New York Games: Pitcher Analysis Part Two

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

The New York Games took place July 7-9, hosted in Rochester NY - allowing over 180 high-level NYS baseball players the chance to be seen on a larger platform. Over 70 colleges and a handful of MLB scouts made their way to Rochester in hopes of uncovering a hidden Gem. Six players have already committed to D1 programs due to their high-end performance at our event and many more are taking visits and weighing college offers.

Here's a look at the pitchers reports from our New York Games: Part Two

Pitching Reports - Part two

Nate Gorges, RHP, Corning HS, NY (2016) stands 6-foot-0, 180-pounds with a thick lower half. He uses a quick delivery, opens up slightly early with the hips, throws over-the-top with shoulder tilt at 74-76 mph. Curveball 61-63 mph with loose 12/6 shape. Changeup was 65 mph.

Danny Madden, LHP, Corning HS, NY (2016) has an athletic build, lanky but strong frame to add weight to. Delivery is paced, a little stiffness, but arm action is very fluid and loose, little effort. Fastball jumps from his hand sitting 83-84, touching 85-87 mph, still feeling for the strike zone at times. Shows a curveball/slider that spins well late, 2/8 shape under righties hands. Needs to develop his changeup more but with work this winter could be a pitch for him. High-level athlete.

Dan Yankowski, Ichabob Crane HS, NY (2016) stands 5-foot-10, 170-pounds with stocky build. Delivery is balanced but quick. He uses a short, loose arm action throwing from a high-3/4 slot. Fastball sits 77-79 mph, throws a slider which had sharp, late action (best pitch) at 69-72. Hard worker who will only get better.

James Rubino, LHP, LaSalle Inst. NY (2017) young hard working lefty with an athletic frame, lanky build. His arm action is free and easy, fastball comes out of a mid-3/4 slot, sits 78-81 showing improvement from last October. Fastball shows some arm-side tail, curveball 68-70 shows loose early break, changeup was 73 mph and slows some on his hand speed. Chance to be good if he continues getting better.

Nick Mazone, RHP, Bethlehem HS, NY (2016) stands 6-foot-4, 195-pounds with a great pitchers frame. Delivery is slightly quick but repeatable, shows some choppy short arm action in the back, throws from a high-3/4 slot. Fastball sits 76-78 (have seen him at 82) one plate fastball, curveball was 71-73 with some late depth, changeup 68-70 and was his best pitch for feel and action.

Dylan Jones, RHP, Averill Park HS, NY (2016) has a strong, thick build standing 5-foot-10, 175-pounds. Shows a bulldog mentality, works quick and efficient, fastball is heavy with late jump sitting 80-83, topping 84 mph but it’s a loud 84. Slider is really a plus pitch for him, shows sweeping late-tight rotation, swing and miss type. There’s more velocity in the tank.

Nik Malachowski, RHP, Shenendehowa HS, NY (2016) has a great pitchers frame at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. On the mound he uses a repeatable delivery, quick loose arm action, from a high, slightly over-the-top slot. Fastball sat 80-82, seen him up to 85 this high school season (lot of innings from SS and mound) curveball has 12/6 shape at 71 mph - tight spin, changeup was 72 but did not show much. High-end that’s a bit tired right now.

Frankie Pizzo, RHP, Shenendehowa HS, NY (2016) not normally a pitcher, but shows some arm-strength from his thick, stocky build. Fastball sat 81-85 mph with heavy action. If he works at it he could be a bullpen/closer type role.

Brad Smith, RHP, St. Johnsville HS, NY (2016) works from a 5-foot-10 frame, 145-pound body. On the mound he uses quicker delivery but repeats, arm action is longer and shows quick hand-speed. Fastball sits 78-80 with some signs of more life in the tank. Curveball was 67-68 mph with 11/5 shape. Finishes glove side.

Garrett Bailey, RHP, Fort Ann HS, NY (2017) extremely gifted athlete who work well from the mound with a slower, paced delivery. He shows a long-easy arm action from a mid/high-3/4 slot. Fastball sat 79-81, touching 82 but signs of velocity projection are evident. Curveball sat 66-67 with some 11/4 shape. Bailey has a chance to be very good if he keeps working at his game.

Cody Kaestle, RHP, Baldwinsville HS, NY (2016) stands 6-foot-0, 175-pounds with a solidly built athletic frame. He uses a balanced delivery, arm action is loose and whippy, throws across his body, fastball comes out of a low-3/4 slot, sitting 77-79 touching 81-82 a handful of times. Lots of arm side run on fastball, curveball has sweeping action at 74-75 mph, changeup 75 with sinking depth. Lot of swing an miss type actin to pitches.

Ryan Hammond, RHP, Ithaca HS, NY (2016) stands 5-foot-8, 150-pounds with an athletic build. From the mound his delivery is balanced, repeatable, arm action a bit long but quick out in front, throws from a high-3/4 slot. Fastball sat 77-79 mph on one plane, curveball 64-68 with some late bite, finishes well over his front side.

Michael Ciccarone, RHP, Odyssey HS, NY (2016) stands 6-foot-0, 150-pounds with a tall and lanky frame. From the mound he uses a slow delivery, arm action is long in the back, throws the baseball from a low-3/4 slot. Fastball sat 76-78, topping 80 mph with some late life signs. Curveball sat 71-73 with some spin and late action. Finishes to his glove side.

Kenneth Howe, RHP, Mt. Morris HS, NY (2016) has a great pitchers body standing 6-foot-4, 185-pounds. He uses a balanced smooth delivery, very loose clean arm showing signs of velocity. Throws from a mid-3/4 slot, fastball sat 78-79 mph on one plane. Curveball sat 67 with loose early spin, needs to finish more out in front with hand speed. Projectable arm that needs a follow.

