On Deck Preview: Long Island (2 of 3)

Ted Williams
Director of Scouting, PA

As the staff at PBR-New York is ready to embark on 2022, let's take a look at players that are ready to make that next jump during this year's Preseason All-State Tour.

Preseason All-State - Long island

Percentage Full: 25%
Registration Deadline: February 16th
Current Roster

Joseph DiMotta OF / Commack , NY / 2023

What to expect:
Short, accurate barrel-actions from the left side with ability to match pitch-plane early out of the hand. A comfortable defensive profile sets the tone for further development in 2022. 

What we’d like to see: Increased rotational strength would be welcomed, improving a peak 79 mph bat-exit velocity and opening the door for an extra-base hit approach. 

’21 Team Beast Scout Day

Brian Zweigbaum C / OF / Holy Trinity , NY / 2023

What to expect: Powerful, connected movements in all phases with the offense leading the way. Posted a T95 mph bat-exit velocity and 68% sweet spot this summer and backed it up with a couple of healthy in-game swings. 

What we’d like to see: The primary backstop gets rid of the ball with one of the quicker exchanges in the class. If he can get more backspin and carry on the throw (mid-to upper 70’s arm strength), the defensive skill set will creep into the above-average tier. 

‘21 New York State Games

Ethan Perez OF / 3B / St.Anthony's, NY / 2023

What to expect:
A strong, broad-shouldered build promotes twitchy actions and plenty of bat-speed at the plate (72 mph). Generates consistent lift to the pull-side of the field hinting at a possible middle of the order type skill set down the road.

What we’d like to see: Lowered 60-yard dash times (8.00 seconds) and increased arm-strength would heighten the chances to stick on the field defensively. 

Video: ‘21 Preseason All-State Long Island

Cooper Winburn RHP / OF / Pelham Memorial, NY / 2023

What to expect: 
High-waisted with an athletic delivery and on-time hip-shoulder separation, the righty works towards the bottom of the zone with repeated downhill plane creating heavy arm-side run (T22 inches HM, T77 mph).

What we’d like to see: A sharp 65-68 mph CB spun well across the plate but varied command at times, leading to a 33% zone rate. Slightly earlier hand-break and an extra emphasis on leveraging the pitch could thrust it into a strikeout offering down the road.

Video: '20 Team Crush Scout Day

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