Inside the Numbers: Top OF Arms

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

In what was appearing to be a mild winter across much of the Empire State, we were hit with a few late February storms along with a record setting event with Winter Storm Stella in mid-march. Now as teams are starting to find their stride and get into league play, let's take a glance back at some of our top statistical performers over the winter. Today we look at our top outfield arms from the 2016-2017 winter showcase circuit.

Top OF Arms

87 MPH- 2018 Lucas Haefner (Rush-Henrietta)

86 MPH - 2019 Kyle Taborne (Vestal)

83 MPH- 2018 Max Van Wagenen (Kingston)

83 MPH- 2018 Christian Szablewski (St. Mary's)

83 MPH- 2018 George Gines (Pittsford-Mendon)

82 MPH- 2018  Cole Burgess (Greenwich)

82 MPH- 2018 Ryan Delorbe (Kennedy Catholic)

82 MPH- 2019 Andrew Carroll (Honesdale, PA)

82 MPH- 2018 Tim Schinto (Cicero-North Syracuse)

82 MPH- 2019 Mason Kelly (Shoreham-Wading River)

82 MPH- 2018 Alec Tamburri (Lancaster)

80-81 MPH: 13 players

Note: 5 of the 11 arms that were between 82-87 MPH will be on display at the NY Games. 8 of 13 players that were between 80-81 will also be in attendance at the end of June.