 3B (Orchard Park HS, NY 2016)
Palczewski stands 5-foot-10 165-pounds and is a gamer. At 3B he moves well, a little stiff, but makes the plays with a clean accurate arm. His velocity across the field was 77mph which is solid for his age. He swings with a level bat through the zone with good gap to gap pop and with an 84 mph exit velocity off the tee. In the game he stroked a triple in the LF gap off an 83 mph fastball. He runs well, better then his home to first time suggest at 4.38.

Zack Ryan 3B (Olean HS, NY 2016)

Ryan stands 5-foot-11 175-pounds with an athletic body. He has a balanced setup with a short stride and level swing plane through the zone. His exit velocity was 80 mph off the tee. At 3B he has good baseball actions with 77 mph velocity across the field. He runs a 4.8 home to first time.

Josh Stowell 3B (Horseheads HS, NY 2015)
Stowell stands 6-foot-1 225 pounds and moves good for his size. I like his baseball actions when fielding and gets through his throws. He has an accurate strong arm with some carry at 82 mph across the field. With the bat he makes good contact slight incline through the zone and has some gap to gap power potential. His exit velocity was 89 mph with a long swing. Next level bat.

Andre Balthazard 3B (Olean HS, NY 2016)
Balhazard stands 5-foot-11 210 pounds and throws from a high 3/4 arm slot with accurate throws. His velocity across the field was 72 mph. With the bat he swings a bat with a lot of contact. His exit velocity off a tee was 75 mph staying inside the ball.

Nick Blovsky 2B (Olean HS, NY 2015)
Blovsky stands 6-foot-1 175 pounds and throws from an over the top arm slot. He shows an accurate arm at 71 mph across the field. His footwork is solid with a clean exchange. With the bat his approach is balanced and stays inside the baseball well with an 76 mph exit velocity off a tee.

Nate Gorges RHP/3B (Corning HS, NY 2016)
Gorges stands 6-foot-0 180 pounds and swings a nice quick bat with an 84 mph exit velocity off a tee. Very smooth balanced approach and smoked two balls in the game off quality arms. At 3B he has a solid glove and good footwork. Slow release and arm is 75 mph across field.

Logan O'Connell 3B (Olean HS, NY 2016)
O'Connell stands 5-foot-10 160-pounds with a slender frame. He moves his feet towards his target after fielding the ball and throws 73 mph across the field. He wraps the bat some on his load, his exit velocity off the tee was 78 mph. He ran a 4.67 home to first time.