Headed North: Players on the Rise

John Northrop
Assistant Director - Scouting


Welcome back to PBR New York’s Headed North – where we select members to discuss, highlight, and point out what is to be seen this coming spring and summer at the ballpark. In our last article we looked at two improving 2019 graduates along with a talent senior in Jayden Williamson (Ballston Spa), Billy Sullivan (Nyack) and Anthony Nardelli (Baldwinsville). Today, we feature three more rising 2019 graduates in Chris McConnell (Arlington), Adam Wojciechowski (West Seneca East) and Jason Torres (Salesian) and expect them to put up impressive preseason numbers and carry that into the spring/summer.

Chris McConnell OF / OF / Arlington, NY / 2019

The Arlington High School and Taconic Rangers prospect posted good numbers this past fall at the Eastern New York All-Star game in September 2017. The 5-foot-10, 160-pounder has an athletic frame with quick foot skills. Offensively, McConnell has quick level hands through the hitting zone providing consistent line drive contact to all fields. He features a good eye, whole body control and ability to drive the baseball the other way. At the Eastern New York All-Star game, McConnell recorded an impressive exit velocity of 88 MPH with more potential in the tank. The baseball jumps off McConnell’s bat and with added strength development and quicker hands, look for his exit velocity to increase into this coming summer. Defensively, McConnell is smooth with athletic footwork. He gets behind the baseball well in the outfield with efficient crow hop mechanics towards his target. His outfielder positional arm velocity was recorded at 78 MPH with accurate throws. However with added reps and arm development, look for this to increase as well. Overall, McConnell is a talented prospect that features many tools. Through continued development, look for McConnell to take off this coming spring and summer.



Adam Wojciechowski C / RHP / West Seneca East, NY / 2019

The West Seneca East High School and Academy Stars product has continued to improve throughout many PBR New York events. The 6-foot-4, 186-pounder has a good skill set covering both offense and defense, as well as the mound. Offensively, Wojciechowski has quick hands to the hitting zone with natural barrel lift showing signs of future power potential. He utilizes his whole 6-foot-4 frame swinging the bat and has the ability to drive the ball to both gaps with good plate coverage. Through many PBR New York events, Wojciechowski has peaked at 83 MPH for recorded exit velocity, but look for this to increase with added strength. Defensively, Wojciechowski is very athletic for a taller catcher. He shows a quick transition with quick footwork to get into a proper throwing position. Over our series of events he has peaked with a 73 MPH positional arm velocity and a 2.06-2.13 pop time range. On the mound, Wojciechowski shows repeatable mechanics with an effective low ¾ arm slot. His fastball has peaked at 78 MPH with arm side run and more in the tank with development. Secondary pitches are efficient and will become more effective with continued development. Overall as a whole, Wojciechowski is a talented three way prospect that will impress coaches with continued improvement along with his size. Be sure to check out Wojciechowski this spring and summer as he continues to work hard developing his game.


Jason Torres SS / 3B / Salesian, NY / 2019

Last we feature Jason Torres. The Salesian High School and Team Elite product continues to improve after each attended PBR New York event. The 5-foot-11, 175-pounder features a unique skill set with collegiate potential. Offensively, the switch hitter shows consistent contact with power potential from both sides of the plate. Swings are similar from both sides of the plate, utilizing the whole body and displays good plate coverage. His exit velocity has increased across several PBR New York events peaking at 82 MPH from the right side and 81 MPH from the left. Torres is a consistent switch hitter with a high ceiling offensively. Defensively, Torres shows athletic footwork and soft hands.  Fielding mechanics are sound and will project as a corner infielder at the collegiate level. Overall Torres is a talented player with potential to excel both offensively and defensively. Be sure to keep an eye on him during the spring season and at future PBR New York events.



As February comes to a close, so does the off-season. High school practices will start up soon and all the hard work our athletes are putting in will soon come to the test at pre-season events and early regular season games. We here at PBR New York hope you had a good and strong offseason, preparing for what is to come this spring. With our continuous coverage throughout the whole high school season, you can check on McConnell, Wojciechowski and Torres as well as several other players and their respective teams.

See you at the yard…