Connor Ewing, RHP, Fairport HS, NY (2016) stands 6-foot-0, 185-pounds with thick shoulders and signs of a next-level arm. He uses a simple side-step, upright delivery staying tall on his back side. Straight back towards 2nd-base arm action, throws from a mid-to-high ¾-slot, fastball varied from 80-84 with some late action, jumping on hitters. Curveball shows signs of above average spin at times, 11/5 shape. Ewing has been up to 85-86 this summer and as he continues to get stronger and throw more he might continue throwing harder. Follow guy.

Justin Adams, RHP, Westlake HS, NY (2016) stands an athletic 5-foot-10, 165-pounds with a frame to hold more. On the mound he uses a smooth balanced delivery, with a loose-free arm action, throws from a high-3/4 slot, fastball sat 80-82 mph on one plane, 2-seam has some sink late action. Curveball sat 73-75 with some early loose spin, needs more hand speed to tighten it up. Finishes over his front-side, athletic balanced.

Justin Beyer, RHP, Niagara Falls HS, NY (2016) stands an athletic 6-foot-0, 185-pounds with good size from the mound. He uses a fast-paced, balanced delivery, longer back arm action, throws from a low ¾-slot with good arm-side run. Fastball sits 84-87 with some late life, curveball sat 69-73 with serious ‘Frisbee’ type action 10/4 sweeping action, shows the ability to really spin the ball. Next-level arm.

Ben Wereski, LHP, Orchard Park HS, NY (2016) stands 6-foot-0, 195-pounds with thick broad shoulders. On the mound his delivery is balanced with good pace, arm action is loose-free and easy, throws from a high-3/4 slot. Fastball sat 82-85 mph with natural arm-side run and sink. Curveball was 70 with sharp, late action. Changeup has fastball hand speed, cuts it of at times. Shows the ability to locate three pitches in the zone all with next-level feel. Look for him to commit to a D1 program soon.

Dawson Broad, RHP, West Seneca HS, NY (2016) stands a lean 5-foot-11, 152-pounds with room for growth. On the mound his delivery is balanced, arm action is fairly loose and clean, throws from a high-3/4 slot. Fastball sits 79-82 mph on one plane. Curveball was 71-74 with some sharp bite late. Very athletic kid that could gain velocity as matures.

Kyle Warner, LHP, Springville HS, NY (2016) has an athletic build standing 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. On the mound he uses a quick, but balanced delivery. Arm action works free, arm slot is between a mid-high ¾-slot. Fastball sat 79-82 but jumps on hitters late with good command. Curveball was 72-74 with an early hump out of the hand. Changeup was 70 was some arm slowing down – needs more fastball hand speed. LHP to follow.

Jacob Lewis, RHP, Orchard Park HS, NY (2016) has an athletic-wiry build on the mound. His deliver is fast but controlled, balanced over the rubber. Arm action is clean-long, throws from a mid-low-3/4 slot. Fastball sat 80-82 mph with above average arm-side sink. Shows a curveball that sat 72 mph but had trouble locating, spin was sharp at times. Definitely a gamer on the mound and throws his fastball to contact.

Brandon Weber, RHP, Orchard Park HS, NY (2016) stands 5-foot-10, 134-pounds with a slender build. His delivery is balanced over the rubber but slower, uses a longer arm action, throws from a high-3/4 slot, fastball sits 74-77 mph on one plane. Curveball sat 68-70 with some loose early spin, finishes balanced over his front side.

Will Frank, RHP, St. Joes HS, NY (2016) stands 5-foot-11, 180-pounds with a stocky-thick build. From the mound his delivery is under control, compact, with some late quick movements into his balance point. Arm action is quick and short, throws from a power mid-3/4 slot. Fastball sat 81-84, touched 87 four times just this past week at our WNY open event, fastball has some late depth and action, command is plus. Curveball at times is tight and sweeping at 70-73 mph. Next-level arm that is going to keep getting better.

Anthony Brophy, LHP, St. Joes HS, NY (2016) has a great pitchers frame at 6-foot-4, 180-pounds, with broad shoulders. His delivery was balanced through release, arm action clean, a bit deep, throws from a high-3/4 slot. Fastball was 78-80 mph with some downhill tilt. Curveball was 68-70 with depth 2/7 shape. With some added arm strength things with Brophy could really heat up.

Will Newton, LHP, Newfane HS, NY (2016) has great physical size with broad shoulders from the left-side. Good pace throughout his delivery, arm action is longer and back, throws from an over-the-top slot/ shoulder tilt fastball sat 78-81 mph with some 2-plane action, sink. Curveball rides at 65-69 sometimes slowing down arm, rotation is early with 1/7 shape. Feel for a changeup. Newton has the size and strength to be a force on the mound, with some added arm-strength and a few mechanical adjustments this coming spring could be major.

Nathan Kruger, RHP, East Aurora HS, NY (2016) stands 5-foot-9, 164-pounds with a compact strong build. He uses a balanced delivery through release, arm action is long, throws from a high-3/4 slot, fastball sits 77-80 mph with some late jump. Curveball sits 68-71 with some sharp bite, finishes balanced and under control.

Dan Dallas, LHP, Canisius HS, NY (2016) stands a firm 6-foot-1, 215-pounds with great size and strength from the mound. He works with a fast-paced delivery but repeatable, arm action is back and clean – some effort, shoulder tilt to the third-base side, throws from a high-3/4 slot. Fastball jumps at 83-85 mph with signs of some more in the tank. Fastball has arm-side run and some depth. Curveball shows above average spin, 2/7 shape, 70-74 mph. Dallas has a live arm and the potential to be a big-time northern arm come next year.

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