On Deck Preview: CNY (2 of 3)

Zach Guth
Assistant Scouting Director, NY/PA

As the staff at PBR-New York is ready to embark on 2022, let's take a look at players that are ready to make that next jump during this year's Preseason All-State Tour.

Percentage Full: 25%
Registration Deadline: February 16th
Current Roster


Anthony Miga OF / RHP / Paul V. Moore, NY / 2024

What to expect: 
Fundamental, athletic build with good bat to ball skills. Easy actions to the ball in the OF with a clean arm action with more left in the tank. 
What we'd like to see: More aggressive approach on both sides of the ball. Getting the hands through the zone quicker along with getting the barrel on time for the pitch to take inside pitches to the pull side. Increased arm strength defensively with more intent behind the throws.
Video: Pre Tournament Position Player Combine (2021)

Eitan Spinoza 2B / SS / Fayetteville-Manlius, NY / 2023

What to expect: 
A long, uphill swing that induces a lot of flyballs to the right side of the field. Soft hands and active feet up the middle at SS with good ability to move laterally. Solid build with some present strength
What we'd like to see: Increased strength and twitch in the movements. The swing could stand to be quicker which would yield better exit velo numbers and increased hitting numbers across the board. Some time shaved off the 60 yard dash time. 
Video: Last Chance Preview - Upstate (2021)


Gianni Toscano C / OF / Liverpool , NY / 2023

What to expect: 
Switch hitter with a similar swing from both sides of the plate. The right side is the natural side with more rhythm and strength, while the left side is a touch shorter in the extension of the front arm. Nonetheless, both sides find the barrel and drive the ball to all parts of the field. Defensively, Toscano sits tall and has a quick switch of the feet to get planted easily. 
What we'd like to see: Increased hitting numbers that come along with adding strength. A more natural, low crouch while receiving. Quicker exchange times without the slight hitch at the top of the arm action, which should yield lower pop times. 
Video: NY State Games (2021)


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